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Bay Area Family Law is located in downtown Walnut Creek, where its experienced attorneys provide empathetic and dedicated representation to people experiencing divorce across the Bay Area. The firm's attorneys are licensed to practice in various courts, ensuring it can represent clients in all state and federal courts throughout California. Although the firm is trial-ready, it aims to find early resolutions in divorce cases, diligently supporting its clients while also advocating mutually agreeable and cost-effective solutions.

Divorce for Men Only is a Walnut Creek law firm founded in 1982 that primarily represents men experiencing divorce throughout the Contra Costa, Solano, and Alameda Counties. Attorney Neil Holmes has counseled and supported men through the legal and emotional challenges of divorce for most of his 35-plus years of practice. He and his legal team offer a range of services, including filing divorce petitions with the spouse, arranging child custody and support, identifying marital assets, and negotiating their fair division between the couple.

The Doyle Quane Family Law Group is a Danville-located firm that represents clients across Walnut Creek's metro area who are experiencing divorce. Founding attorney, Terence Daniel Doyle, has practiced for over 30 years and is certified in family law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. The firm's services include filing Dissolution of Marriage petitions, mediating at the client's behest or by court appointment, and negotiating arrangements for the division of assets and debts, child custody, and financial support.

Kaspar & Lugay LLP is a firm of family law and divorce attorneys located in Walnut Creek, who provide sensitive and sophisticated representation to clients throughout the Bay Area and beyond. The firm's experienced attorneys negotiate and litigate across a wide area, providing confidential representation for professionals uniquely challenged by divorce, vigorously advocating for clients with high-assets who require help from forensic accountants and handling divorces that cross state and international boundaries.

The Law Office of Ariel Brownell is a boutique divorce and family law practice located in Walnut Creek, which represents individuals and families throughout the metro area. Attorney Ariel Brownell Lee is a UC Davis, King Hall School of Law graduate and member of the California and Contra Costa Bar associations. The attorney offers compassionate and experienced counsel focused on avoiding litigation, if possible. Ms. Brownell Lee is a skilled mediator experienced in resolving divorce-related disputes.

Located in Danville, the Law Office of Jennifer L. King PC represents clients throughout the Walnut Creek metro area in matters of family law. Attorney Jennifer King has successfully supported her clients in divorces initiated for numerous reasons, including domestic violence. Ms. King gained experience at the University of Illinois's Domestic Violence Clinic. Her team provides sensitive and skilled services, assisting with the practical aspects of divorce, such as division of assets and child custody and support arrangements.

Serving clients from two East Bay locations, Walnut Creek and Almeda, the Law Office of Lita Pettus-Dotson practices divorce and family law. Attorney Lita Pettus-Dotson has represented people experiencing divorce since 1998 and is a certified mediator and experienced arbitrator. The lawyer routinely provides sympathetic support, providing a range of services, such as filing the divorce petition to the other party, identifying marital assets and ensuring they are fairly assigned, negotiating child custody and support, and preparing parenting plans.

The Law Offices of Joseph H. Wolch focus exclusively on family law and divorce. Serving the communities surrounding its Walnut Creek offices, its attorneys also represent the areas of Danville, Lafayette, and Alamo. The firm's attorneys cover all aspects of divorce law, from collaborative marriage dissolutions to complex and high-value division of asset divorces. Their services include pursuing child and spousal support, enforcement of court orders, and the valuation and division of community businesses and related assets.

Located in Walnut Creek and San Jose, the Law Offices of Karan K. Gill is a multi-practice firm that represents clients throughout the Bay Area in matters of family law and divorce. Ms. Gill is an experienced attorney who provides sympathetic counsel and services to people enduring divorce. The lawyer files the petition with the other party, identifies marital assets and debts and ensures they are fairly distributed, negotiates child custody and support arrangements, and deal with other divorce-related issues.

Located in Walnut Creek, Maria Schopp is a divorce and family law attorney and mediator who represents clients throughout Contra Costa County and the Bay Area. Since 2003, the attorney has successfully and sensitively represented people experiencing divorce for numerous reasons, such as adultery and domestic violence. Ms. Schopp's services include guiding clients through the process of divorce, identifying and pursuing the fair division of assets and debts, dealing with child and spousal support issues, and advocating for restraining orders.

Mark T. Blake is a private law practice that focuses on family and divorce law. Located in Walnut Creek, Mr. Blake's practice provides empathetic and diligent support to clients experiencing all types of divorce throughout the metro area. Licensed to practice in all courts in the State of California since 1995, the attorney is a skilled negotiator and litigator with a successful track record in fighting for his client's rights in matters concerning marital assets, child custody, and visitation.

Located in Walnut Creek, the Mediation Law Offices of Chandra Nelson-Robak seek to avoid litigation in divorce and other family law matters. Since 2002, Attorney Chandra Nelson-Robak has served individuals and families throughout the metro area, sensitively pursuing long-lasting resolutions that benefit the divorcees and their children. The attorney helps couples achieve mutual agreement on matters of asset and debt division, custody of children and pets, and issues surrounding financial support and visitation.

Mendes Weed LLP is a boutique law firm based in Walnut Creek, with appointment-only offices in San Francisco and Sacramento. The firm's divorce and family law attorneys represent clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay metro area. Attorneys Christina Weed and Lisa Mendes are experienced negotiators, mediators, and litigators. They see their roles as representing the client and their children in divorce cases, focusing on long-term solutions in matters concerning custody arrangements, financial support, and the division of marital assets.

Simon Law is a Walnut Creek and San Francisco-based firm that represents clients throughout Contra Costa County and the Bay Area in matters of divorce and family law. Founded by former county prosecutor, Attorney David Simon, the firm focuses on negotiation, using its trial experience as leverage to achieve outcomes beneficial to its clients. It offers compassionate advocacy, guiding people through the divorce process and ensuring their rights relating to assets, custody, and financial support are recognized and respected.

The Law Offices of Ethan M. Weisinger Inc., located in Walnut Creek, represents clients needing help with family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and spousal/child support throughout the counties of Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano. The firm's affordable divorce and mediation practices strive to seek mutually-acceptable resolutions that promote effective long-term results for clients and the welfare of any children involved. Ethan Weisinger is one of the few family law attorneys in the area that has been certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization and is an effective litigator, experienced in fighting for his clients.

The Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria PC is a Walnut Creek-based divorce and family law practice, representing clients throughout Contra Costa County and the San Francisco Bay Area. Attorney Vanessa Candelaria is a skilled mediator and litigator who believes negotiation delivers the best long-term benefits for her clients. Ms. Candelaria provides sympathetic and experienced counsel. She files divorce petitions, pursues agreement on assets, custody, and support matters, and litigates only after more cost-effective solutions have proved unsuccessful.

Walnut Creek Family Law Center Inc. represents clients throughout the state, with particular focus on the counties of Contra Costa, Solano, and Alameda. The California Board of Legal Specialization certified Attorney Merritt L. Weisinger in the area of family law. Mr. Weisinger has handled divorce cases for over 43 years, particularly high-conflict divorces. The attorney has successfully resolved emotive cases involving high-value assets, disagreements over the custody of children and their support, and other family conflicts.

Located in Walnut Creek, Wapnick Family Law handles marriage dissolution and high-asset divorces primarily in the counties of Contra Costa and Alameda. Founded in 2000 by Attorney Tracey C. Wapnick, the firm's attorneys focus on compassionate advocacy, committed to delivering long-term solutions for their clients and their client's children. Services include detailed searches of all marital assets and tracing property claims, advising on business valuations, and securing the fair division of community property and arrangements regarding child custody and support.

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