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Founded in 2007, Adept Law PLLC is a firm active in the Port Orchard metro area assisting with divorces. It helps clients to work through the filing and dissolution process while providing advice and representation regarding related sensitive matters including child custody and family safety via non-harassment and restraining orders. The firm offers arbitration and mediation services as well as collaborative law methods to help clients attempt mutually agreeable solutions without court.

Browning Law Office is active within the Port Orchard Metro area. The firm represents clients as they pursue divorce and acts as both a consultant and representative throughout each phase of the process. It is experienced with amicable divorces and serves clients who wish to avoid court. It assists with the settlement process including the division of property. This firm is also experienced with complex divorces involving difficult financial issues and non-communicative parties as well as custody disputes.

Burleson Law PLLC is a firm offering divorce services to clients in the Port Orchard metro area. It manages the process of dissolution by helping clients to submit appropriate paperwork and providing consultation to anticipate and resolve issues of contention with spouses. The firm also assists with issues pertaining to domestic partnerships and is familiar with military issues related to divorce. It conducts mediation regarding the formation of parenting plans and child support arrangements as well.

Cecily A. Mirise Attorney at Law provides services to the Port Orchard metro area, assisting clients with the process of divorce. This law firm provides different levels of representation depending on the client's needs and knowledge of the divorce process. It offers simple assistance with filing paperwork as well as full representation in every aspect of the case. The firm is experienced representing clients in contentious cases and provides support in difficult instances involving domestic violence and child custody matters.

Compass Legal Services is a law firm assisting clients throughout the Port Orchard metro area with divorce proceedings. The firm educates clients on the divorce process and guides them through each step of the filing while representing them in negotiations and litigation. It provides the option of mediation to clients who wish to resolve matters outside of court and assists with related matters such as child custody disputes. Partner Eric McDonald is a seasoned negotiator with previous experience as a NAVAL JAG Corps attorney.

David Gates Law Inc. is a Port Orchard-based firm helping clients to file for and complete divorce. It assists clients with the processes of dissolution and legal separation. It also handles cases involving committed intimate relationships. The firm formulates and enforces both pre- and post-marital agreements, representing clients as they negotiate and litigate against spouses and ex-spouses. Representation is also available in difficult custody matters involving children as related to the divorce proceedings.

Kirsten Hytopoulos Attorney at Law PLLC is active within the Port Orchard metro area and serves clients as they undergo the process of divorce. This firm emphasizes mediation and attempts to help clients resolve divorce proceedings as amicably as possible while avoiding litigation. It offers a collaborative divorce method in which spouses formally agree not to use litigious methods and work out difficulties under the representation of their respective attorneys. It also conducts cooperative divorces which involve mediation without documented agreements not to litigate.

Active since 1962, Law Office of Ryan, Montgomery, & Armstrong is a full-service firm serving the Port Orchard metro area that handles both contested and uncontested divorce cases. This firm has experience with standard as well as high-asset divorces and aids clients in filing and negotiating each aspect of legal separation. It assists with sensitive custody issues related to the separation and represents clients in conflicts concerning alimony and spousal support as well as complex dependency cases.

Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law is a firm in Port Orchard providing legal assistance with divorces. This firm provides both traditional and collaborative approaches, working for clients who choose litigious methods to divorce proceedings as well as those who wish to avoid court by conducting mediation and attempting cooperation with the other party. In either case it also helps clients to settle matters including the separation of assets and resolve child custody issues.

McKeeman & Miller PLLC is a law firm that serves clients in the Port Orchard metro area. This practice handles divorce cases, guiding clients through standard scenarios as they petition to legally separate. Its attorneys assist with paperwork and help clients to navigate legal issues as they arise, including litigation and court proceedings. This firm is also experienced with co-parenting issues and is prepared to work with clients as they negotiate custody and child support related concerns with ex-spouses.

Newbry Law Office handles divorce cases for clients within the Port Orchard metro area. This firm is largely focused on the financial aspects of divorce. It provides consultation regarding the separation of assets as well as debts and other financial obligations. Its attorneys are particularly experienced with taxes and help clients to navigate the tax burdens associated with completing dissolution. Attorney Laura Baier holds a Master of Laws in taxation and draws from this experience to help clients anticipate often unforeseen costs.

PBW Law Firm serves the Port Orchard metro area and manages divorce cases. The firm helps with both complete dissolution as well as formal separation and works to make sure that clients file paperwork properly. The firm handles negotiations and presents cases in court when divorce proceedings are contentious. It also assists with sensitive issues of paternity and child custody which may arise in divorce proceedings as well as financial matters including alimony and spousal support.

Shiers Law Firm serves the Port Orchard metro area, assisting clients with divorces. It helps clients to file petitions for divorce properly and take adequate measures to notify the other party. It provides representation throughout the proceedings, participating in mediation as well as hearings in court in order to advance the interests of its client and protect them from liability. The firm also advises clients as they participate in related matters such as separating property and resolving child custody matters.

Sunset Family Law PS is a firm in Port Orchard providing legal representation in divorce cases. The firm works on behalf of clients as they pursue dissolution and legal separation, providing information and assistance with paperwork as well as communications. As this practice is solely focused on divorce and family law, its attorneys are particularly experienced with complex separations and are prepared to assist with both simple and difficult settlement procedures as well as attached child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance issues.

The Law Office of A. Scott Kalkwarf is a law firm in Port Orchard helping clients within the metro area to conduct divorces. The firm helps clients to accurately and legally file for divorce by overseeing the filing of paperwork and ensuring that appropriate parties are notified. It also acts as an advocate in negotiations and defends the interests of clients in the event of litigation. Founder A. Scott Kalkwarf holds a masters degree in counseling and has worked within Child Protective Services.

The Law Office of Charlie Shane PLLC is active within the Port Orchard metro area and assists with both contested and uncontested divorce cases. The firm handles general divorce issues, helping clients to file for divorce, conduct negotiations to divide assets as well as debts, and resolve extenuating circumstances related to business operations and ongoing legal issues. It also works to settle custody issues through mediation, and if necessary, in court. The Law Office of Charlie Shane PLLC also handles paternity and domestic violence cases.

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