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Gymnastic Classes FAQs

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Aerial Athletics logo

Aerial Athletics

San Antonio, TX 78230
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Aerial Athletics provides children throughout the San Antonio area with a safe, clean, and encouraging environment to practice fun gymnastics, tumbling, and cheerleading. The company's coaches give students complete support as they learn important skills like discipline, control, and strength. The company ahs classes for every age level, including a starter class for toddlers, gymnastics and tumbling for school-aged kids, and competitive cheer, acro, and gymnastic coaching for aspiring professional athletes. Children can also join one of the company's summer camps or participate in an after-school program for even more fitness and fun.

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Alamo Gymnastics Center logo

Alamo Gymnastics Center

San Antonio, TX 78248
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Alamo Gymnastics Center provides an inviting environment for the whole family to enjoy better health and fitness. The company offers an extensive range of classes for recreational and competitive young athletes, beginning with the Parent & Tot program that gives toddlers the chance to learn critical motor skills in a safe, supportive space. The company also has boy's and girl's competitive gymnastics teams for kids that want to compete on the state or national level, as well as after-school programs, summer camps, and open gym hours. Parents can also enjoy fitness at Alamo Gymnastics Center during Parent's Night Out parties or stop by for a relaxing massage session with the company's experienced massage therapist.

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Champions Cheerleading & Tumbling logo

Champions Cheerleading & Tumbling

San Antonio, TX 78260
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Champions Cheerleading & Tumbling has been one of the area's finest training academies for more than 15 years and provides quality coaching and support for children that want to take their tumbling and cheer skills to the next level. The company's schedule has classes for toddlers, children, teens, and young adults, providing world-class coaching to give children the skills, discipline, and control they need to compete and succeed. The company's Champion All Stars team is ideal for young cheerleaders who want to compete on the state and national level, and a full range of tumbling and cheer classes are available for students who just want to stay fit and active.

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Gymnastics of San Antonio logo

Gymnastics of San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78240
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Gymnastics of San Antonio is a team of knowledgeable, certified coaches and staff dedicated to helping children of all ages enjoy fitness in a safe and encouraging environment. The company has a range of classes for preschoolers, young children, and teens, covering subjects like tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics, cheer tumbling, and trampoline, as well as competitive teams for more experienced young athletes who want to get to the next level through the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. The company's gymnastics classes are ideal for young kids and provide valuable lessons in physical coordination, fitness, and discipline, and give children time to learn new skills while enjoying high-quality social time.

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Love Gymnastics logo

Love Gymnastics

San Antonio, TX 78247
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Love Gymnastics is a San Antonio academy that provides year-round support and a range of classes for children of all ages. The company's professional coaching teaches kids important skills they can use throughout life, including self-confidence, discipline, and fitness, and prepares aspiring professional athletes for future success in cheerleading competitions. Available classes include casual and team gymnastics and cheerleading, karate, parkour, and tumbling, as well as a range of dance classes like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. Kids can come in and enjoy fun gymnastics nights, host a birthday party in the company's fully equipped facility, or join one of the company's spring, summer, or holiday camps.

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Powerhouse Gymnastics Training Center logo

Powerhouse Gymnastics Training Center

San Antonio, TX 78254
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Customers have left rave reviews about the fantastic staff and welcoming and supportive environment at Powerhouse Gymnastics Training Center. The company provides a full-service fitness center for people of all ages to enjoy better health and stay active, as well as an extensive selection of tumbling, acrobatics, and gymnastics classes for casual and competitive athletes. Aspiring professionals can join one of the company's professional cheer or gymnastics teams and learn the essential skills, control, and discipline they need to get to the next level. The company also offers open gym hours, an after-school pick-up and fitness program, and special classes just for homeschoolers.

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San Antonio Gymnastics Academy logo

San Antonio Gymnastics Academy

Converse, TX 78109
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San Antonio Gymnastics Academy is the ideal place for children to learn the highest quality of athletic skills in a safe, supportive environment. The company is a USA Gymnastics Member Club facility and has a team of experienced and certified coaches committed to helping children reach the next level of athletic performance. Children can enroll in boy's or girl's competitive gymnastics classes to learn critical skills they'll need for state and national competitions, or join one of the recreational classes to enjoy a fun fitness experience. The company also offers Children's and adult tumbling and Parent & Me classes where parents and kids can get healthy together.

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Sunburst Gymnastics Academy logo

Sunburst Gymnastics Academy

San Antonio, TX 78250
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The friendly and knowledgeable teachers and staff at Sunburst Gymnastics Academy are committed to giving children the highest quality of physical education in a warm, safe, and encouraging environment. The company offers classes for casual and competitive gymnasts and provides complete support to help younger kids learn important coordination and motor skills while giving older kids and teens a solid foundation of physical skill and fitness. The company also offers extracurricular after-school programs at low, competitive prices, as well as full-day and half-day summer camps to keep children active, complete with fun extras like arts and crafts, movies, and plenty of gymnastics and tumbling.

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United Gymnastics Academy logo

United Gymnastics Academy

Helotes, TX 78023
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United Gymnastics Academy is a Helotes fitness center with a friendly, knowledgeable staff, a comfortable facility, and an ideal non-competitive environment where children can play, learn, and stay active. Children as young as three can join one of the company's tumbling classes to practice important motor, social, and communication skills and work off energy, and older kids can join more advanced classes for even more fitness and fun throughout the week. The company also offers after-school fitness programs and daily and weekly summer camps, and parents can reserve one of the company's facilities to host birthday parties full of fun activities games, and gymnastics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do gymnasts lift weights?

A: Weight lifting isn't included in most gymnastics programs. Gymnasts usually do other forms of strength training, especially body weight exercises. However, if an athlete struggles with their strength, a coach may implement weight lifting into their training program as a way to build more muscle.

Q: What do gymnasts wear?

A: You'll often see high-level and professional gymnasts wearing specific attire. Women typically wear a leotard, while male gymnasts wear a singlet. These are actually requirements in most competitions. These outfits allow gymnasts to move freely but also provide judges with a clear view of their bodies.

Q: How can I become a gymnast?

A: To begin, find a coach or join a club in your area. They will assess your level of skill and then help you get better over time. To become a professional gymnast, you must progress through the sport's 10 levels. Remember that it takes athletes years to get to that point in their career.

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