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Located in Santa Rosa, Attorney Wallace Francis practices estate and elder law throughout the metro area and the state's northern counties. Mr. Francis founded his practice in 2007, since when he has provided probate services when the value of an estate makes the process prudent, where the will is contested by one or more parties, and when the decedent hasn't left a will. Services include paying outstanding debts/taxes and distribution of the remaining estate.

The boutique firm of Brockway Law represents clients throughout Sonoma County in matters relating to wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate. Founding attorney, Guiliana Brockway, opened the practice in Santa Rosa in 2017 after many years as a local trust and estate lawyer. Ms. Brockway's practice guides the executor or trustee of a decedent's will through the probate process, as well as advocating for the rights of heir's and beneficiaries of an estate.

The Law Office of Charles D. Stark practices wills, trusts, and estate planning, including probate. Founded in 1976, the Santa Rosa-based law firm represents clients throughout Sonoma County. Attorney Charles Stark represents the administrators of wills, guiding them through the complexities of probate and the execution of their duties. The lawyer also uses his extensive experience in estate planning and civil litigation to represent the beneficiaries of a decedent's estate.

Founded over 30 years ago, Conner, Lawrence, Rodney, Olhiser & Barrett LLP is a Santa Rosa-based legal firm that practices family law, estate planning, and probate throughout the metro area. The firm's attorneys offer probate representation for families and other beneficiaries of the decedent's will. Its vast experience in estate planning gives it the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to guide people through the complexities of law during this emotional time.

Located in downtown Santa Rosa, David J. Collier Attorney at Law practices probate, wills, trusts, and real estate law, representing clients across Sonoma County since 2010. Attorney David Collier, a member of the Sonoma County Bar Association, provides probate services where the value of assets makes it advisable, when the decedent has left no will, and where the will is contested. The attorney's services include ensuring outstanding debts and taxes are paid and the remaining assets are transferred smoothly.

Founded in 1975, the Eberts Law Group is a family-owned Santa Rosa-based firm that practices estate planning, trust, litigation, and probate throughout Sonoma County. The firm's family-focused attorneys deliver probate services in cases where the decedent didn't leave a will, if the size of the estate makes probate advisable, and when a will is contested. Their services include collecting and managing all assets, identifying and paying off the deceased's outstanding debts, and filing documents at court.

Friedmann, Goldberg, Wargo, Hess LLP is a multi-practice law firm based in Santa Rosa that practices estate planning and probate for clients throughout the metro area. Founded in 1999, the firm's probate services include guiding fiduciaries through the complexities of the law and ensuring all parties are aware of their duties concerning the decedent's will. The firm also represents other parties in the assertion of their beneficial interests as well as accepting cases where no will exists.

Galanti & Copenhaver Inc. is a Santa Rosa-based law firm serving clients throughout the Greater Bay Area. Founded in 2007, it practices trust and estate planning, including probate, as well as business law. Attorney Erika Copenhaver has extensive experience helping clients avoid probate and guiding them through the process when it becomes necessary. Ms. Copenhaver represents the administrators and beneficiaries of a decedent's will in all matters related to the resolution of an estate with or without a will.

Located in Sonoma and Santa Rosa, the Gullotta Law Group exclusively practices estate planning and probate law throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Attorney Eric Gullotta founded the multi-award-winning firm in 2008. Mr. Gullotta's probate practice represents the decedent's heirs and beneficiaries as well as accepting cases where no will exists or is in dispute. Services include guiding clients through the complexities of the probate court, filing documents, and ensuring assets are appropriately distributed.

Located in Sonoma since its foundation in 2005, the Law Office of Jackie L. Martens represents English and Spanish speaking clients throughout the county, including the counties of Santa Rosa and San Rafael. Attorney Jackie Martens, an Empire College School of Law graduate, has practiced family law, civil litigation, and probate since 1995. Ms. Martens' probate services include identifying and collecting the decedent's assets, ensuring debts and taxes are paid, and guiding her clients through the complexities of probate court.

Founded in 2008, the Law Office of James A. Zakasky is a Santa Rosa-based firm that exclusively practices estate planning and probate throughout the northern counties. Attorney James Zakasky, a 2006 graduate of the Empire College School of Law, has extensive experience guiding the families and beneficiaries of decedents through the complex process of probate. The firm's services include collecting and managing insurance proceeds and apprasing the estate's value while working towards equitable solutions as well as litigating when necessary.

Located in Santa Rosa and Napa, the Law Offices of Bruce Ketron exclusively practices estate planning, trust, and probate law, serving the citizens of Sonoma and Napa counties. Founded in 1974, the firm's probate services include representing families through the process of executing their loved one's will and ensuring all assets are collected and debts/taxes paid before distributing the remainder of the estate by administering instructions. The firm also accepts probate cases where no will exists.

Located in Santa Rosa, The Law Offices of Robin M. Estes practices trust and wills, including probate law, throughout Sonoma County. Attorney Robin Estes has practiced probate law since 1994, representing the decedent's families and other beneficiaries in uncomplicated and complex cases. Services include explaining how the law operates in cases where there is no will or the will is challenged, as well as collecting and appraising the descents' assets, paying creditors, and transferring the estate according to the will.

An association of independent attorneys based in Santa Rosa, Nor-Cal-Law represents individuals, families, and businesses throughout the metro area and beyond. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in probate law. As well as the normal practice of collecting the decedent's estate, paying debts, and distributing benefits in accordance with the will, the firm also examines false claims from hitherto unknown persons, as well as suspicious last-minute changes that re-channel the family's estate to questionable recipients.

Founded in 1982, O'Brien, Watters & Davis LLP is a law firm located in Santa Rosa that practices estate planning and probate throughout Sonoma County. The firm's attorneys have many years of experience handling matters in probate court, including litigation if the deceased hasn't left a will or it is contested. They provide services for the administrators and beneficiaries of a decedent's will, guiding each client through the probate process.

Richard V. Day Attorney at Law has over 35 years' experience practicing trust, estate planning, and probate law. Serving the Santa Rosa metro area from offices in Napa, Attorney Richard Day has been certified a specialist in probate law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Day represents administrators and other beneficiaries, focusing on resolving issues justly out of court and litigating when it becomes necessary. The practice also accepts cases where the decedent failed to make a will.

Terry J. Traktman Attorney at Law is a Novato-based firm serving individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Santa Rosa metro area and beyond. Mr. Traktman has over 20 years of experience practicing estate planning, probate, business law, and litigation. Probate services include representing the executor or other beneficiaries in matters relating to contested wills, as well as where the decedent failed to leave a will. Mr.Traktman also ensures all debts and taxes are paid and remaining assets distributed appropriately.

Located in Napa, Beverley, Saxon, Leonard is a law firm that practices probate, family, and criminal law. Serving clients in Napa County and the surrounding areas since 1993, the firm's probate practice represents the executors and beneficiaries of wills, as well as cases where the decedent failed to leave a will or it's in dispute. Typical services include helping clients understand the complexities of probate law, filing court documents, and ensuring debts and taxes are paid from the estate's assets.

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