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Ciniva logo


251 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510
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With more than 20 years of experience, Ciniva is a full-service digital marketing and creative agency that serves the Norfolk area. It designs and develops responsive, custom, and user-friendly websites. The agency also provides hosting and support, including WordPress training. Its other services include mobile branding and web development, market research, UI and UX, mobile app design, copywriting, and e-commerce functionality. Its past clients include WST Capital Management and AKOO.

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Evolv Design logo

Evolv Design

140 La Valette Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23504
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Evolv Design caters to clients in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. The agency builds websites designed to tell stories and communicate the message of the brand to target customers. Its specialists work with clients to understand their needs and incorporate their creative input into the project. During the discovery process, the team determines whether the client needs additional services such as logo design and content development. Evolv Design has been in the industry since 1999.

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Freelance Web Programmer logo

Freelance Web Programmer

P.O. Box 6767, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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Freelance Web Programmer offers online solutions to clients in Norfolk and nearby locations. It provides web development services, such as custom websites, CMS development, e-commerce integration, website design and redesign, PHP programming, and website cloning. It also covers website maintenance like repairs and updates. Additionally, the business develops and designs websites using WordPress, applying speed optimization, theme customization, and bug fixes. Freelance Web Programmer has been helping individuals, small business owners, small marketing companies, and freelance web designers for over 25 years.

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InDigiMar, Inc. logo

InDigiMar, Inc.

PO Box 5025, Suffolk, VA 23435
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InDigiMar Inc. is a web development company near Norfolk that specializes in automotive marketing. It works with a variety of car dealerships to design websites for them that showcase their facilities, brands, and products. Its websites have built-in SEO elements and lead-generation functions that help dealerships to attract prospective customers. InDigiMar Inc. can also integrate web applications that facilitate custom functions as well as social media feeds for increased traffic and interconnected marketing efforts.

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Junex logo


2085 Lynnhaven Pkwy Ste 106-116, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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Junex, a web development firm serving clients in the Norfolk area, tailors websites and offers marketing solutions that improve the way businesses communicate with their consumers. Its custom websites integrate white-hat SEO to improve visibility and focus on page speed through optimized graphics to building user engagement. Junex also does drone videography, creates and executes paid search strategies, and works with start-ups that need targeted lead capture nurturing and management.

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Kinteractive Agency logo

Kinteractive Agency

Virginia Beach, VA
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Kinteractive Agency has over 12 years of experience providing digital solutions to businesses with online marketing goals. It consults businesses of all sizes on their web development needs and designs custom pages with tailored functions that act as marketing hubs and e-commerce store fronts. Kinteractive Agency also helps these companies to draw increased traffic by providing SEO services. This developer is experienced with web applications as well and integrates them into web pages when clients have specific needs.

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Primm Advertising logo

Primm Advertising

112 College Pl, Norfolk, VA 23510
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Primm Advertising is an ad agency providing web development services in Norfolk. It creates responsive websites with built-in features design to enhance their functionality and longevity. This agency builds its website within content management systems for easy access and revision. Many of Primm Advertising's web development projects are for businesses seeking to increase lead conversions, and it has experience using several different techniques to accomplish this, including UX testing methods. This firm also implements advanced security features to protect clients and their customers.

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RocketBike logo


623 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704
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Clients looking for web developers near Norfolk can hire RocketBike to create custom solutions. This developer primarily serves scalable companies who need websites to bolster their marketing efforts or facilitate e-commerce transactions. RocketBike goes beyond the services of a web developer to oversee the online aspects of each clients business expansion in the online realm. It's already created many different types of websites for businesses in diverse industries, and it offers photography and graphic design services that supplement its web development expertise.

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Social Monarch Media logo

Social Monarch Media

253 Monticello Ave Ste 209, Norfolk, VA 23510
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Social Monarch Media is a multifaceted media company drawing together the expertise of seasoned professionals with diverse capabilities, and it provides web design services to businesses all throughout the Norfolk metro area and beyond. It creates every aspect of every website it builds, giving clients complete creative flexibility over their pages. Social Monarch Media develops websites for many different purposes, including some with e-commerce functions, fill forms, and integrated web applications, such as tracking services.

Visit Website logo

5900 E Virginia Beach Blvd Ste 501, Norfolk, VA 23502
Visit Website is a smaller web developer but is operated by a team with over 50 years of combined experience, and it provides dynamic web design and development services to businesses with digital marketing needs. It develops websites from scratch, leveraging its extensive technical capabilities to offer tiered packages to clients with different levels of need. Each client has the choice of their website's layout, visual aspects, device-compatibility features, and hosting setup. offers website maintenance services as well.

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United Networks logo

United Networks

P.O. Box 11024, Norfolk, VA 23517
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United Networks helps businesses in Norfolk scale their growth through digital solutions. The agency offers web development, online marketing, and SEO services. It performs full-service WordPress website development, from design and launching to uptime monitoring and upgrading. Website maintenance services, including security updates and performance optimizations, are provided through its sister agency, Barrel Roll. United Networks has been developing sites for almost 20 years. Its team creates solutions that strike a balance between clients' business needs, time frames, and budgets.

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Visionefx logo


Virginia Beach, VA
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Visionefx is a web design company that serves clients across the Norfolk area. It focuses on building websites to promote businesses and convert leads into customers. The agency crafts mobile-responsive websites that boost its clients and advertise their products and services. Visionefx also offers SEO and eC-commerce web design solutions for any kind of business. It has built custom websites for a wide spectrum of customers, including architects, financial institutions, HVAC companies, and medical service providers.

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Works Progress Design logo

Works Progress Design

913 W 21st St Ste C, Norfolk, VA 23517
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Works Progress Design is a Norfolk-based web development agency that works with established and early-stage start-up Fintech and SaaS businesses on their branding and design. The agency designs and develops websites that improve accessibility, customer usability, and brand engagement. Works Progress Design customizes each design to the user, changing imagery and messaging based on locale. The agency also simplifies payment systems. Past clients of Works Progress Design includes PRA Group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I develop a website?

A: There are several options for developing a website. Do-it-yourself publishing tools such as Wix and Squarespace are relatively easy to use but limited in functionality. A content management system such as WordPress offers plug-in features but requires coding knowledge and time investment.An experienced professional web developer can build a website requiring an e-commerce platform, log-in, database features, and other complex integrations. They can also assist with technical questions related to hosting, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance and support. There's a financial cost to hiring a professional, but there's a benefit to their expertise, and it saves time that can be used on other marketing efforts.

Q: Is a web developer a software engineer?

A: While web developers and software engineers both work with programming languages, their job responsibilities differ. A web developer builds websites and web apps that help businesses, government, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs deliver information or services to their customers and clients. Software engineers create computer programs and software applications that operate on various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Q: What do web developers use to build websites?

A: Web developers use a variety of tools and programming languages depending on the requirements of a project. Back-end developers may be proficient in:

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • C#
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
Front-end developers are often familiar with languages such as:
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • REST
  • SOAP

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