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3735 West 8th Street, Odessa, TX 79760
Odessa, TX 79760
  • Commercial

Advanced Environmental Services is a microbial and abatement company in Odessa that caters to commercial, government, and residential clients. The company offers mold remediation procedures that deal with the fungi problems in the properties. Its team isolates the contaminated areas and uses air scrubbers to clean and filter the air. In addition to mold extraction, it also wipes down and vacuums affected surfaces and furnishings. Advanced Environmental Services also handles demolition, lead removal, asbestos abatement, and industrial scaffolding & insulation.

3735 West 8th Street, Odessa, TX 79760
Odessa, TX 79760

Website(432) 530-3700

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can mold come back after remediation?
A: Yes, it's possible for mold to return following remediation. This is most common when underlying moisture issues haven't been fully resolved or when mold is growing inside the HVAC system and ductwork. To prevent recontamination, contractors remove affected building materials, sterilize indoor surfaces, and install containment systems to prevent spores from spreading outside the work area. Experts may also recommend moisture-resistant building materials and dehumidification equipment to ensure that mold problems don't return.
Q: Does home insurance cover mold remediation?
A: It depends. Mold growth caused by maintenance-related issues, including faulty gutters, hidden plumbing leaks, or aging roofing shingles, typically won't be covered. On the other hand, insurers generally approve claims for mold remediation related to catastrophic events, such as storm damage, fallen trees, vandalism, and frozen pipes. The answer usually depends on whether the problem was preventable and whether the incident involved flooding or a named exclusion.
Q: How do you remediate black mold?
A: Black mold infestations related to Stachybotrys chartarum are common following water damage. This toxic mold species typically colonizes cellulose, fiberboard, and drywall, and significant infestations should be handled by a mold remediation professional.

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