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Boleman Law Firm PC is located in Richmond, Virginia, and serves the needs of clients in bankruptcy by helping them to assess whether or not and which type to file. This firm focuses on individual clients with general needs, and is particularly interested in assisting debtors targeted by collection agencies. Its attorneys help to prevent foreclosure, repossession, and wage garnishments, as well as harassment by creditors. Boleman Law Firm PC is most experienced with debt caused by medical bills and student loans.

Coates & Davenport PC in Richmond, Virginia, serves the entire metro area by providing assistance with bankruptcy claims to individuals and business owners who need to file chapter 7, 13, or 11 bankruptcy. The firm acts as a consultant and advocates against collection processes such as repossession, wage garnishment, and foreclosure. It regularly negotiates with creditors to restructure debt or find alternative payment arrangements that may eliminate the necessity of resolving the process through court.

Eckert Seamans is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm providing bankruptcy and restructuring services to individuals and businesses with moderate to severe insolvency issues. This practice also assists creditors with collection and litigation, suing for outstanding debt when applicable and defending the interests of these clients in proceedings which may determine the obligation of debtors to them. Its attorneys offer negotiation and consulting services, assisting clients with attempts at settlement to avoid court proceedings whenever possible.

FerrisWinder LLC in Richmond, Virginia, serves clients throughout the metro area, providing legal assistance with bankruptcy procedures and options for legal recourse to individuals in cases of abuse by collection agencies, creditors, and other interested parties. The firm usually handles chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. When filing bankruptcy is not the best option, the firm will attempt reconciliation with creditors through negotiation and alternative payment arrangements. FerrisWinder LLC also offers representation in general insolvency-related litigation.

Hunton, Andrews, Kurth LLP in Richmond, Virginia, is a law firm serving clients throughout the metro area. It provides general bankruptcy services to both debtors and creditors and offers representation in negotiations and court, helping clients to mitigate their losses and, when possible, reach mutually-agreeable settlements outside of court. For businesses, the firm provides restructuring services to help clients reorganize assets following bankruptcy or settlement with creditors, or in cases of severe losses due to unpaid funds by debtors.

James H. Wilson Jr. is a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, offering assistance in bankruptcy cases to individual consumer debtors and creditors. Its focus areas involve chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. The firm also assists with debt workout plans and foreclosure prevention, and fights to end wage garnishments and harassment by creditors. It provides consultation in creditor's rights matter as well, to help clients explore legal recourse if their rights have been violated during the collection process.

Kutak Rock LLC is a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, serving clients within the metro area. It provides representation in bankruptcy proceedings to creditors, helping them to collect as much of outstanding debts as possible and attempt to do so within their legal rights. Many of its clients are banks, financial institutions, asset buyers in 363 sales, and general lenders. The firm offers litigation services and can conduct mediation and arbitration if they are more advantageous immediate options.

McGuireWoods is a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, serving clients throughout the metro area by assisting both individuals and businesses with bankruptcy claims and litigation. Consumer and corporate insolvency are practice areas, as well as general insolvency litigation. The firm also serves trustees and other third-parties with vested interests in bankruptcies or the insolvency of businesses. When necessary, it can assist with liquidation of distressed real estate and provide negotiation services to prevent foreclosure, repossession, and other collection actions.

Moran Reeves Conn is a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, assisting clients with bankruptcy claims. Some of the firm's partners offer general bankruptcy services and are particularly familiar with bankruptcy as related to commercial and high-value real estate holdings. The firm also assists with financial litigation related to business finance and insolvency issues. It negotiates with both debtors and creditors to pursue mutually-agreeable solutions and restructure loans when payment under current terms is no longer possible.

With over 30 years of experience, New Day Legal is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm assisting clients with chapter 7,11,12, and 13 bankruptcies, representing individuals, businesses, and farmers. This firm mostly represents debtors and provides a consultation process to assess whether bankruptcy is the most appropriate option and works to prevent circumstances such as harassment, wage garnishment, and foreclosure. Often it conducts simple loan modification by negotiating with creditors to restructure payment arrangements.

Parker, Pollard, Wilton, & Peaden PC is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm providing legal consultation to banks and lenders who are creditors in bankruptcy and general financial insolvency cases. The firm works to help these institutions recover as much debt as possible and fights to ensure that their interests are protected in cases of litigation against debtors. It often conducts workouts to help clients and debtors reach new payment agreements and also handles foreclosure proceedings.

Rich Law is a firm in Richmond, Virginia, assisting clients in bankruptcy proceedings. Its attorneys provide guidance throughout chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings, representing debtors as they attempt resolution with creditors. The firm also offers a variety of litigation services including lien avoidance actions, discharge and dischargeability actions, and settlement proposals. Sometimes it represents clients in objection to claims by creditors in situations where the clients believes reported debt obligations are inaccurate.

Sands Anderson PC is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm providing legal services for clients with insolvency issues that wish to file bankruptcy. Its lawyers represent both debtors and creditors, helping both to explore their legal rights and reach amicable solutions with opposing parties. The firm is most experienced with chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies, and can provide consultation for business reorganization following extensive insolvency or settlement with creditors. Sands Anderson PC also conducts liquidations and assists with miscellaneous insolvency litigation.

The Merna Law Group PC in Richmond, Virginia, provides legal services in bankruptcy cases to clients throughout the metro area. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies are its main case types and it primarily represents debtors against creditors and financial institutions. This firm offers customized services for those experiencing military bankruptcy. It also assists with foreclosure prevention and processes, works to prevent or stop wage garnishments, and can negotiate in situations of asset repossession.

ThompsonMcMullan is a Richmond, Virginia-based law firm serving clients throughout the metro area by consulting on bankruptcy and representing them in litigation concerning insolvency and other financial disputes. The firm serves as both leading and co-counsel in cases, representing both debtors and creditors in chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcies. It also assists with the appeals process and helps businesses to restructure in events of severe financial loss or obligation. Its attorneys provide mediation and arbitration services as well.

Whiteford, Taylor, Preston LLP is a law firm active within the Richmond, Virginia, metro area providing legal assistance with bankruptcy. This firm represents businesses, typically helping them to file chapter 11 bankruptcy or achieve loan workouts with creditors. It assists with restructuring and reorganizing businesses and managing assets when clients have reached new agreements or experienced extensive financial losses. The firm is familiar with businesses at all scales including local, regional, and national.

Williams Mullen is a law firm in Richmond, Virginia, offering assistance to clients throughout the metro area in cases concerning bankruptcy and creditor's rights. Representing creditors and committees, the firm helps clients to find creative solutions and compromises for loans and other debt agreements. Often, it manages corporate restructurings and negotiations, but also represents clients in litigation or transactions designed to resolve debt obligations. Its attorneys also advise both buyers and sellers in transactions involving distressed assets.

Winslow & McCurry PLLC is a law firm providing representation to clients in the Richmond, Virginia, metro area. It serves both debtors and creditors, consulting on bankruptcy and advancing the client's interests by attempting financial resolution with opposing parties through negotiation. The firm offers assistance with chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and helps debtors to prevent illegal or unethical collection practices and harassment while consulting creditors on acceptable collection practices and working to help them achieve the most satisfactory conclusions possible.

Woods Rodgers PLC in Richmond, Virginia, serves clients throughout the metro area, providing consultation and representation for bankruptcy claims as well as assisting with general insolvency issues. The firm serves both debtors and creditors, helping clients in debt to explore their options for either filing bankruptcy or pursuing amicable solutions outside of court. For creditors the firm offers attorneys experienced in creditor's rights and assists in the collection process, helping clients to recover outstanding debt and defend their interests in bankruptcy cases.

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