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8 Best Bakersfield Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Action Drug Rehabs is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Bakersfield. Its admissions team assesses the level of care needed, offering residential inpatient care, treatment in outpatient facilities, or partial day treatment in an inpatient addiction center. Since 1997, Action Drug Rehabs has helped adults and adolescents with dual diagnosis, assisting with mental health issues and substance abuse. The intensive outpatient program lasts three months, while the rehab treatment centers provide support 24/7, depending on individual circumstances. The Action Drug Rehabs team communicates with insurance providers regarding varying treatment plans.


Addiction Treatment Care Services offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the Bakersfield area. Using one-on-one and group therapy techniques, the center promotes recovery by assisting individuals in avoiding future relapses into substance abuse. Its addiction treatment personnel develops personalized inpatient detox cycles to alleviate the discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. They introduce clients to aftercare programs such as the 12-Step Community to ensure recovering alcoholics have enough resources to maintain their sobriety. Addiction Treatment Care Services also coordinates effective and judgment-free interventions to assist individuals affected by substance abuse in realizing when it's time to make changes in their lives.

Founded in 1998, Aegis Treatment Centers LLC is a rehab clinic in Bakersfield that helps adult men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. It partners with a detox center to provide 24/7 medical care and monitoring by trained physicians and nurses to ensure the withdrawal process goes smoothly. Its staff creates a custom inpatient or outpatient treatment program that offers individual therapy, counseling, group therapy, and recovery activities. The clinic's partial hospitalization program allows patients to live at home while receiving the same level of treatment. Its aftercare plan helps clients transition from treatment to independence.


Anatta Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Bakersfield that has treated addiction since 2004. The Bakersfield center specializes in destination treatment, which offers 24/7 in-person counseling to clients throughout the area who openly seek treatment, tailoring each program to suit patients' individual needs. The recovery program is supported by a team consisting of licensed doctors, therapists, and counselors with a combined experience of over 30 years in treating addictions. Anatta Recovery treats substance abuse that involves alcohol, illegal, and prescription drugs as well as providing co-dependency treatment.

Gardens Recovery is a drug rehab clinic located in Bakersfield that focuses on helping people recover from their addictions by offering custom treatment programs. In the clinic's detox facility, its professional staff is available to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable during the withdrawal process. Once the withdrawal symptoms have abated, rehab counselors create an addiction program that meets the individual needs and situation of their clients. During recovery, clients receive advice in group therapy sessions and any necessary treatment for mental health issues. Gardens Recovery's aftercare services provide continuous support from therapists and each client's peers.

Insight Behavioral Health is a drug and alcohol behavioral therapy and physical detox rehab center in Bakersfield. After initial intake interviews, its addiction specialists provide a personalized treatment schedule that includes inpatient care, outpatient care, dual diagnosis, and aftercare services. Its experienced staff ensures full confidentiality, so a client's situation can be fully understood and the best treatment provided. Insight Behavioral Health offers a range of scientifically proven methods of treatment with positive results. When things get tough, the friendly, highly educated staff are always there to support individuals and stay in touch online after treatment has ended.

The Salvation Army is a faith-based drug rehab center in Bakersfield that has helped individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol abuse for over 100 years. Its no-cost holistic rehabilitation programs provide work therapy, group and individual counseling, life skills development, and spiritual direction. The Salvation Army provides hope and relief by helping members learn to abandon their reliance on drugs and alcohol and resume healthy daily routines. In addition to treating substance abuse symptoms, the organization also provides people in need with housing, food, and employment throughout the community.


WestCare Foundation is a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Bakersfield that has provided substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents since 1973. Clients admitted to its detox unit are safely monitored and stabilized during withdrawal symptoms. WestCare's residential programs offer an array of treatment options that include individual and group counseling, educational and employment services, and self-sufficiency skills. Its outpatient treatment options range from individual and group therapy to an aftercare program that includes one group session per week. WestCare also provides intervention services to help deter underage drinking and drug use by minors.

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