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Eric, Slocum, Sparks PC is a law firm in Tucson providing real estate services. The firm reviews contracts and provides advice based on the implications of terms and offers assistance to clients facing tax issues related to real estate that they own. As this firm is primarily focused on clients facing bankruptcy and serious financial issues, it is able to consult clients handling financially distressed properties or potential foreclosure, especially as part of bankruptcy.

Ethan Steele Law is a Tucson-based firm providing real estate services to clients throughout the metro area. It handles purchase options, agreements, and closings. The firm assists with changes in ownership and title, drafting and recording deeds, and certification of title and property rights. Clients with financing needs can retain the firm's assistance with loans and mortgages. The firm also helps to enforce existing loans and agreements. Other practice areas include foreclosure and tax sales.

Fleishman Law PLC is located in Tucson and represents clients throughout the metro area in real estate matters. The firm practices general real estate litigation, representing clients in conflict over contract terms, financial obligations, and real estate transactions such as drafting deeds, promissory notes, and deeds of trust.. It handles tax lien foreclosures and provides defense and workout assistance for general foreclosures. This firm assists both tenants and landlords in cases involving residential and commercial properties. Fleishman Law PLC also conducts trustee's sales and quiet title actions.

Friederich Law is a Tucson-based firm representing clients in and around the metro area. This firm's real estate services are centered on acquisition and sales. It provides advice to those acquiring property through various means and helps to protect their best interests while facilitating the transfer of assets. The firm also helps with the sales process, consulting clients through each phase of transactions and reviewing documents for accuracy and liabilities. Friederich Law also helps with the financing, development, and construction of properties.

Hecker & Pew PLLC is a law firm in Tucson assisting clients throughout the metro area with real estate law. The firm drafts and negotiates both simple and complex real estate agreements for commercial and residential uses. It assists clients in securing financing and mediates financial issues. It also consults clients on capital investment matters. Other focus areas include land development and planning for small and large developers. Hecker & Pew PLLC offers securities and finance assistance as well.

Heurlin Sherlock is a law firm in Tucson helping clients in and around the metro area to resolve real estate related issues. Its attorneys represent clients in disputes concerning sales as well as zoning issues and land disputes, negotiating on their behalf concerning contracts while also helping to protect their rights. The firm is experienced with home owner's association disputes and issues concerning covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Heurlin Sherlock also helps clients with title insurance and home owner's insurance.

King & Frisch PC is a law firm active within the Tucson metro area. It addresses real estate concerns for clients and represents buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate matters. The firm also represents landlords and tenants involved in leasing disputes. It takes care of evictions processes as well and provides consultation to ensure landlords that they have acted legally. King & Frisch PC also assists with business startups and probate law.

Laird Law PLLC assists clients in the Tucson metro area with real estate law. This firm handles litigation, advocating for clients as they pursue financial restitution and enforcement of agreed upon terms. It is experienced with real estate matters as well as developer-focused issues and construction disputes. It performs mediation to help opposing parties attempt resolutions outside of court when possible. Sometimes the firm handles disputes involving financing aspects of real estate deals.

The Law Office of David W. Rees PC serves the Tucson metro area, assisting clients with real estate contracts. It provides consultation and general advice to clients in order to help them from misinterpreting the terms of agreements and to avoid financial losses. The firm's other major focus area is in claims against home owner's associations, landlords, and insurance companies. This firm advocates for home owners in dispute with insurance companies due to significant losses sustained via covered scenarios.

Law Office of J. Marc Montijo Ltd. is a Tucson-based firm providing legal consultation for real estate matters. The firm handles commercial real estate purchases and leases. It educates clients on their rights within transactions and works to facilitate the transfer of property, assisting in negotiations when needed. This practice has experience with franchise businesses and has worked for clients structuring real estate as part of a chain business. It also helps to resolve issues between tenants and landlords.

