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3ilogics is a web development and marketing company providing application development services to clients throughout the Fremont metro area. This company has extensive experience in IT and builds custom applications for businesses that improve work flow and expand oversight. 3ilogics retains developers who are versed in several coding languages including PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, open source, and JavaScript. This company also provides web design services, does digital media marketing, and offers solutions for e-commerce businesses.

AstiLabs Inc. is an application developer serving the Fremont metro area. It develops web, mobile, and enterprise applications and does both frontend and backend development. It is experienced with several platforms include AWS, Google, Cloud, and Azure. AstiLabs Inc. also does CI and CD for Docker and Kubernetes. Its other projects involve big data, AI/ML, and IoT. Clients receive consultation services too, including assistance with market research and SWOT analysis as well as competitive landscaping.

BLE Mobile Apps is a Fremont-based developer creating applications for iOS, Android, and other mobile device operating systems. More specifically, it integrates Bluetooth Low Energy technologies into devices and builds applications to facilitate its use in partnership with companies and other application developers. This developer often creates BLE applications for IBeacon and Eddystone systems. BLE Mobile Apps also develops applications for use in wearable devices such as smart clothing and jewelry, implantables, fitness trackers, and head-mounted displays.

Founded in 2000 by software and business professionals, Central Business Solutions is an application developer serving clients from the Fremont metro area. It is particularly experienced with IT and develops applications for both desktop and mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Blackberry systems. Central Business Systems offers clients the option to create customized applications primarily intended to fulfill business operations purposes. Its other focus areas include security and compliance, infrastructure and cloud migration, and graphics and web design.

CognitiveClouds is a Fremont-based application developer rendering services to start-ups and enterprises. It works with clients to create products for web, mobile, and tablet-based platforms and for both iOS and Android systems. CognitiveClouds builds applications for Smart TVs and loT too. It creates enterprise applications for web and mobile platforms and is experienced with AngularJS development. This company also works with online retail businesses to develop e-commerce applications. UI and UX design services are available as well.

Copperants is an application developer serving the Fremont metro area. It builds applications for both mobile and web-based platforms and has particular experience with applications designed to improve business operations. It does development for e-commerce applications and is experienced with online retail businesses. Copperants is also versed in blockchain algorithms as well as IoT-related projects. This developer does ERP too and assists clients with technological integration for new and existing applications.

Founded in 2008, DevBatch is an application development company operating out of the Fremont metro area. This company serves clients around the world and creates custom applications for both web and mobile platforms with a significant focus on the latter. It develops and optimizes mobile applications while assisting with aspects like monetization processes and it formats applications for both iOS and Android systems. DevBatch constructs enterprise mobility solutions for businesses and does game development work too.

EIGHT25MOBILE is a developer in Fremont working with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to create applications for mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms. Its developers are experienced with iOS and Android systems as well as a wide range of web development tools. EIGHT25MOBILE designs user experience and interface features and does prototyping. It provides each clients with quantitative and qualitative analytics reports along with product strategy consultation services supported by market research efforts.

Master of Code is an application development company active within the Fremont metro area that is composed of a team of experienced software architects, multi-platform developers, and maintenance engineers. This company creates applications for use across mobile and web platforms and provides comprehensive design services for aesthetic and branding purposes. It is particularly experienced with creating chat bots. Master of Code also helps business clients to build applications that automate business processes such as virtual assistants and CRM assistants.

MyAppGurus is a Fremont-based application developer with experience serving clients in diverse industries including retail, healthcare, finance, and entertainment. It develops for web and mobile platforms and is experienced with Ionic, React, Swift, and Flutter as well as both iOS and Android systems. MyAppGurus creates applications with cross-platform compatibility too. Out of its offerings, mobile applications are this developer's primary focal point and it offers AngularJS development for mobile platforms. UI design and maintenance services are also available for mobile applications.

PathPartner is an application development company active throughout the Fremont metro area. This company primarily develops applications for products with video playback capabilities. It designs the UI and UX for these video applications and offers customizable framework solutions. PathPartner is experienced with creating video applications for a range of uses including surveillance, video conferencing, OTT solutions, and CE devices. It also designs hardware and offers extensive research and development services for developing products.

PopcornApps is a Fremont-based application developer that has provided services to a range of corporate clients in diverse industries including technology, communications, and healthcare. It does full stack development and offers clients enterprise development options to improve business efficiency. It builds AI applications as well as chat bots. This company also builds SaaS-enabled cloud applications that allow businesses to perform enterprise-wide actions and extend their oversight of operations. PopcornApps does IoT application projects too and provides end-to-end implementation services for them.

TekRevol operates out of the Fremont metro area and develops applications for web browsers and mobile devices. It serves the needs of both enterprises and start-ups by creating applications that improve operations and facilitate customer experiences. This company has special experience designing applications for businesses in the healthcare and automotive industries. TekRevol does web design too, combining these skills with development expertise to help clients create web pages that integrate necessary applications. Other focus areas include game development and IP protection services.

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