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Ensure your listing stands out from your competitors through maximizing your listing type and position.

Basic Listing

Basic Listing

Grow your business and reach new customers via

Selected top-quality service providers receive an award badge and listing, where they get promoted to our 1 million monthly customers. Our basic listing includes a personalized business description, logo, and an award badge for your social media and business website.

Service providers who submit Request for Reviewsubmissions for “Basic” listings will be included in our next major category review (up to 12 months).


Enhanced Listing

Stand out on the page with advanced listing features.

Enhanced listings give our audience greater confidence in your business through additional content and customization to entice engagement.

Key Features:

  • Public reputation and professionalism scores enhance customer trust
  • Service tags (up to 4) separate your company from the pack
  • Social links give customers more ways to reach your business
  • A section to highlight promotions and offers for greater differentiation

Service providers who submitRequest for Reviewsubmissions for “Enhanced” listings will be fast-trackedinto our review process and, if selected, live within two weeks.

Enhanced Listing

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Personal Profile

Showcase your business and take advantage of’s strength in Google Search.

Your custom profile page on makes it easy for customers to find your business and connect with you via our website and Google Search results.

In addition to the other great benefits of being listed on, expand beyond your traditional listing with custom content. Your landing page can include a video, employee bios & images, and more.

Service providers who submit Request for Review submissions for a “Personal Profile” will be fast-tracked into our review process and, if selected, live within two weeks.

Enhanced Listing
Enhanced Listing

Featured Placements

Don’t let your competitors on the page gain all of the new customers. With a Featured Placement, ensure your business is the first customers see.

Key Benefits:

  • Always be listed above your competitors at the top of the page (vs. alphabetical or random placement)
  • Over a third of our customer interactions happen in one of the top 3 spots
  • Month-to-month contracts, no long-term commitment

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