The Law Offices of Kathy Delaney Winger serves clients throughout the Tucson metro area. It provides consultation and representation in real estate matters, primarily in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiation of real estate contracts. The firm helps businesses to purchase real estate pertaining to their specific practice and resolve disputes that form throughout the transaction process. The Law Offices of Kathy Delaney Winger also assists with a variety of business and intellectual property concerns.

Lazarus & Silvyn, PC have been providing zoning, land use and related legal services throughout the State of Arizona since 1970's with an office in Tucson that serves all of Southern Arizona. The firm has the right relationships, the respect of land planning professionals and a track record in achieving its client's legal goals ethically. The firm handles matters including zoning entitlements, zoning interpretations, zoning violation defense, planning and acquisition of state lands, assistance in building permit process and development agreements/ economic development agreements. The firm works in both the private and public sectors, helping local jurisdictions amend their zoning codes and general/comprehensive plans as well. Lazarus & Silvyn, PC has been named a Best Law Firm annually since 2018 by U.S. News & World Report.

Leonard & Felker PLC is a law firm serving the Tucson metro area. It handles real estate concerns including document and title review, residential and commercial contract and lease negotiations, and financing consultation and assistance. Representation is available for disputes involving landlords and tenants. The firm also assists property developers with the application process and provides legal advice concerning zoning laws and partition proceedings. Other practice areas include condominium and home owner's association law and premises liability cases.

Russo, Russo, & Slania PC is a Tucson-based law firm working on behalf of clients in a variety of real estate matters. This firm assists with the purchase process as well as real estate financing. It consults developers on the construction process and helps them to ensure that they are maintaining regulatory compliance. Tax planning and lien removal are also available services. Russo, Russo, & Slania PC performs title work as well.

Sammartino Law Group PLLC is a Tucson-based firm assisting clients in real estate transactions. This practice is focused on real estate disputes concerning land use. It advocates for clients facing government action via eminent domain who have faced the threat of having their land partially or totally taken. It helps clients to research and follow zoning restrictions, as well as apply for zoning permits, rezoning, and exactions. Sammartino Law Group PLLC also helps with development permits and agreements.

Stephen J. Gonzalez PC Attorney at Law is active within the Tucson metro area since 1980. This firm handles real estate disputes by providing mediation and arbitration services. The firm helps clients in all facets of real estate, litigation, conveyancing, and advice to resolve issues with disagreements over contract terms, financial arrangements, and miscommunication through controlled sessions outside of court. In ideal cases its services help clients to avoid the costs and loss of time associated with court proceedings. Other practice areas include probate and business law.

Stubbs & Schubert PC is a law firm active throughout the Tucson metro area. It handles real estate concerns for clients involved in residential and commercial property transactions. It protects the interests of clients throughout each step of transactions, reviewing contracts and assessing terms to avoid liabilities and financial losses. The firm also offers the assistance of land use attorneys who help developers and home owner's associations with zoning, ordinance, and eminent domain matters.

Valentine & Valentine PC is a law firm serving the Tucson metro area. This firm handles real estate issues involving sales transactions and examines contracts prior to signage in order to prevent issues. It conducts closings to record and finalize transactions. It handles construction contracts and provides advice to developers concerning land use regulations and potential pitfalls. Valentine & Valentine PC also assists with leases and handles mortgage-based financing transactions. Other practice areas include tax-free exchanges and foreclosures.

West-Watt Law PLC is a firm in Tucson handling real estate issues involving transactions, dispute resolution, and litigation. The firm largely handles commercial real estate and draws from experience in business law to consult and represent clients. It conducts trustee's sales and assists with the general foreclosure process. The firm also assists home owner's associations, working to provide consultation regarding changes to terms as well as legal methods of policy enforcement.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Whitehall Law Offices PC is a Tucson-based firm assisting clients throughout the metro area with real estate matters. The firm offers document review services to help clients avoid disadvantageous terms when entering into real estate contracts. It performs this service for purchase contracts, promissory notes, financing documents, deeds of trust, and title reports. Whitehall Law Offices PC is also a qualified short sale attorney.

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