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Find a Top-Ranked Wedding Dance Choreographer Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    If you're in the midst of wedding preparations, you're probably keenly aware of the stress that comes with organizing every aspect of the day's events. While it's a celebration, you also want to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. One planning consideration is the first dance. It's your debut as a couple, and aligning your signature song with a dance routine that's rehearsed and comfortable is a great way to kick off the reception's festivities.

    A wedding choreographer can help you choose the right steps, from entrance to finale. The dance professional works through the basic rhythmic routine of your chosen song, including waltzes, foxtrots, tangos, zydeco, and the country two-step. Depending on experience and available time, you may want to include a few special moves, such as spins and dips. Think of wedding dance lessons as a break from planning, and a fun date night with your partner.

  • What does a wedding choreographer do?

    A wedding choreographer begins by determining the couple's level of dance experience. Working with beginners to experienced dancers, a choreographer helps choose music that has meaning to the couple. The wedding dance professional sets appropriate expectations when arranging a couple's dance routines, taking skill level, lesson availability, and wedding clothing, shoes, and space into consideration.

  • Should you take dance lessons for your wedding?

    Your first dance is one of the most memorable events of your wedding day. Taking the time to learn a routine can help build long-lasting self-confidence and closeness with your partner. Photos and videos of the lessons and the day's special dance can become mementos you cherish with your spouse and share with family and friends.

  • Should I choreograph my wedding dance?

    Wedding dance choreography should be considered another part of the planning process. Learning the moves to your favorite song can help you and your partner feel better prepared for the big event, especially if one or both of you are dance novices. It builds inner confidence, helps develop lifelong skills, and it can create a stronger bond between you.

  • How much do wedding choreographers charge?

    While every wedding choreographer is different, you should plan on spending an average of $50 to $125 per private lesson. One way to help bring the cost down is to purchase a package plan of 10 to 20 lessons up front.

  • How much are wedding dance lessons?

    Private wedding dance lessons usually focus on the couple's first dance and can cost between $50 and $125 per hour. Group dances for other wedding party members can be included as an add-on in a dance lesson package. Couples may save money by learning basic dance steps in group lessons that can range from $10 to $30 per couple.

  • How many dance lessons do you need for a wedding?

    Wedding dance choreographers recommend a minimum of 10 private 45-minute to one-hour lessons to learn the basic routine. However, if you and your fiancée are new to dance, or you want to accomplish a more involved routine, you should plan on 15 to 20 lessons.

Find a Top-Ranked Wedding Dance Choreographer Near You