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Alongi Law Firm PLLC is a family law practice serving the Phoenix metro area. Its attorneys are experienced in most areas of family law, offering consultation for prenuptial agreements as well as divorces, issues of alimony, and property or debt division proceedings. The firm also helps with delicate family issues including custody disputes and family court trials and appeals. It represents juveniles facing criminal offenses and also assists with international custody disputes.

Arizona Family Law Attorneys serves the Phoenix metro area, providing assistance to clients in matters of marital agreements and separation processes. The firm offers services tailored to mother's rights, father's rights, and grandparent's rights, helping clients to resolve complex and perhaps emotionally challenging custody disputes. It also assists with modifications to existing custody agreements, helping clients to alter and renegotiate policies such as parental visiting time and legal decision making. Arizona Family Law Attorneys also offers assistance with adoption and foster care services.

Berkshire Law Office PLLC is a family law firm serving the Phoenix metro area. This firm handles high net worth and complex divorces, property division processes, and alimony concerns. It works to help clients reach conclusions regarding the custody of children as well as resolve questions of custody following the relocation of a parents. Berkshire Law Office PC also consults victims of domestic violence, helping them to apply for protection orders. Partner Keith Berkshire is board certified in family law.

Best Law Firm serves the Phoenix metro area, working for clients to resolve concerns regarding the family unit. It helps clients to formally file for divorce and offers mediation to those desiring to resolve as many issues as possible outside of the court system and before trial. The firm acts as an advocate for those involved in difficult custody battles as well as those seeking nuanced legal representation concerning father's or mother's rights specifically.

Bishop Law Office PC serves the Phoenix metro area, assisting clients with family law matters. This firm is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and partner William Bishop is board-certified in family law. It assists with marital agreements as well as divorce proceedings and represents clients in a range of sensitive child custody issues. Bishop Law Office PC advocates for clients involved in domestic violence situations, helping them to acquire protection orders and modify existing orders.

Bluff & Associates is a Phoenix-based firm assisting clients with family law cases. The firm helps clients to resolve concerns related to the creation and dissolution of marriage, including the process of dividing assets. It provides representation in sensitive child custody disagreements. The firm also offers assistance with issues such as grandparent's rights as well as the termination of existing rights. Bluff & Associates conducts mediation to help clients explore alternative solutions to litigious court action.

Cohen Family Law serves the Phoenix metro area. It handles a wide variety of family law issues, assisting clients with the process of divorce, asset division, modifying existing agreements, and negotiating spousal support. The firm also helps with complex child care issues, mediating disputes between parents concerning the custody of children shared between them and the amount of financial support obligations involved. Cohen Family Law represents clients in father's rights cases as well as throughout adoption processes.

Dumond Law Firm is a Phoenix-based practice providing family law services. The firm handles legal separations as well as both contested and uncontested divorces and annulments. This firm is particularly experienced with a range of child custody matters and advocates for clients in both scheduled and emergency hearings involving transfers of custody as well as modifications in policies such as parenting time and child support agreements. Dumond Law Firm also handles matters of grandparent visitation.

Enholm Law PLLC is a firm in Phoenix providing family law services. Most of its work centers on complex and emotionally charged areas including divorce, child custody, and child support arrangements. In the area of child custody, this firm is especially experienced with the foundation of legal agreements as well as disputes concerning parenting time and matters of legal decision making. Its attorneys act as mediators when necessary and also provide representation in cases of contentious litigation between parents.

Glickstein Law PLLC is a Phoenix-based family law practice. It helps clients to finalize divorces and legal separations and resolve child custody disputes and matters of child support. The firm also assists with father's rights as well as paternity issues, including circumstances of disputed paternity. It provides mediation services in order to attempt pretrial agreements which can simplify the court process. However, Glickstein Law PLLC does offer litigious advocacy in contentious cases.

