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Shoe Repair Companies FAQs

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Angel's Shoe Repair logo

Angel's Shoe Repair

501 15th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112
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Angel's Shoe Repair is a small family-owned business in Seattle that's been serving the city's residents for more than 100 years. The company can handle every aspect of shoe repair, with particular experience resoling boots and shoes with high-quality leather and synthetic materials. Additionally, it also uses space in its high-traffic location to help customers sell their shoes. The shop is open six days a week, from Mondays to Saturdays.

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Broadway Shoe Repair logo

Broadway Shoe Repair

815 East Republican Street, Seattle, WA 98102
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Broadway Shoe Repair offers over 34 years of expertise in repairing shoes to customers in Seattle and the surrounding areas. The shop is experienced in fixing damaged leather shoes. Its specialists handle all repair needs for soles, zippers, laces, eyelets, hooks, and heels. They offer fast solutions to customers' shoe problems without the need to buy a new pair. Some of their other services include patching, polishing, dying, stitching, and applying water repellant

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Busy Shoes logo

Busy Shoes

2523 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
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Busy Shoes is a Seattle-based business that specializes in professional shoe repair services. It is headed by craftsman John Francis. John Francis performs shoe repair. Aside from this, he also repairs boots, belts, and handbags. Furthermore, the shoe repair expert repairs the zippers of leather boots. John Francis also offers services on shoe polishing and shoe stretching. He provides weather treatment for leather shoes and boots. Aside from repair and refurbish work, John Francis creates made-to-order custom leather shoes.

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Dave Page, Cobbler logo

Dave Page, Cobbler

3509 Evanston Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
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Dave Page, Cobbler is a small business in Seattle that's been serving the footwear needs of the city's residents since 1969. The company uses Italian presses and boot repair machinery to restore shoes and boots to nearly new conditions. It's an authorized repair agent for many of the world's leading brands, including Merrell, Scarpa, Vasque, and One Sport. The company also specializes in repairing various rock climbing shoes, Birkenstock sandals, and Telemark boots.

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Old Style Shoe Shine logo

Old Style Shoe Shine

1420 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
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Old Style Shoe Shine is a shoe repair company in Seattle that shines and repairs different types of shoes. Its shoe repair specialists work on zip soles, a type of rubber layer that comes between the leather upper and the ground, which helps make the shoes withstand damages caused by rough roads or rains. Old Style Shoe Shine's services include brushing and cleaning shoes, applying leather lotion, coating them with superior wax, and using a towel to wipe as a final touch.

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Swanson’s Shoe Repair logo

Swanson’s Shoe Repair

2305 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103
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Swanson's Shoe Repair is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1928. Based in Seattle, it does more than replace soles and heels on all types of shoes. The company also offers a shoe-stretching service, including an orthopedic option. Additionally, it can repair and replace zips on handbags, fit new cork footbeds to Birkenstocks, shorten belts and straps, and shine shoes. Swanson's Shoe Repair also provides an online payment system for customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a shoemaker called a cobbler?

A: The term cobbler originates from the word cobelere, which means “someone who mends shoes.” It was originally used as an insult to insinuate that a shoemaker didn't know his craft. Later, it was used to refer to someone who could repair shoes but didn’t have the skill to make them. Today, the terms cobbler and shoemaker are typically used interchangeably.

Q: What is the history of shoe cobbling?

A: Because shoes were handmade until the 18th century, shoemakers and cobblers have been in demand for thousands of years. Cobbling fell into decline in the late 1700s when the Industrial Revolution led to mass-manufactured footwear, and by the 1850s, most shoes were manufactured in factories. Although today’s cobblers may still craft custom handmade shoes for high-end designers and private customers, they predominantly repair and restore mass-produced shoes.

Q: What shoes can\'t be resoled?

A: Most sneakers can’t be resoled because their soles are part of the overall design. However, repairs to the sole may be possible depending on the damage.

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