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3ilogics logo


35111 Newark Blvd Ste F175, Newark, CA 94560

3ilogics is a web development and marketing company providing application development services to clients throughout the Fremont metro area. This company has extensive experience in IT and builds custom applications for businesses that improve work flow and expand oversight. 3ilogics retains developers who are versed in several coding languages including PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, open source, and JavaScript. This company also provides web design services, does digital media marketing, and offers solutions for e-commerce businesses.

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4 Way Technologies logo

4 Way Technologies

3909 Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94538
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4 Way Technologies is a mobile and web application development company, serving clients in and around Fremont. It can create programs for shopping sites, booking sites, and catalogs on various platforms like Android and React TV. Its developers design program prototypes, test their capabilities, and revise them following input from the client and test audiences. 4 Way Technologies has served multiple national and international companies in the Fortune 500 list and Silicon Valley. Its previous customers include Johnson & Johnson, Yummly, Wilson Parking, and Secure Code Warrior.

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BLE Mobile Apps logo

BLE Mobile Apps

34173 Gannon Terrace, Fremont, CA 94555
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BLE Mobile Apps is a Fremont-based developer creating applications for iOS, Android, and other mobile device operating systems. More specifically, it integrates Bluetooth Low Energy technologies into devices and builds applications to facilitate their use in partnership with companies and other application developers. This developer often creates BLE applications for IBeacon and Eddystone systems. BLE Mobile Apps also develops applications for use in wearable devices such as smart clothing and jewelry, implantables, fitness trackers, and head-mounted displays.

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CA-One logo


42840 Christy St Suite 230, Fremont, CA 94538
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CA-One provides digital design and development solutions for businesses in Fremont and the surrounding communities. It offers mobile application development services, which include wireframing and prototyping, branding and identity, customer research, and UX audit and analysis. The company works with mobile app developers like iOS and Android. Its former clients involve PayPal, eBay, Prudential, GAP, and USAA. The company also offers website design, digital marketing, staffing solutions, and BPM services, in addition to business strategy consulting for small and large companies.

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Central Business Solution logo

Central Business Solution

37600 Central Ct Ste 214, Newark, CA 94560
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Founded in 2000 by software and business professionals, Central Business Solutions is an application developer serving clients from the Fremont metro area. It is particularly experienced with IT and develops applications for both desktop and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Blackberry systems. Central Business Systems offers clients the option to create customized applications primarily intended to fulfill business operations purposes. Its other focus areas include security and compliance, infrastructure and cloud migration, and graphics and web design.

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CognitiveClouds logo


5433 Ontario Cmn, Fremont, CA 94555
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CognitiveClouds is a Fremont-based application developer rendering services to start-ups and enterprises. It works with clients to create products for web, mobile, and tablet-based platforms and for both iOS and Android systems. CognitiveClouds builds applications for Smart TVs and loT too. It creates enterprise applications for web and mobile platforms and is experienced with AngularJS development. This company also works with online retail businesses to develop e-commerce applications. UI and UX design services are available as well.

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DevBatch logo


39899 Balentine Dr Ste 200, Newark, CA 94560
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Founded in 2008, DevBatch is an application development company operating out of the Fremont metro area. This company serves clients around the world and creates custom applications for both web and mobile platforms with a significant focus on the latter. It develops and optimizes mobile applications while assisting with aspects like monetization processes and it formats applications for both iOS and Android systems. DevBatch constructs enterprise mobility solutions for businesses and does game development work too.

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Digital Marketing Guru logo

Digital Marketing Guru

San Jose, CA 94560
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Digital Marketing Guru is an agency that develops mobile applications for Android OS, iOS, and Windows Phone. Serving clients in Fremont, it produces a brand design accessible through and from various devices to expand audience reach. The company has an e-commerce application development team dedicated to helping businesses grow their revenue and achieve campaign goals. It also oversees digital marketing ROI, AI, AR VR, and cybersecurity services. Digital Marketing Guru has worked with WordPress, Spotify, and Envato.

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48377 Fremont Blvd Ste 117, Fremont, CA 94538
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EIGHT25MOBILE is a developer in Fremont working with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to create applications for mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms. Its developers are experienced with iOS and Android systems as well as a wide range of web development tools. EIGHT25MOBILE designs user experience and interface features and does prototyping. It provides each clients with quantitative and qualitative analytics reports along with product strategy consultation services supported by market research efforts.

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Encasulate Consultancy logo

Encasulate Consultancy

3939 Bidwell Dr, Fremont, CA 94538
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Since 2013, Encasulate Consultancy has been serving a range of businesses throughout Fremont—from startup and small companies to medium- and large-scale firms. It offers game development services for both Android and iOS products that include social media integration, single and multiplayer games, and 2D and 3D games from start to finish. Its team of programmers develops applications with creative concepts, themes, and animations. The company provides Information Technology solutions, such as custom software development, cybersecurity, data mining, automation, and cloud computing.

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Iskpro logo


4925 Knowlson Terrace, Fremont, CA 94555
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Located in Fremont, Iskpro is a full-service digital agency and IT firm that serves both domestic and international clients. It provides mobile application development services through Android, iOS, and cross-platform technologies. The company's other services are website development, eCommerce development, digital marketing, machine and IT learning, and cloud-based solutions. Iskpro has been in operation for over a decade. Notable clients that the company has served include Welch Foods Inc., Bose Corporation, and F45 Training.