Hallier Lawrence PLC is a family law firm in Phoenix. This firm practices family law exclusively, representing clients in a range of scenarios including divorce and legal separation, the foundation of prenuptial agreements, and the enforcement of qualified domestic relations orders. It helps clients to resolve difficult custody issues through both mediation and litigation, including concerns involving the relocation of a parent. Consultation regarding the rights of stepparents and grandparents is available as well.

In business since 1997, Katz & Bloom is a law firm in Phoenix assisting clients throughout the metro area with family law issues. The firm assists with challenging child custody cases and helps to resolve disputes between parents concerning issues such as child support, visitation, and grandparent's rights. It also handles divorce procedures as well as legal separation issues ranging from simple to complex and helps to manage the process of dividing assets. Katz & Bloom assists with the adoption process as well.

Lasiter & Jackson is a law firm in Phoenix representing clients in family law cases. It handles divorces and issues concerning couples (including same-sex couples). The firm is experienced with child custody matters and helps clients to file for visitation, file for full or joint custody, and resolve issues through mediation. In dangerous matters involving domestic violence or child endangerment, it can help to conduct emergency transfers of custody and acquire protection orders. Assistance with adoption and termination of parental rights is also available.

Law Offices of Barry L. Brady is a firm in Phoenix offering consultation and representation regarding family law to clients throughout the metro area. It assists with divorce, legal separation, and annulments as well as disputes concerning parental rights. The other aspect of its practice involves child custody and support issues. Partner Barry L. Brady offers services as a mediator, arbiter, and family law master and has participated in hundreds of cases.

Leonard V. Sominsky Esq. PC is a law firm in Phoenix that handles family law issues for clients throughout the metro area. While it's particularly experienced with divorce proceedings, it also handles concerns of contested paternity and other paternity issues as well as enforcements and modifications of legal arrangements regarding marriage and parental rights. Assistance with multifaceted concerns regarding child custody and visitation rights is offered, and Leonard Sominsky also advocates for victims of domestic violence.

Paula J. Burnstein PC is a family law firm serving the Phoenix metro area, primarily the Maricopa, Pinal, and Yavapai counties. It handles divorce proceedings and assists clients in resolving associated issues including alimony and spousal maintenance, collaborative divorces, property settlement. The firm is experienced with child support law and works on behalf of parents to obtain support and modify existing policies. It also handles custody agreements and has over two decades of experience with international child abduction cases.

Saldivar & Associates is a family law firm in Phoenix helping clients in the metro area to resolve a variety of domestic issues. This firm holds over 25 years of experience with family law and offers assistance with divorce related legal issues as well as sensitive issues associated with child custody and child support. Saldivar & Associates also provides representation to victims and potential victims of domestic violence, helping them to obtain orders of protection and restraining orders.

The Baker Law Firm LLC is a Phoenix-based practice offering family law services to clients in the metro area. It helps clients to manage a variety of sensitive concerns pertaining to the custody of children, visitation rights, and matters of parental and grandparent's rights. The firm also assists clients with legal recourse concerning particularly volatile relationships and provides guidance with seeking orders of protection as well as injunctions against harassment. The Baker Law Firm LLC also helps with divorce proceedings.

The Law Office of Stasy Click is active within the Phoenix metro area and provides assistance with family law cases exclusively. It offers representation for standard family law matters including prenuptial agreements, divorce proceedings, and injunctions. The firm also assists with delicate cases such as those involving matters of contested paternity and disagreements regarding custody or child support payments. A former prosecutor, managing partner Stasy Click is especially adept with domestic violence scenarios and filing for orders of protection.

The Wilkins Law Firm is active within the Phoenix metro area and helps clients to resolve family law issues. Founder Amy Wilkins is a seasoned litigator with specific experience in partnership disputes. The firm provides representation in business related divorces, cases concerning the distribution of assets, and legally binding partnership agreements such as prenuptials. It is able to provide mediation if clients wish to attempt out-of-court resolutions but also handles court proceedings when amicable resolution is not accomplished.

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