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Credit Repair Companies FAQs

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Credit Repair 911 logo

Credit Repair 911

4240 Portsmouth Boulevard, Chesapeake, VA 23321
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Credit Repair 911 caters to Virginia Beach area individuals who need assistance in improving their credit scores. The Chesapeake-based business provides consultation and credit analysis to help clients identify issues in their payment history, debt ratio, credit types, and credit inquiries. Credit Repair 911 focuses on cutting at least 25% of negative items to raise credit scores and improve credit reports. The business additionally offers personalized options for credit disputes.

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Debt Free America logo

Debt Free America

101 N Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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Debt Free America is a credit repair company in Virginia Beach dedicated to helping customers gain control over their credit. The agency stresses the importance of making a sincere effort to deal with debt and offers support and resources to help clients along the way to a debt-free future. Its counselor training program is certified by the National Institute for Financial Education. Counselors work with clients online or over the phone at no cost. Debt Free America offers a free, confidential debt saving analysis to determine the client's current situation, professional debt management to guide clients into improving their situation, and monthly statements to keep clients updated on their progress.

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Expedient Financial Solutions logo

Expedient Financial Solutions

3105 American Legion Road Suite E, Chesapeake, VA 23321
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Expedient Financial Solutions helps individuals in Virginia Beach manage their credit and financial status. The firm's credit specialists offer one-on-one client consultations and handle various types of credit profiles. They pull credit reports, conduct credit report analysis, and inform clients of the steps to improve their credit scores. These steps include eliminating derogatory marks, credit inquiries, and inaccurate personal information from credit reports. Moreover, they educate clients on ways to remain debt-free. Expedient Financial Solutions provides individual and couple service plans.

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Genesis Consulting Experts logo

Genesis Consulting Experts

7400 Beaufont Springs Drive, Richmond, VA 23225
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Genesis Consulting Experts is a credit repair company that serves Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Its professionals look at their clients' credit reports and challenge inaccurate and unverifiable items to help improve their credit scores. Genesis Consulting Experts also educates clients on best practices so that they can maintain a good credit profile. Owner and CEO Phyllis Hughes helps clients save money by helping them improve their credit rating, giving them access to lower interest rates and better financial services.

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Hampton Roads Credit Repair LLC logo

Hampton Roads Credit Repair LLC

154 S Newtown Rd Ste B-5, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Hampton Roads Credit Repair LLC offers credit repair services in Virginia Beach, beginning with a free credit consultation and in-depth analysis of client's credit reports from all three bureaus. It then focuses on any erroneous, invalid, or mistaken items on the reports and deals with them by sending custom dispute letters. Finally, it provides advice and resources about how to build and maintain a good credit score and how to save alongside building the score. Hampton Roads Credit Repair LLC offers an online portal with updates on clients' cases as well as personalized information and has a referral scheme for businesses.

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Next Step Credit Repair logo

Next Step Credit Repair

3574 Holland Rd Ste 202, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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Next Step Credit Repair is a credit repair agency in Virginia Beach that provides personalized credit repair programs and solutions to suit clients' needs and financial situations. Offering two monthly plans and a performance-based plan, it searches through credit reports from all three bureaus to find unverified or erroneous items before disputing them with creditors. Clients can benefit from a free consultation and credit analysis as well as tips and advice on building and maintaining good credit. Next Step Credit Repair provides resources and updates through an online portal and can help with other financial goals such as protecting the client identity theft and saving for a down payment.

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Paramount Credit Repair logo

Paramount Credit Repair

2500 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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Paramount Credit Repair provides clients with a customized plan to repair their credit and move forward with a better understanding of how credit impacts their goals. The company's consultants begin working with individuals by reviewing all three of their credit reports. They send dispute letters on their clients' behalf to the reporting agencies and creditors with negative items. If there is no verifiable documentation, they are required to remove the items under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Resolve Credit Specialists logo

Resolve Credit Specialists

Norfolk, VA 23505
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Resolve Credit Specialists is a credit repair company that works with clients across the Virginia Beach metro area, aiming to help them improve their financial positions in as little as 30 days. It begins the process with a free consultation and credit analysis, looking at reports from all three bureaus, before taking a proactive approach to chasing down disputes and getting erroneous, outdated, or unverifiable items removed from clients' credit reports. Clients can log in 24 hours a day for updates, budgeting education, and a personalized credit rebuilding program. Resolve Credit Specialists also offers a DIY credit restoration program that includes resources, dispute letter templates, and monthly phone meetings.

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Star Credit Repair logo

Star Credit Repair

120 S Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
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Star Credit Repair is a credit repair company in Virginia Beach that works to help clients find credit repair options that suit their personal situations. It offers one-on-one consultations with a trained specialist to analyze credit reports from all three bureaus and then provides personalized suggestions, linking clients with companies and resources as necessary. Its main aim is to make credit repair easier by researching all the available credit repair solutions, companies, and attorneys and then summarizing their services and benefits for clients. Star Credit Repair can also provide advice and answers to credit repair questions and offers free consultations for new clients.

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Virginia Credit Repair logo

Virginia Credit Repair

200 East 22nd Street, Norfolk, VA 23517
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Virginia Credit Repair helps residents around the Virginia Beach area that seek to address their credit report issues. The Norfolk-based credit repair business guides clients through the process of eliminating negative line items and raising credit scores. In particular, Virginia Credit Repair seeks to resolve matters involving late payments, foreclosures, charge-offs, and judgments. The credit repair business is owned by Aaron Sean Hernandez, who has more than five years of experience providing financial management and credit score assistance to communities and individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you repair credit after identity theft?

A: Repairing credit following identity theft can be complex. Here are some important steps to follow in addition to hiring professional help.

  • Notify creditors and banks as soon as possible. Many may provide protections that limit a person's liability, but the coverage works best when issues are reported right away.
  • Report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Make a report to the local police to get an official report document.
  • Request a credit freeze so the fraudsters can't get credit in the person's name in the future.
  • Check credit reports and look for inaccurate information related to the fraud.
  • Work with a credit repair company to dispute that information.

Q: Is credit repair legal?

A: Yes, credit repair is legal. In fact, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, people have a right to an accurate credit report. Companies that legitimately help achieve this are simply supporting those rights with experience and professional guidance. That being said, there are companies that run credit repair scams. Companies that ask for large payments up front or guarantee a clean credit report or improved credit score may not be legitimate. It's illegal for a credit repair company to make a guarantee.

Q: Can a credit repair company remove late payments?

A: Inaccurate reports about late payments are, in many cases, one of the easier things to get removed. An individual can send a letter to the credit bureau in question with a copy of a statement or canceled check showing that they made the payment on time. That may be enough for the item to be removed. If the payment was made on time but wasn't appropriately recorded by the creditor, you may need professional help from a credit repair expert to address the issue.

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