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LookinLA is an A+ Better Business Bureau-rated advertising and digital marketing agency in Burbank that focuses on devising, executing, and optimizing advertising and digital marketing strategies for businesses across industries in the Los Angeles area. The advertising team performs audience research and applies a data-driven approach to drive the target audience into the client’s website, and also provide keyword planning, content writing, landing page optimization, bid adjustment, and remarketing services. Other offerings include search engine optimization, social media, email, and video marketing, and website design and development services.


Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers omni-channel solutions proven to connect brands of all sizes with potential customers, while engaging with current customers.


AdvertiseMint is a Facebook preferred agency partner and has helped hundreds of businesses grow revenue through social advertising. We offer a full service team of certified media buyers, graphic designers, video editors and copywriters, all of which are focused on your performance. Some of our clients include Coca Cola, Viacom and Grant Cardone.



Daniel Brian Advertising is a top digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. This team of highly-qualified digital specialists assists its clients in reinventing their brands and reimagining their industries. Working with Daniel Brian Advertising allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition by gaining cross-functional expertise in retail, healthcare, and finance. Services offered by the agency primarily include those involving brand advertising, experience, and consulting, and these rely on the creation of compelling and empathetically-driven content, performance tracking, and detailed analytics.


1111 Media Group is a full-service family-owned digital marketing agency, headquartered in Miami. It helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations in a variety of industry sectors, such as automotive, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, and health care, to build better brands and inspire consumers. The agency combines website design, branding, graphic design, video production, SEO, and social media marketing strategies to create effective marketing campaigns. 1111 Media Group is an UpCity Top Digital Agencies award winner of 2019.

Bel Air Branding is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency launched in 2017. It offers an end-to-end service, from brand design and development to omnichannel advertising for local, regional, and national markets. Some of the agency's clients have seen an ROI of 15% in sales in 12 months, continuing at similar levels afterward. The woman-owned and operated firm designs ads suitable for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Bloom Ads is a full service advertising and marketing communications company from Woodland Hills, California that has helped businesses of all sizes consistently connect with the right customers at the right time for nearly a decade. The results-driven firm places a heavy focus on analytics in order to pinpoint target areas and ensure that businesses are maximizing their campaign efforts. Customers appreciate the firm’s ability to provide them with both the attention of a small advertising agency and the support of a large established company.

Serving the metro area and beyond from its Los Angeles location, Creative Deviants is a video production company that uses film to promote its client's message, brand, and services on all forms of media, including the web, TV, and mobile devices. The agency creates content suitable for a variety of advertising needs, including B2B, B2C, documentary, conferences, and seminars. Its wide mix of clients includes celebrities and international brands, such as Nike, NBC, Volvo, and Rolling Stone.

DASH TWO is a media-buying agency located in Culver City, California that utilizes sophisticated data analytics to deliver top-notch campaigns for their clients. Founder Gino Sesto and his team are committed to providing digital ad services and programmatic advertising of the highest quality. Customers praise the firm’s ability to work within any budget, consistently meet tight deadlines, and provide them with the best possible return on investment by constantly checking and refining their work.

DIVISA is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing consultancy that specializes in serving fashion, beauty, and luxury brands throughout the metro area. The full-service agency offers B2B and B2C advertising services for businesses at all stages of their journey, from startups to international brands. Its omnichannel solutions include advertising on all forms of social media, such as Facebook ads and endorsements from carefully selected influencers. The agency also specializes in paid search engine ads and remarketing opportunities on third-party sites.

EightPM is a Los Angeles-based media and advertising agency launched in 2013. It works with a wide range of clients, such as Hint, a fruit drink that generated over $71,000 in sales from over 2 million on-screen impressions in 31 seconds of screen time. The agency designs all aspects of its clients' advertising campaigns, including PPC, TV, and social media. EightPM's clients include FLIKR, Yellowbird Sauce, and Super 73. It's also a Google AdWords and Facebook Blueprint Certified business.

Founded over 29 years ago, EKC PR is a public relations, branding, and digital marketing agency from Beverley Hills that works with individuals and businesses throughout and beyond Los Angeles. Its clients come from a variety of industries, including entertainment, fashion, sports, corporate, and retail. The agency employs all advertising channels to promote its client's brand and services, selecting the most appropriate channels for each strategy, such as video, photography, social media influencers, billboards, and TV.

G Map Pros LLC is an analytics and reporting agency offering services to a range of clients who require comprehensive data for advertising and marketing purposes. Based in Los Angeles, the agency's clients include marketing directors, social media marketers, and local businesses. Its services include analyzing data from the previous 18 months of Google My Business insights, as well as building comparison reports for months and years of the business's life cycle, including companies with multiple locations.

