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As Children Blossom Therapy Center is a Campbell pediatric clinic that specializes in treating children with issues such as autism spectrum disorder, motor delays, behavior and attention difficulties, and processing disorders. The company offers individual speech, language, and occupational therapy sessions at the clinic or in the comfort of the child's home, and uses a holistic approach to helping children learn better speaking, coordination, and social skills. Group sessions are also available, as well as assessments and consultations.

Defining Voice provides proven therapies for children and adults who live with language and communication disorders, and the company accepts many insurance plans like Cigna, Kaiser Permanente, and Humana. Services include therapy for issues such as stuttering, accents, hearing disorders, social language delays, and aphasia, and the company's staff encourages family members and caregivers to participate in therapy to learn new skills and helpful techniques. One satisfied parent said, "We could never express how lucky we feel to have found this clinic."

The team of caring, certified therapists at Development Pathway for Kids is committed to helping children succeed and thrive. The company uses a play-based program to design customized treatment plans that help with speech and language difficulties, socialization, motor and processing difficulties, and issues such as Asperger's, Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, and learning disabilities. Parents can fill out the intake form on the company's website to get started, or email or call the company to request more information.

Developmental Therapy Center is a speech, occupational, and sensory integration therapy center that helps kids all ages. The company's highly trained staff provide caring, effective therapies for issues like autism spectrum disorders, neurological problems, ADHD, Down's Syndrome, motor control issues, birth injuries, and developmental delays, and help children enhance quality of life and communication skills. The company has four convenient locations in San Jose, Irvine, Carlsbad, and San Diego, and works with all major insurance plans.

The friendly therapists and staff at Hamaguchi & Associates Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists are dedicated to providing the latest in speech-language therapies with special needs, and every one of the company's therapists has earned a Master's Degree in Communication Disorders or Speech-Language Pathology. The company uses a customized blend of assessment and individual and group therapies that help children learn better motor, speech, and social skills, and one happy parent said: "Since coming to your practice, we've seen a HUGE improvement in our daughter's speech development."

Hanh Phan Speech and Occupational Therapy provides effective treatments for children with speech, social, and motor difficulties. The company offers group and one-on-one therapy sessions designed to help improve social skills, sensory processing, and language skills, and learn new skills to handle issues like ADD and ADHD, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries, genetic disorders, and hearing-related processing and language delays. Hanh Phan Speech and Occupational Therapy is also a service provider for San Andreas Regional Center of Santa Clara County.

Innovative Therapy Services provides comprehensive treatments for children with speech, language, motor, and processing difficulties, all in a fun and family-friendly environment. Services include early intervention therapies for infants and babies with special needs, group therapies to help toddlers and older children improve social skills, and workshops to give parents and caregivers helpful knowledge and teaching tools. The company also offers summer camps for children with language and social issues caused by disorders like ADHD, as well as speech therapy sessions at private schools.

Joy & Laughter Developmental Therapy is a full-service center that offers professional speech, feeding, and occupational therapies for children of all ages. The company's team of dedicated therapists and staff help kids with a range of difficulties, including attention problems, developmental delays, Autism, ADHD, sensory issues, and eating difficulties, and one happy parent wrote: "My son enjoys his sessions and doesn't have meltdowns during feeding sessions any more!" Customers can contact the company on the website to schedule an evaluation.

Ms. Gina's Speech Therapy is a San Jose clinic that offers caring, personalized treatment in a fun and supportive environment. The company's board certified speech-language pathologists are experienced in helping children with difficulties that affect speech, comprehension, social skills, and communication, and help kids learn new skills and gain greater confidence, fluency, and independence. Therapy is available at the company's clinic or in the comfort of the child's home, always with a commitment to helping kids succeed and grow.

Since 1978, Peninsula Associates has been offering results-oriented treatments for children and adults with special needs. The company provides a range of proven therapies for issues such as speech disorders, hearing impairments, and social skills, as well as problems that affect swallowing, word formation, and fluency. The company's licensed and experienced speech-language pathologists are committed to helping adults and children of all ages learn better speaking, reading, and communication skills, and gain a greater sense of confidence and independence.

San Jose Healthcare & Wellness Center provides an extensive selection of comprehensive rehabilitation and care services for adults and seniors. From professional speech therapy and diabetes management to restorative nursing and hospice, the company's team of nurses, therapists, and social workers are dedicated to helping people regain independence, learn new skills, and live healthier lives, all while maintaining dignity in a comfortable and supportive environment. Customers can call or email the company to schedule a tour of the facilities or request an appointment.

Customers have called Sharon Lewis, SLP "an extraordinarily talented, caring, and capable speech therapist," and parents appreciate the company's customized therapies designed to help children of any age with a range of motor, sensory, and speech difficulties. The company's caring speech therapist has more than a decade of professional experience and holds a Certification of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. From swallowing and eating problems to hearing-related communication issues, Sharon Lewis, SLP has the knowledge and experience to help kids succeed.

The licensed therapists at SpeakRightNow offer high quality in-home and in-center therapy services for infants, children, teens, and adults with special needs, and the company has multi-lingual staff for native Korean, Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish, and ASL speakers. The company's speech-language pathologists design customized treatments for speech, language, and vocal delays caused by issues such as psychiatric disorders, genetic disorders, cognitive delays, premature birth, and neurological disease. Customers can call the company to request more information or schedule an evaluation.

Strategies for Success is a Los Gatos speech-language therapy and myofunctional clinic that helps babies, children, and adults of all ages overcome significant motor, speech, and neurological difficulties. From developmental delays to learning disabilities to the symptoms of strokes, the company's experienced therapists offer customized treatments that improve speaking and language skills. The company offers convenient flat rates and hourly fees for services, and customers can use the contact form on the company's website to schedule a free initial consultation.

The therapists and staff at Thrive Therapy & Social Center are dedicated to offering a fun, enriching, and empowering environment for children and teens with special needs. Every child receives an initial evaluation to determine the best therapies and plans, including a blend of speech, occupational, and Applied Behavioral Analysis therapies. The company's therapeutic care is designed to help young people with motor and sensory issues, vision and hearing problems, and conditions like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, genetic disorders, brain injury, and developmental delays.

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