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Social Media Marketing Agencies FAQs

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Barokas Communications logo

Barokas Communications

1201 3rd Ave Ste 2200, Seattle, WA 98101
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Since 1998, the full-service public relations firm Barokas Communications has been using innovative strategies to get its high-growth enterprises and consumer technology companies noticed. The agency integrates traditional PR methods with social media marketing to develop Seattle and Denver businesses' online presence. The Barokas Communications' team customizes its strategy and management for each client. It also tailors each post to maintain interest and engagement on individual platforms. The firm's social media campaigns directly support its clients' business goals.

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Bizango logo


3301 Burke Ave N Ste 360, Seattle, WA 98103
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Bizango is a Seattle-based digital design and marketing agency founded in 2006 to promote the services of local and national businesses, authors, start-ups, and e-commerce providers. As well as exploiting traditional marketing channels, it also uses social media to build brands, guide online traffic, and increase sales. The agency develops ads and creates content for the most popular social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram. Its clients include the American International University, Blue Oak Energy, and BookBub.

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Communiqué PR logo

Communiqué PR

1631 15th Ave W Ste 220, Seattle, WA 98119
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Communiqué PR was founded in 2004 to serve national and global clients in various industries, including health care, technology, travel, and entertainment. Located in Seattle, it uses various marketing channels, such as social media, to generate interest in its client's brand and services. The agency designs and builds campaigns on various popular platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to niche areas of social media frequented by target markets. Its clients include Tideworks Technology, Bank of America, and WGU Washington.

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Copacino Fujikado logo

Copacino Fujikado

1425 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
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Copacino Fujikado is a Seattle-based creative agency that helps businesses grow through social media. Its team creates social media marketing campaigns and content to connect and engage with clients' target audiences. Aside from social media, the agency also specializes in marketing and production. Copacino Fujikado has worked with various brands such as Seattle Art Museum, World Vision, and Goodwill since its establishment 22 years ago. The company is a two-time winner of the AdAge Small Agency of the Year award.

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Crown Social logo

Crown Social

227 9th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
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Crown Social is a Seattle-based digital and social media agency integrating technology with consumer insights to expand its clients' online visibility. Its strategy utilizes in-depth research tailored for platform-specific target audiences. Since 2011, Crown Social has incorporated its social media campaigns with content and influencer marketing, PPC advertising, and animation and video technology to create engaging material. Its client portfolio represents a range of industries and includes Zillow, SIC, Dell EMC, Amazon Music, and Blue Nile.

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JeffreyM logo


600 University St Ste 601, Seattle, WA 98101
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JeffreyM is a Seattle-based digital marketing agency founded in 2005 with offices in Bellevue and London. Its marketing consulting team tailors a strategy and planning approach to its social media marketing campaigns that fit its clients' specific needs. With the support of well-researched data, JeffreyM customizes content to engage the targeted audiences of individual social media platforms. The agency coordinates schedules and locations for the most effective visibility and consistently analyzes data and conversion rates.

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Mobihunter logo


1411 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
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Mobihunter is a marketing and advertising agency providing the Seattle business community with brand-building and media solutions since 2015. Its team develops a strategy for maximizing their clients' Facebook and Instagram presence. By identifying the target audience based on behavior, preferences, and interests, Mobihunter increases the number of users as well as conversion rates. Other services include user acquisition, comprehensive promotion, influencer marketing, mobile retargeting, and video advertising and production.

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Radically Distinct logo

Radically Distinct

701 5th Ave Ste 4200, Seattle, WA 98104
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The marketeers at Radically Distinct provide a full-service for the Seattle-based agency's clients, who range from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. It specializes in promoting the professional services and education industries. The agency's social media marketing campaigns focus on Facebook, for which it produces ads and creates content designed to generate interest, drive sales, and maximize the brand's authenticity. Its clients include the real estate developer, JorgensenFM, Kong Academy, and Legal Counsel, Joe Brogan.

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Revolution PR logo

Revolution PR

4000 E Madison St # 202, Seattle, WA 98112
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Revolution PR is a Seattle-based sustainable lifestyle public relations and marketing firm. Its industry expertise includes craft beverage, healthy food, fitness, consumer goods, green living, natural beauty, and ecotourism brands. It offers comprehensive social media marketing options that include collaborative input from the client. The team creates custom content, matching it with the most compatible platforms to build credibility and rapport. Its research-based information provides key insight into the most beneficial times to post.

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Smarthouse logo


100 S King St Ste 100 # 722, Seattle, WA 98104
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With a focus on promoting start-ups, art organizations, film festivals, and independent filmmakers, Smarthouse has been a Seattle-based full-service digital agency since 2014. Its team incorporates in-depth research and planning into its strategies for social media marketing campaigns. Content is specifically tailored for its channel audience and schedule. It's integrated with branding and design elements as well as editorial pieces. Routine and consistent analysis ensures clients' visibility and business objectives offer increased ROI.

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Socialistics logo


500 Mercer Street, Suite C202-177, Seattle, WA 98109
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Socialistics is a Seattle-based social media agency with a focus on B2B social media and advertising services. The agency assists businesses with providing full service social media management designed to drive leads, customers and sales. With a full design, writing and advertising team at your disposal, services typically include full content creation, channel management, paid social media as well as influencer campaigns.

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TatianaDesigns logo


Seattle, WA 98101
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Tatiana Proctor founded TatianaDesigns to help small and midsized businesses develop an awareness of their brand with their target customers and generate traffic and sales. Located in Seattle, Ms. Proctor works with clients throughout the metro area. A core part of the agency's services involves developing and launching social media marketing strategies, such as paid advertising services on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as video promotions on YouTube. Ms. Proctor's clients come from various industries, including professional services.

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Voxus PR logo

Voxus PR

209 1/2 1st Ave S Ste 200, Seattle, WA 98104
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The technology-focused PR and marketing agency Voxus has helped Seattle's emerging technology companies establish an online presence since 2006. Its team uses strategy development to raise brand awareness and engage their respective communities. Voxus PR integrates Google Analytics, Simply Measured, SalesForce, and Marketo to track visitor activity, translating it to increased conversion rates. It consistently measures data, analyzing audience reach and reception. The agency's social media portfolio includes developing a collaborative campaign between Silicon Mechanics and LEGO featured in the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find a social media marketer?

A: Brands that have the resources can hire in-house social media marketing professionals. They can also work with individual freelancers to handle specific components of social media marketing, such as writing posts or creating visual designs. For the most comprehensive experience, and the most extensive specialization in individual social media platforms and marketing options, a social media marketing agency is the best choice, and can handle most or even all of a company’s social media marketing.

Q: How do you promote a product on social media?

A: Companies promote products on social media in various ways, including:

  • Contests: Companies host writing or photo contests featuring their products or giveaways that encourage people to share information about their brand.
  • Deals and promo codes: Businesses often post information about deals on their social platforms, encouraging people to share the savings with others.
  • Promotion to communities: Companies might promote custom products to certain communities, either via hashtags, or in exclusive groups for more targeted marketing.
  • Influencer collaborations: Brands may provide discounts, free products, or payment to influencers to talk about their products.
  • Direct sales: Some companies sell directly on social through carousel ads or marketplace posts.

Q: How many businesses use social media?

A: As of 2019, more than 90% of businesses in the United States were using social media for marketing purposes. Around 73% of small businesses spent money on social media marketing, and as many as 77% use social media to support key functions, such as customer service and sales.

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