Founded over 30 years ago, Hawthorne Direct Inc. is a full-service agency specializing in launching and developing brands through multiple advertising channels. It has offices in Los Angeles, NYC, and Fairfield, Iowa. It works with a wide range of businesses of various sizes, from startups to international brands such as L'Oreal, Bosch, and Apple. The agency conducts all stages of the process, from design to deployment and analysis. Advertising campaigns can involve social media, paid search ads, print, and video.

Kobe Digital is a Los Angeles-based design, marketing, and advertising agency that specializes in bringing its client's brand, services, and products to the attention of Millennials. The agency works with a wide range of sectors, including air ticket sellers, music centers, clothing retailers, and entertainment services. As well as PPC and banner advertising on search engines and web pages, it also creates ad campaigns on social media. Kobe Digital is a Google Partner, Bing Partner, and Bigcommerce Partner.

Serving the metro area, the Konnect Agency is a public relations, social media, and marketing agency from Los Angeles offering advertising services targeted at local, regional, and national markets. It specializes in designing and managing advertising campaigns for food and beverage, franchise, lifestyle, and family brands throughout the United States. The agency employs traditional and digital advertising channels, including social media, web-based ads, direct mail, and creative content, such as blogs and articles.

Founded in 2012, LikeSocialBiz is a digital design and marketing agency serving businesses throughout and beyond the metro areas of its locations in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Miami. The agency uses a range of methods to get its client's seen by their target markets, including the creation and management of PPC and banner ad campaigns, developing ad content for social media platforms and employing carefully selected influencers to create viral, word-of-mouth advertising.

Founded in 2012, Los Angeles Advertising is a design and marketing agency that works with businesses of all sizes throughout the metro area of its LA location. Typical clients include healthcare providers, retail stores, and nonprofits. The agency can be contacted 24/7. Its advertising services cover all channels, including print, video, the web, and social media. It routinely researches its client's competitors' campaigns, provides weekly performance reports, and monthly keyword ranking updates.

MBC Strategic is an award-winning branding, communications, and marketing agency that specializes in developing strategic advertising campaigns for investment and financial services businesses. Located in Santa Monica, the agency works with clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Its advertising services incorporate traditional and digital media, such as direct mail campaigns, interactive web ads, print ads, public announcements, and trade magazine advertisements. The agency's clients include AIG, SunAmerica, and Russell Investments.

MC Squared is a Los Angeles-based digital advertising and communication agency that has served clients in the fashion, beauty, luxury, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries for over 25 years. It uses market research and customer insights to develop marketing strategies that boost brand awareness and drive sales. The agency assists with social media management, customer relations marketing, media planning and placement, and video production. MC Squared works with clients such as Red Cherry Lashes, Sony, and Pacific City.

Pace Social Media is a creative and digital agency that helps businesses in the Los Angeles area and surrounding communities stand apart from their competition. Its marketing team provides a wide range of services, including video production, securing ad space, and PPC ads on social media and search engine results pages. The agency also offers lead gathering, optimized content creation, and builds campaigns that combine paid and organic marketing techniques, such as local and national SEO.

Pink Shark Marketing is an advertising and digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, serving businesses of all types throughout the metro area. The Google Partner agency specializes in creating and managing advertising strategies on Google and various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Its services include developing Google AdWords campaigns as well as Google Shopping Ads for e-commerce brands and remarketing content targeted at its client's new customers.


redvo advertising is a full-service agency located in Los Angeles, serving clients throughout the United States. It works with multiple sectors, including legal, retail, medical, and home improvement. The agency employs various media to advertise its client's brand and services, such as cost-per-call, pay-per-click, broadcast media, and online advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as social media platforms. redvo advertising tailors each campaign for English and Spanish-speaking markets.

Founded in 2018, Royal Cheese Digital is a full-service design and marketing agency based in Los Angeles, serving clients locally, regionally, and globally. It specializes in creating advertising campaigns for B2B companies, consumer brands, and EU businesses entering the U.S. market. The agency offers three advertising solutions; pay-per-click, where its designers create ads to play on Google, Bing, Yelp, and other web platforms; video, for YouTube and LinkedIn; and social media ads suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Founded in 1989, Weston Mason is a full-service advertising agency based in Marina Del Rey, serving clients in various sectors throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Its typical clients include real estate developers, entertainment businesses, nonprofits, and resorts. The agency offers digital and traditional advertising services, such as direct mail, signage, pay-per-click ads on Google and other search engines, and social media ads designed for Facebook, Instagram, and others mobile media platforms.

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