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Baker & Associates is a law firm located in Sevierville, Tennessee, with two more offices in Knoxville and Johnson City. Its team of lawyers represents clients facing first, second, and third offense DUI charges and those involving interlock ignition devices. They can investigate witnesses and field sobriety tests and dispute any claims. Attorney Joseph A. Baker is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association and Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Bullock Law Firm is located in LaFollette, Tennessee, and was founded by attorney Adam Bullock in 2016. The firm offers legal services to the residents of East Tennessee, including Knoxville and the surrounding areas. Bullock Law Firm defends the rights of clients charged with driving under the influence and boating under the influence. The firm also represents clients in probate and trust administration, family and business law, estate planning, and Social Security disability.

Burton McKinnish PLLC provides legal representation to the residents of Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding towns. The firm defends clients charged with driving under the influence of alcohol offenses. Its lawyers offer a solid defense to clients arraigned for DUI offenses, often leading to a not guilty verdict or reduced charges. Burton McKinnish PLLC also handles drug, Social Security disability, personal injury, homicide, and manslaughter cases. Founding attorney Burton McKinnish is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association.

Hindman & Lanzon law firm specializes in criminal law. The firm aids their clients whether it's a criminal arrest or any other serious legal issue. They have over 30 years experience in the field and are known for being very reputable in Knoxville, TN.

James R. Owen and the Owen Law Firm offers criminal defense legal services to clients in Knoxville, Tennessee, and its surrounding communities. Some of the defense services include cases related to driving offenses, such as DUI's, reckless driving, and traffic tickets. This law firm has extensive experience handling DUI and DWI cases, in turn protecting multiple clients against possible license suspension, fines, and conviction. Other services include defense against theft, white-collar crimes, and assault.

Jim D Owen Attorney at Law offers legal services to clients in Knoxville and surrounding areas in East Tennessee. Services offered include assistance with criminal defense, personal injury claims, and DUI offenses. This firm has extensive knowledge and experience in the handling of DUI cases and fighting such cases on a regular bases. Most of Attorney Owen's experience stems from over 40 years of legal work both in the private sector and as an assistant public defender.

Founded in 2007, the Law Office of Joseph A. Fanduzz offers DUI legal representation to communities in Knoxville, Tennessee, and surrounding cities. The firm makes it easier for individuals to defend their rights in various DUI cases, including felony DUI, underage driving under the influence, property damage DUI, second-time offenders, aggravated DWI, and commercial driver DUI. The firm also deals with DWI court proceedings, breathalyzer test defense, expungement of DWI records, the reinstatement of licenses, and DUI penalties.

Lay & Baugh Law is a full-service legal practice serving Knoxville, Tennessee, and its surrounding communities. This law firm uses its 78 years of combined experience to defends its clients against a variety of legal matters including those involving criminal charges. Lay & Baugh Law office typically handles criminal cases relating to DUI offense, underage drinking, and other misdemeanors. Defense against DUIs includes fighting against possible license suspension, fines, and jail time.

Founded in 2002, Nassios & McLaughlin PLLC is a Knoxville-based personal injury law firm that handles DUI cases throughout Eastern Tennessee. The firm endeavors to obtain favorable resolutions that allow people charged with DUI to avoid trials and loss of license and reduce fines and jail time. Nassios & McLaughlin also handles personal injury claims and other criminal defense cases, including those involving vehicular manslaughter, embezzlement, sex crimes, murder, fraud, and drugs.

Randall E Ragen Attorney at Law provides legal services to clients in Knoxville, Tennessee, and its surrounding communities. The firm offers a variety of services and has over 40 years of experience providing them. Some services offered relate to criminal defense and DUI offenses. Attorneys at this firm are fully equipped to handle both federal and misdemeanor DUI cases, as well as other alcohol and drug-related charges. Other services include appeals and personal injury claims.

Robert R. Kurtz Attorney at Law is a criminal defense firm that serves clients in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee, area. Since 2004, the firm has defended the rights of clients facing driving under the influence charges by reviewing all evidence, including police procedures and sobriety tests, and ensuring clients make informed decisions. The firm also handles cases involving white-collar, drug, and violent crimes. Founding attorney Robert Kurtz was a named Top DUI Attorney by CityView.

Tarpy, Cox, Fleishman & Leveille PLLC Is a full-service law firm providing legal assistance to the Knoxville, Tennessee, area and surrounding communities. This law firm offers a variety of legal services, including those pertaining to criminal law. Its attorneys have experience handling both felony and misdemeanor DUI cases. Other criminal defense services include child support and public intoxication. Services such as personal injury claims and real-estate legal matters are also represented by this firm.

The Baker Law Firm provides driving under the influence legal representation services to clients in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee, community. The one-attorney firm attempts to help clients receive reduced sentences and fines by determining if the DUI arresting officer's stop and arrest was lawful, and if client breathalyzer and field sobriety tests were administered properly. Sole proprietor Lance K. Baker is a member of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He also takes personal injury and civil rights cases.

The Evans Law Firm has been offering legal services to residents of Knoxville, Tennessee, since 2018. It defends the rights of individuals facing criminal charges, including DUI and DWI. Among its clients are people who have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Evans Law Firm also represents clients in personal injury cases. Attorney Nate Evans is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association.

The Isaacs Law Firm has provided legal services to clients in Knoxville, Tennessee, for nearly 30 years. Attorneys offer defense against DUI charges, including for clients with multiple DUIs. It seeks to mitigate penalties such as fines, suspended licenses, and convictions. Other areas of practice include expungement, personal injury cases, juvenile defense, and homicide cases. This law firm also handles cases involving federal crimes such as distribution and money laundering.

Founded in 2001, the Law Office of Paul Hensley defends the rights of people accused of driving under the influence throughout the Knoxville, Tennessee, area and beyond. The business deploys its experienced legal professionals to assist with DMV hearings and various types of DWI penalties, such as court appearances, license suspensions, and record expungements. Clients can count on the firm to handle commercial driver DUI cases, misdemeanors, DUIs involving catastrophic injuries and felonies, and child endangerment charges.

Founded in 1998 and located in Gatlinburg, the Myrick Law Firm serves the Knoxville, Tennessee, area, defending clients charged with DUIs. The firm seeks to mitigate against negative outcomes that can include revocation or suspension of driver's licenses, jail time, and fines. The Myrick Law Firm also provides legal assistance with cases involving basic estate planning, public intoxication, contract disputes, general civil litigation and defense, bankruptcy, child custody, and divorce.

For over a decade, The Oberman & Rice Law Firm has been serving clients in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. The firm focuses on the defense of those charged with driving under the influence and related crimes, including underage DWI, boating under the influence, and underage consumption. Founding attorney Steve Oberman has over 30 years of experience practicing law and has represented over two thousand clients charged with DUI.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Winston Law Center offers representation in Knox, Blount, Jefferson, Cocke, and Sevier counties. The firm is experienced in alcohol and drug DUI defense, seeking acquittals and alternatives to jail time for its clients. Attorney Alexander J. Winston assesses each case to build an individualized defense and litigate at trial. The firm also takes on cases involving assault charges and drug crimes, including possession and intention to distribute.

Wykoff & Sikes PLLC is a DUI law company that has provided legal services to the residents of Knoxville, Tennessee, for over a decade. The firm handles DUI defense, insurance company negotiation, and courtroom representation. Its attorneys seek to mitigate the negative effects of DUI arrests, including jail time and fines. The firm also practices Social Security disability, bankruptcy, child support, and family law. Attorneys Cort Sikes and Wayne Wykoff are admitted to the Tennessee Bar.

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