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3508 Robs Drive, Suffolk, VA 23434 Rating

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Johnson, Gardy & Teumer caters to the residents of Suffolk who need a criminal defense lawyer. The practice represents defendants who have been accused of driving under the influence and who have committed traffic violations. It also undertakes civil law issues like drawing up last wills and testaments and the resolution of real estate concerns. Counsel Jesse J. Johnson, Jr., began practicing law in 1975 and maintains an active litigation and appellate practice. He is licensed to appear before the Supreme Court of Virginia.

  • Theft & Burglary

716 W. 20th St, Norfolk, VA 23517 Rating

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5.0 (20)

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Welch & Wright, Attorneys at Law, caters to clients throughout Suffolk and the surrounding areas. It handles criminal defense cases, representing individuals charged with a crime. Some of the cases it deals with include DUIs, theft and grand larceny, criminal traffic violations, domestic violence, manslaughter, and homicide. L. Calum Welch, one of the founders of the firm, is a trial lawyer who also practices personal injury law. He is a member of the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

801 Court Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704 Rating

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4.8 (31)

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Von Piersall Law handles criminal defense matters in Suffolk and the surrounding areas. It represents individuals facing criminal charges, including felony and misdemeanor, to help prove their innocence or reduce their sentences. It also assists clients in filing petitions to expunge their criminal records from the court. In addition to criminal-related cases, the firm practices civil litigation, personal injury, and family law. Founding attorney Von L. Piersall, III, has been in the legal profession since 2001.

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Johnson, Gardy & Teumer
3508 Robs Drive, Suffolk, VA 23434
Welch & Wright Attorneys at Law
716 W. 20th St, Norfolk, VA 23517
Von Piersall Law
801 Court Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704

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  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Suffolk, Virginia?

    Call the Suffolk Police Department at 757-923-2350 for non-emergencies.

  • Should you speak to the police if you are arrested in Suffolk?

    When you are arrested by law enforcement officers in Suffolk, you should exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. You should only provide them with your full name, address, and social security number; nothing else. If they ask you questions or press you to give a statement, tell them you want to speak with an attorney first.

  • What can a Suffolk criminal defense lawyer help you with?

    It is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following an arrest and criminal charges in Suffolk. Your lawyer can file for a bond hearing and argue for a lower bail amount, in addition to protecting your rights. The investigation of your case, the cross-examination of government witnesses, the interviewing of witnesses, and the preparation of opening and closing statements are all tasks that your attorney will handle on your behalf.

  • What are your options if you have been charged with a crime in Suffolk?

    Actual innocence, lack of intent, insufficient evidence, mistaken identity, and entrapment are the most common defense options or directions Suffolk lawyers take. Your lawyer may argue that you were given consent or that the victim cooperated with you if you committed certain sex offenses. If you are charged with a property crime, your attorney may argue that you have a legitimate claim to the property. Your attorney can walk you through the appropriate defense options for the crime you've been charged with.

  • What are the most common crimes committed by juveniles in Suffolk?

    Possession of illegal drugs, underage alcohol possession, driving under the influence (DUI), and property vandalism are the most common crimes associated with juvenile delinquency in Suffolk. Sometimes, young people commit more serious crimes, such as assault and theft. Meanwhile, less serious offenses like curfew violations can also cause legal problems for the juvenile.

  • Can you appeal if you were convicted of a crime in Suffolk?

    A conviction in Suffolk may be appealed, but only within the time limits imposed by Virginia law. Within 10 days of your conviction, you have the right to file a written appeal with the Court Clerk's Office. When the due date is a weekend or holiday, it is moved to the next regular workday. You are not required to give a reason for filing an appeal.