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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies FAQs

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Fi Perez

1513 Sarazen Court, Laredo, TX 78045
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Business Description

Fi Perez is a digital marketer who works with companies in Laredo. He provides a variety of services to increase web traffic and convert visitors into customers, including pay-per-click advertising and remarketing. Perez writes copy to persuade the target audience of his clients to support their brands. His work includes product descriptions, email and ad copy, virtual sales letters, and social media posts. A certified neuromarketer, Perez makes it his goal to help clients increase sales by strategically placing the right words in the script.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PPC marketing?

PPC marketing is a flexible, potentially fast-paced option for getting the word out about products, services, events, or other offerings online. Some benefits include:

  • Rapid exposure to targeted audiences. PPC ads can launch within minutes, and website traffic can be impacted from day one.
  • Ability to tweak on the fly. Advertisers can run AB testing and change ads in real-time for improved results.
  • Ads may increase brand awareness. PPC ads put the website, company name, or product in front of users more often than other forms of online marketing.
  • Chance to hypertarget. Companies can target very specific demographics with different offers to increase engagement.

Does Google AdWords help organic search?

Some people believe paying for ads supports organic search, but this isn't typically true. The belief is that more exposure drives more clicks, which leads Google to believe a page is the right answer for a specific search. But the search engine is much smarter than that, and the best way to increase SEO is through strong optimization efforts.

How much is Google pay per click?

The cost of a click depends on several factors, including how much was bid for the keyword and the level of competition. On average, cost per click via the Google Ads network is between $1 and $2, though companies can pay much less than that for less competitive keywords. CPC for Google Search Network ads averages less than $1.

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