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Jay’s Piano Tuning Service is a premier piano tuning service located in Springfield, Tennessee that strives to treat each customer with respect and integrity. They have a genuine dedication to providing a level of customer service that is unmatched by their competitors, and to maintain the highest level of industry standards. There are many services provided by Jay’s Piano Tuning Service that include professional tuning, pitch raising, restringing, tuning pin replacement, used piano consignments, broken elbow replacement, piano moving, and other various general repairs and maintenance. There are many wonderful customer reviews on their website that state how professional and reliable the service was, how quickly repairs are made, and how excellent of an experience their customers had all around when requesting services.

Jonah’s Piano Tuning Service is an independently-operated company located in Nashville, Tennessee that strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers. Owner and registered piano technician, Jonah Kraut, has been providing his services to the community since 2010, and has continued to enable his customers to get the most out of their pianos. Jonah’s Piano Tuning Service provides many services such as professional tuning, cleaning, and general repairs. Jonah’s tech experience has made his company quickly grow into a reliable business that customers all around want to request his services.

Kelly’s Piano Service was founded in Nashville, Tennessee by husband and wife Steve and Leslie Kelly back in 1995. Steve is licensed as a registered piano technician, and he has served as president of the Piano Technicians Guild Nashville for four years. Their partner and piano technician, Rod Kelly, has been an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1996, and he is also the head technician at Belmont University where he regularly tunes 81 pianos, including seven grand pianos. Kelly’s Piano Service is proud to provide many excellent piano care services to their customers that include professional tuning and repairs, action regulation, string voicing, general cleaning, and maintenance.

Mark Mendel is a professional piano technician located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mark received his registration from the Piano Technician Guild, and has been in the industry since 1979. He has a genuine dedication to providing the most efficient, high-quality services that are unparalleled by his competitors. His company provides many services such as tuning, tone voicing, action regulation, humidity control solutions, piano rebuilding, finishing, and case care services. Mark Mendel also has many accessories and piano available for purchase either in his store, or via online catalogs on his website. He also has many piano teacher, movers, refinisher, and many more various referrals available upon request.

Rochester to Nashville Piano Tuner was established in Nashville, Tennessee by James O. Burger. He has more than 50 years of piano technician and tuning experience, and has been serving the Nashville and outlying areas proudly for more than 35 years. His company provides many services that include professional tuning, simple and intricate repairs, and complete piano restoration services. Rochester to Nashville Piano Tuner also provides the sales of high quality pianos including Mason & Hamlin models. Their website features example sound clips of the pianos they provide that really display the superior quality of their pianos.

Seale Keyworks Inc. is a premier piano service provider located in Franklin, Tennessee that was originally founded as just an acoustic piano tuning and repair company. Since their establishment, they have grown into a full-service provider of piano services and maintenance. They have more than 30 years o0f industry experience, and most their staff has various experiences in instrument services industry and the entertainment industry. Services provided by Seale Keyworks Inc. are for pianos and organs, and includes professional tuning, repairs, restoration, custom fabricated shells, piano rentals, player system installation and repair, moving, storage, and piano sales. There are also a few pro audio solutions that are provided such as Finale and Sibelius software, ProTools and Waves plugin bundles, and repair and maintenance education classes.

Taylor Piano Service was found in Franklin, Tennessee by Keelan Taylor as a way to provide the community with quality piano services. Keelan has always had a passion for music, and has made a career out of that passion which placed him as an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild. He has a genuine dedication to continuously honing his skill and craft, and extends that dedication to the customers he serves. Taylor Piano Service provides many piano services including fine tuning and cleaning. There are many positive reviews on their website that speaks to their dedication to perfection, how professional the service is, and how meticulous Keelan is with the pianos.

The Piano Guy was founded in Franklin, Tennessee by music educator James D. Gary. He has more than 40 total years of industry experience, and has served as director of the San Francisco Pacific Musical Society and the Mozart Festival of Alameda. His company provides many services to their community such as professional tuning, repair such as string replacement, key recovering, and action regulating, consulting, and humidity control solutions. The Piano Guy also provides exceptional private, group, and family lessons and music classes. Students who chose to participate in the music education classes are taught many subjects including music theory, performance, and musicianship. Family piano lessons are complete over a 16-week course, and pertain to performance, note reading, basic piano technique, rhythms, ear training, and memorization.

Volunteer Piano is a piano service provider located in Knoxville, Tennessee that was established by Josh Gaither several years after his honorable discharge from the United States Military. In the time after his discharge, he maintained an apprenticeship at Mayhew Piano Restoration, and learned from some of the best technicians in the industry such as Oscar Kirkland, Tim Johnson, and Frank Hambright. Volunteer Piano provides many services to their customers including tuning, pitch raising, string voicing, interior and exterior cleaning, appraisals and assessments, hammer shaving, broken key replacement, action regulation, restringing, pin and pin block replacements, hammer, shank, and flange replacement, and piano moving.

Wilson Piano Service is a premier service provider located in Gallatin, Tennessee that has more than 40 years of experience in business. In the years since their founding, they have become a community leader in piano care services, and has maintained the highest levels of quality standards and customer satisfaction. There are many professional services that they provide including piano tuning, action regulation, string voicing, rebuilding, key, string, hammer, and bridle replacements, part fabrication, touch-ups and damage repair, detailing, and buyer and seller referrals. Wilson Piano Service has many regular clientele including professional musicians and entertainers, schools, churches, piano teachers, and piano students.

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