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Arizona Hydro Pro has provided the Santa Clarita area water damage restoration assistance since 1984. Delivering 24/7 emergency services to residential and commercial clients, the company's certified professionals manage an extensive range of flooding situations, including those caused by natural disasters, burst pipes, sewer line backups, and leaky roofs. They assess the damage and efficiently extract standing water. By using thermal imaging throughout the drying and dehumidifying processes, the team is able to mitigate secondary moisture and mold damage.

ASAP Restoration has provided 24/7 emergency residential and commercial water damage restoration in Scottsdale since 1997. Its certified technicians manage the extraction and drying of toxic and nontoxic flooding sources. They effectively dehumidify and perform necessary mold remediation. The company thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes personal contents as well as the affected structural areas. ASAP Restoration communicates with its clients' insurance adjusters to help create as smooth an experience as possible throughout the reconstruction and repair process.

Founded in 2001, AZ's Best 4 Less Home Services provides 24/7 emergency water damage repair in Scottsdale. Working to mitigate secondary damage, the company's certified professionals proactively remove standing water and begin the drying and dehumidifying processes. The company's mold remediation procedure includes repairing the source of the leak or moisture. It performs tests, removing and sanitizing affected areas. AZ's Best 4 Less Home Services' team rebuilds and restores the structure to preloss condition.

Concept Restoration is a full-service water damage restoration company serving Scottsdale's residential and business communities. Its certified professionals respond to emergencies 24/7, mitigating flood damage caused by broken plumbing fixtures, monsoons, overflowing toilets, and sewer line breaks. They follow OSHA's guidelines for the extraction and disposal of contaminated water and debris. Concept Restoration uses industrial driers, air movers, and dehumidifiers to control moisture. Its team sanitizes and deodorizes the structure before beginning any necessary repairs and reconstruction.

Dusty Creek Builders is an emergency residential and commercial water damage restoration company serving the Scottsdale area. Its team responds 24/7 to mitigate flooding issues caused by storms, broken water lines, and leaky roofs. The company extracts standing water and dries and dehumidifies the affected areas. The structure and all salvageable contents are sanitized and deodorized. Dusty Creek Builders provides temporary construction, such as roof dry-ins, to protect the property before the rebuilding process begins.

Founded in 1996, F&F Carpet Cleaning is a water damage company in Scottsdale. Its certified technicians respond to emergencies 24/7. They utilize industrial equipment to extract standing water and prevent further damage at residences and businesses. The company thoroughly dries and dehumidifies the premises with consistent evaluation of hidden moisture pockets and potential mold issues. F&F Carpet Cleaning uses antimicrobial sanitization to disinfect all affected areas, repairing and replacing damaged material.

Good Times Restoration is a family-owned business that provides 24/7 emergency water damage restoration, mold remediation, and reconstruction services to customers in the Scottsdale area. Technicians utilize high-powered wet vacuums to extract water and dehumidifiers to dry the property completely. With the assistance of certified hygienists, Good Times Restoration eliminates mold by using proper cleaning techniques and removing any affected materials. The company also handles the cleanup of sewage and fire damage.

Mike's Drywall Service Inc. has provided water damage restoration services in the Scottsdale area for more than 30 years. The company's licensed, bonded, and insured professionals repair damage caused by a wide range of flooding issues in residential and business properties. They locate the source of leaks and repair broken plumbing. The company's drywall repair and installation involves drywall texture matching to ensure all surfaces are consistent throughout the structure.

Patterson Restoration is a 24/7 emergency water damage restoration company that's served the Scottsdale area since 2007. Its certified technicians efficiently and safely manage residential and commercial flooding disasters. They assess the damage and begin the water extraction process in affected areas. Patterson Restoration dries and dehumidifies and comprehensively sanitizes and deodorizes the premises. The company's services extend to the complete reconstruction of the structure. Its team assists property owners with completing and filing the necessary insurance paperwork.

Peak One Builders & Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration in Scottsdale. The company's certified technicians remediate damage caused by floods, broken washing machine hoses, sewer line backups, and roof leaks. They follow industry protocols to ensure the premises is safe and efficiently extract standing water. Peak One Builders & Restoration's drying and dehumidification process includes the use of infrared technologies to locate moisture issues behind walls and under floors.

Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration offers a comprehensive range of emergency residential and commercial services. The company's certified professionals are available 24/7 to assess the damage and proactively begin the dry-out process. They manage issues related to sewer line breaks, roof leaks, overflowing appliances, and natural disasters. Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration utilizes moisture detection equipment to identify visible and hidden moisture pockets and mitigate secondary damage. The company completely sanitizes personal contents and the affected structure. It also provides reconstruction services.

Servpro of Scottsdale is a full-service residential and commercial water damage restoration service. Responding to emergencies 24/7, the company's certified technicians proactively assess the damage and begin the water extraction process. They consistently monitor moisture levels throughout the drying and dehumidifying procedures to mitigate mold issues. Servpro of Scottsdale sanitizes and preserves personal belongings, providing pack-away services. The company also thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes the affected structural areas prior to beginning any necessary rebuilding and repair.

Square One Restoration provides residential and commercial water damage repair in Scottsdale. Its certified team responds to emergencies 24/7. The company is equipped to handle all categories of water contamination, efficiently extracting it and removing debris. In addition to structural sanitation and deodorization, Square One Restoration sanitizes, packs, and stores personal contents. The company performs a comprehensive drying and dehumidifying process, offering mold remediation as well. Its team completely repairs and restores the property to pre-disaster condition.

In operation since 1987, Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration provides the Scottsdale residential and business communities with 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services. Its technicians are certified to handle flooding from storms, leaky roofs, broken appliances, and sewage backups. Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration effectively extracts standing water and dries and dehumidifies the affected areas. Its team sanitizes personal contents as well as the structure and provides necessary repairs. The company communicates with and bills its clients' insurance companies directly.

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