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Find a Top-Ranked Private Tutor Near You

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a test prep tutor worth the cost?

    That depends on your learning style. If you’re a self-directed learner, then you may find that group classes and a self-study plan are sufficient. If you need additional help, then a private test prep tutor may be well worth the investment.

  • How much will a test prep tutor improve my score?

    A good test prep tutor can help you improve your score, but it takes time and effort. You can expect to see gradual improvements over several months. An improvement of 100 points on the SAT is realistic, while an improvement of 200+ points is unlikely.

  • What materials will my test prep tutor use?

    Your test prep tutor should use a standardized curriculum to ensure that all aspects of the test are covered. For best results, choose a tutor who uses the official materials produced by the testing organization and can adapt them to your learning style.

  • Will my test prep tutor use real test questions?

    Ask your tutor which test questions they use. While third-party questions may look similar to the real thing, they shouldn’t replace questions from the actual test.

  • How will a tutor measure my progress?

    Your test prep tutor should provide ongoing assignments and practice tests. Practice tests can help you get used to the pressure and time constraints of the real exam, and will help your tutor identify areas that still need improvement.

  • How long should I work with a test prep tutor?

    A typical test prep timeline lasts for around three months, with one to two hours of tutoring per week. If you’ve worked with a tutor for longer than that and your test scores haven’t improved, consider trying a different tutor or test prep program.

  • Can a tutor help with test anxiety?

    Yes. A big part of test prep is getting comfortable with the test format and being able to work under pressure. If test anxiety is an issue for you, look for a test prep tutor who focuses on building confidence and improving test-taking strategies.

Find a Top-Ranked Private Tutor Near You