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Zachary Law Group, located in Chandler, provides divorce services to clients across the state. The firm assists with filing and serving the appropriate documentation and provides representation in court. It also negotiates the division of assets, finances, and retirement benefits. In child custody matters, Zachary Law Group focus on the needs of the child, working to reach a fair child support and custody agreement. The firm also provides legal representation in domestic violence and criminal defense cases.


Founded in 2001, Beemer, Wilson, Beemer, & Associates PA is located in Chandler. The firm offers divorce law and dispute resolution services, including assisting with custody and parenting arrangements, alimony, post-divorce modifications, and property issues. It handles cases relating to gay and lesbian relationships and also assists with drafting and reviewing premarital agreements. Beemer, Wilson, Beemer & Associates also offers debt and bankruptcy services and works on copyright, patent, and trademark cases.

Founded in 2012, Cox Sandoval Law PLLC is a family law practice of divorce lawyers in Chandler that handles all aspects of divorce-related cases in the surrounding areas. Annette Cox Sandoval assists clients going through the divorce process, filing petitions and other paperwork as well as responding to summonses. She represents clients in court concerning contested matters, including child support and custody, spousal maintenance, and modifications to court-ordered agreements. Additionally, Cox Sandoval provides legal assistance in cases involving grandparents' rights, guardianships, and prenuptial agreements.

Donaldson Stewart PC is a full-service law firm in Chandler, offering divorce law representation and consultation. The firm provides collaborative divorce services and handles matters of paternity, same-sex family law, mediation, property division, and child support. It assists clients with enforcement and modification of existing court orders such as custody and spousal support. Additionally, Donaldson Stewart and his team of family lawyers in Chandler offer guidance and defense for issues regarding grandparents' rights, legal decision-making authority and parenting time, and adoptions or termination of parental rights.

Fuqua Law Firm PC is a divorce law attorney based in Chandler. Founder Barbara Fuqua, highly-rated among divorce attorneys in Chandler, offers a variety of family law services, assisting with divorces, legal separations, and annulments. She represents the rights of her clients in spousal support conflicts, child custody and parenting time matters, the distribution of property and debts, and modifications or enforcement of prior orders. Ms. Fuqua graduated from the Arizona State University College of Law in 1996.

Guymon Law is a full-service law firm of divorce lawyers in Chandler, providing comprehensive divorce consultation and representation. The firm assists clients with the filing process, carries out serving the other spouse, conducts discovery and disclosure, provides mediation, and represents clients at trial. It handles contested and uncontested divorce as well as appeals. Guymon also takes on cases related to legal separation, paternity, child support, child custody, and third party rights. Other services offered include adoption assistance and prenuptial agreements.

Joan Bundy Law is a sole practitioner law firm based in Chandler. Founder Joan M. Bundy offers divorce law services, including mediation, annulments, child custody and support services, and spousal support claims. She also handles pet custody issues and takes on cases relating to same-sex and unmarried partners. Ms. Bundy graduated from the James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona in 2005 and opened her own practice in 2009.


Founded in 2000, the Law Office of Holly A. Bartee is a family law practice that assists with divorces in the Chandler area. Bartee advocates through negotiation and in court for clients' parental rights and fair distribution of marital assets, living arrangements, and child support payments. She also acts as a mediator for couples who wish to avoid trial, helping divorcing couples resolve contested issues outside court. Holly Bartee additionally provides legal assistance with separations and agreement modifications.

The Law Office of Louis Lombardo is a family law firm in Chandler. The firm assists clients with divorce proceedings, including legally complex cases such as same-sex marriage dissolution. Attorney Lombardo negotiates and drafts spousal support agreements and child custody and support arrangements. He also calculates the value of marital assets, including retirement benefits and other items that could be considered community property. Additionally, the firm handles complex military divorce proceedings.

Mays & Zitron Family Law Firm is a legal practice in Chandler with a focus on family law and divorce matters. The firm handles contested and uncontested divorce, offering filing, mediation, and trial representation services. It guides clients through creating parenting plans, alimony, child support, and custody agreements, and equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. Other services include the creation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, such as defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans.

Rose & Associates provides legal services to clients undergoing divorce proceedings in Chandler and Phoenix. It assists individuals and families involved in the complicated and stressful processes of marriage dissolution and legal separation. It defends the rights of its clients during the negotiation of sensitive issues such as child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and division of property. Rose & Associates is also experienced in juvenile law, probate, and bankruptcy.

Shaffer Family Law is a family law practice in Chandler, offering clients in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and Scottsdale over 20 years of experience in divorce. Shaffer handles contested and uncontested divorce and offers divorce mediation to negotiate child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of property and debts. The firm provides consultation and representation for military families, annulments, and domestic violence issues. It assists clients in obtaining a modification of existing custody and support court orders.

The Law Office of Angela Peacock PC offers family and divorce law services in Chandler. Founding attorney Peacock works with families to help them find amicable solutions to their legal issues without having to go to court. She also offers legal representation for contested issues, such as child custody disputes and alimony cases. Ms. Peacock has been practicing law since 2002 and is certified in family law by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Specialization.

The Law Offices of Michael D. Miller Jr. offers divorce-related legal services in Chandler. Mr. Miller has been practicing law since 1981 and has worked with thousands of clients on complex divorce cases, including assisting with the distribution of property and assets and handling child custody and support cases. He works on high tech industry divorce cases and addresses the unique challenges that tech-industry employees face with compassion and discretion.

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