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Light Speed Mobile Labs logo

Light Speed Mobile Labs

39655 Eureka Dr #202, Fremont, CA 94538
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Light Speed Mobile Labs develops applications for consumers living in Fremont. The firm employs coders who write software for handheld devices across the iOS and Android operating systems. It designs intuitive user interfaces to enhance ease of use. The team also takes advantage of native and third-party APIs to produce lean software that consumes minimal computing resources from older systems. Light Speed caters to clients in the telephony, home automation, and smart TV industries.

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Magneto IT Solutions logo

Magneto IT Solutions

75 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94111
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Magneto IT Solutions serves clients in Fremont. For more than 10 years, it has been providing web and mobile application development solutions for a wide variety of customers such as those from the clothing, furniture, jewelry, electronics, automobile, and health care industries. In addition, the company designs and creates iOS and Android mobile applications and chatbots for utility, fintech, and real estate businesses. In addition, it offers PPC management and digital marketing services. Magneto IT Solutions has completed more than 250 projects to date.

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Master of Code logo

Master of Code

541 Jefferson Ave Ste 100, Redwood City, CA 94063
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Master of Code is an application development company active within the Fremont metro area that is composed of a team of experienced software architects, multi-platform developers, and maintenance engineers. This company creates applications for use across mobile and web platforms and provides comprehensive design services for aesthetic and branding purposes. It is particularly experienced with creating chat bots. Master of Code also helps business clients to build applications that automate business processes such as virtual assistants and CRM assistants.

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MyAppGurus logo


3405 Pennsylvania Cmn, Fremont, CA 94536
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MyAppGurus is a Fremont-based application developer with experience serving clients in diverse industries including retail, healthcare, finance, and entertainment. It develops for web and mobile platforms and is experienced with Ionic, React, Swift, and Flutter as well as both iOS and Android systems. MyAppGurus creates applications with cross-platform compatibility too. Out of its offerings, mobile applications are this developer's primary focal point and it offers AngularJS development for mobile platforms. UI design and maintenance services are also available for mobile applications.

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PopcornApps logo


40455 Encyclopedia Cir, Fremont, CA 94538
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PopcornApps is a Fremont-based application developer that has provided services to a range of corporate clients in diverse industries including technology, communications, and healthcare. It does full stack development and offers clients enterprise development options to improve business efficiency. It builds AI applications as well as chat bots. This company also builds SaaS-enabled cloud applications that allow businesses to perform enterprise-wide actions and extend their oversight of operations. PopcornApps does IoT application projects too and provides end-to-end implementation services for them.

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Softjourn logo


39270 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Suite 251, Fremont, CA 94538
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Softjourn is a software development company that has been serving businesses in Fremont since 2001. Focusing on FinTech and the media and entertainment field, it provides industry-specified solutions by creating iOS and Android applications and web systems, upgrading existing features, and modernizing legacy software. It also provides software-consulting services concentrated on identifying challenges and problems, strategizing solutions, devising roadmaps, and implementing improvements to enhance clients' projects. Softjourn has been included in the Inc. 5000 list.

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TekRevol logo


39899 Balentine Dr, Newark, CA 94560
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TekRevol operates out of the Fremont metro area and develops applications for web browsers and mobile devices. It serves the needs of both enterprises and start-ups by creating applications that improve operations and facilitate customer experiences. This company has special experience designing applications for businesses in the healthcare and automotive industries. TekRevol does web design too, combining these skills with development expertise to help clients create web pages that integrate necessary applications. Other focus areas include game development and IP protection services.

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Zaaviya logo


40087 Mission Blvd, Ste 174, Fremont, CA 94539
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Zaaviya serves clients in Fremont and the surrounding areas. It helps businesses increase visibility and customer engagement through mobile app development. Its team develops applications for hybrid, Android, and iOS devices. It also offers website design, SEO, and IT consulting services. Its process involves requirements analysis, design and development, quality assurance and testing, deployment, and maintenance and support. Zaaviya has been in the business of providing web and mobile solutions for more than a decade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was the first mobile app made?

A: The 1994 IBM Simon included several utilities, like Sketchpad and Calendar, which some consider among the first apps. In 1997, the Nokia 6110 came with the simple arcade game Snake. The first-generation iPod, released in 2001, had some early apps too. It came with the games Brick and Solitaire installed.

Q: What kind of apps make money?

A: A well-monetized app can generate sizable profits for developers. Some types of apps are more popular and profitable than others. These include:

  • Mobile games: Players can spend big on extra lives, cheats, and other bonuses.
  • Dating apps: Subscription fees and ads pull in cash.
  • Streaming apps: Users can pay a weekly or monthly charge to access dynamic video and music content.
  • Health apps: Fitness trackers and apps for meditation, workout plans, and calorie counters are very popular. Apps can charge a one-time fee or use a subscription model.
  • Social media apps: These can be monetized by showing users ads.

Q: How do you make an app look professional?

A: Developers use a method called wireframing to strategically place elements on each page of an app. Wireframing software lets developers experiment with color choice, menu styles, and button positioning, which contribute to how professional the app looks and feels. Every page should flow sensibly from one to the next. Font and text size are important too as the wrong style can give a poor impression and make the app seem amateurish.

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