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7 Cities Law is a criminal defense firm that has provided legal representation to clients in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area since 2015. Founding attorney Kristin Paulding has handled hundreds of DUI cases, including those involving felony and misdemeanor charges, as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. She also represents clients dealing with related charges, including reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, speeding, and hit-and-runs. Attorney Paulding is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

Bassel Khalaf is a criminal defense law firm that serves communities in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and surrounding areas. It provides legal representation to individuals charged with operating an automobile under the influence of alcohol and drugs or while intoxicated and also those who refuse to take a blood alcohol content test. The firm also represents clients facing guns and weapons charges, domestic violence, fraud, and juvenile offenses. Highly esteemed DUI lawyer in Virginia Beach and founding attorney Bassel Khalaf is a member of the Virginia Beach Bar Association.

BC Law provides criminal defense legal services to residents of Virginia Beach and its environs. The firm offers legal representation to clients facing charges for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or while intoxicated and other DUI offenses. Highly revered among DUI attorneys in Virginia Beach, the firm also handles cases of clients involved in driving on a suspended license, domestic violence, drug charges, assault, and battery. Braden Carroll, the founding attorney, has been recognized as a Top Rated Virginia Beach Criminal Defense Attorney by the Super Lawyers Magazine.

Brian Latuga, Esq., is a law firm that provides criminal defense services to the residents of Virginia Beach. It takes attempted, felony, commercial, and multiple DUI cases. The firm's attorneys help individuals charged with DUI offenses to assess statements made by the arresting officers and also analyze and ascertain the validity of field sobriety test results. The firm also provides legal services to individuals facing juvenile, federal, and property crimes.

Burroughs Law Office has been serving the legal needs of residents of Virginia Beach, Virginia, since 2006. The firm represents minors charged with driving under the influence or while impaired by the effects of illicit drugs. The group of experienced DUI attorneys in Virginia Beach negotiates on clients’ behalf for reduced sentences or probation. Its attorneys also handle family law, criminal defense, and estate planning cases. Burroughs Law Office is affiliated with the Virginia Beach Bar Association and the Virginia Bar Association.

Established in 2001, Cardon Law represents those facing DUI charges in Hampton Roads, Virginia. With knowledge of police protocol and Virginia DUI laws, David A. Cardon identifies weaknesses in the prosecution's case, including stops without probable cause or faulty blood-alcohol concentration testing. He seeks to reduce or eliminate the negative consequences of DUI convictions, including career termination, drivers' license suspension, and insurance rate increases. Cardon Law also handles cases involving traffic tickets, personal injury claims, drug charges, and bond hearings.

Since 2010, Gardner & Mendoza PC has been offering legal services to communities in Virginia Beach. The company handles DUI cases of clients charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated by having their charges dismissed or reduced to less serious offenses. It also works on family law, military, immigration, citizenship, deportation, and criminal defense cases. Gardner & Mendoza PC is affiliated with the Virginia Bar Association and the Virginia Beach Bar Association.

Hugh E. Black, III, P.C., has been representing Virginia Beach area individuals facing DUI charges for 20 years. Clients throughout Virginia have had DUI, drug, and other criminal charges dismissed or their sentences reduced when retaining Attorney Black. He builds an efficient DUI defense case based on scientific and legal knowledge.

Founded in 2009, JAG Defense is a military law firm that provides DUI defense for military personnel worldwide in military court martials or administrative actions. It seeks to prevent negative outcomes in cases where military personnel are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Attorneys are retired and former military lawyers who understand the military justice system. JAG Defense offers worldwide legal assistance with issues related to military laws and security clearance for Department of Defense employees and contractors.

The Law Firm of Peter John Louie serves clients in Virginia Beach and the broader Hampton Roads area. It provides zealous legal representation to clients facing traffic and criminal charges. The firm regularly fights against traffic-related charges, such as DUI and reckless driving, eluding, racing, hit and run, and driving without or with a suspended license. Those facing other criminal charges, such as assault and battery, drug crimes, trespass, larceny, or illegal possession of a firearm also employ this top-rated firm. Attorney Peter John Louie was named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by National Trial Lawyers.

A solo practitioner in Chesapeake, Richard L. Buyrn, P.C., has successfully represented Virginia Beach area clients in DUI cases since 1994. The traffic lawyer handles speeding, seatbelt, hit and run, and DUI charges, using familiarity with local legal practices and networks. He gathers information on police performance of procedures and circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest. Attorney Buyrn served in the U.S. Army and as a former school teacher.

Slipow, Robusto, & Kellam, P.C., is a team of Virginia Beach trial lawyers representing clients charged with DUI, traffic, and criminal offenses. A highly regarded DUI attorney in Virginia Beach, Kellam is a leader in the Virginia Beach Bar Association and a former public defender. Her fellow partners’ experience includes leadership and faculty membership in the Virginia State Bar, practice as a prosecutor, recognition as Legal Elites and Super Lawyers, and election as “Funniest Lawyer in Tidewater.”

Located in Virginia Beach, The Firm For Men has been serving this metro and the Hampton Roads community for over a decade. Among its law practices is DWI defense, which sees clients represented by experienced attorneys who zealously protect their rights. The legal team investigates each case for factors that could contribute to a sound defense strategy and possibly reduce or eliminate the client's charges. The Firm For Men is a staunch advocate for men's rights, extending to family law.

Since 1993, The Law Office of John Greenside & Associates has been providing representation for clients charged with DUIs in Virginia Beach. Founder John Greenside and his team have experience advocating for first-time and repeat clients whether they are charged with misdemeanors or felonies. The firm also represents clients that refuse to take the breathalyzer test. Other areas of practice include criminal law, drug charges, civil matters, and corporate law.

The Law Office of Michael S. Davis is a criminal defense firm that has provided legal services to the residents of Virginia Beach, Virginia, since 2000. The firm has a history of handling driving under the influence, speeding, and reckless driving cases. It also takes on miscellaneous traffic offenses, including non-moving violations. Michael Davis is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Attorney Brian Damas Thoman founded Thoman Law in 2013 to provide legal representation to residents in the greater Virginia Beach, Virginia, area. The firm handles various types of driving under the influence cases, including those involving felony or misdemeanor charges, drivers under 21, transporting minor children, commercial driving license DUI, and vehicular assault. Attorney Thoman represents clients in the criminal proceedings and the driving license suspension hearings. The firm also deals with related issues, including appeals, probation violations, and expungements.

Top Tier Law Group PLLC offers legal services to people residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the surrounding area. The firm's attorneys provide legal advice and defense to clients charged with DUI and traffic offenses, including driving while impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, and underage DUI. The firm also tackles domestic violence, rape, assault, robbery, and murder cases. Lawyers at the firm are members of the Virginia State Bar Association.

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