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Blackwelder Law LLC is a firm in Greenville providing criminal defense representation to clients around the metro area. This practice is most comfortable handling criminal cases that involve drug crimes, vehicular assaults, theft, or traffic violations. Its attorneys also assist with crimes common to college students and sex crimes in general. White collar crime is another practice area of the firm and it regularly represents clients charged with embezzlement or various types of business fraud.

Brumback & Langley LLC is a firm in Greenville assisting clients with criminal matters, especially in circumstances where criminal defense representation is needed. The practice is especially experienced with criminal charges deriving from drug offenses, property crimes, and violence. It also assists with cases concerning probation violations. White collar crime is an additional practice area in which the firm assists businesses and employers or employees who have violated industry statutes or federal laws.

Christophillis & Gallivan PA is a law firm in Greenville serving the metro area by providing criminal defense services. Areas of particular interest include cases that concern drug charges, DUI, and property offenses. This firm also performs work for clients charged with white-collar crimes, which typically involve such things as fraud or embezzlement. It helps clients navigate their legal options and decide whether to fight charges in court or appeal to prosecutors for reduced sentencing.

Clawson and Staubes LLC is a Greenville-based law firm offering criminal defense legal services to clients in the metro area. This firm is most interested in cases that involve drug charges or traffic offenses as well as violent crimes or theft. It provides early representation to help clients avoid jeopardizing their chances at a successful legal defense and it explore options to decide whether to recommend clients go to trial or appeal for leniency.

De Bruin Law Firm offers a family style law team dedicated to serving their clients with estate planning, real estate business law, probate administration, civil litigation and criminal defense in Greenville, South Carolina. The experienced and dependable attorneys are dedicated to giving their clients a wide variety of legal insights.

Ellis Law LLC is a firm in Greenville defending clients against criminal prosecution. The firm offers generalized assistance, helping clients to defend themselves against a variety of typical charges. However, it has a particular interest in DUI cases, and often works for clients who have been prosecuted for insobriety on the road as well as related incidents such as crashes. Ellis Law LLC fights to have charges dropped or at the least, sentencing reduced, when acquittal is unlikely.

Fayssoux & Landis Attorneys at Law is a firm in Greenville that takes criminal cases and provides legal defense to clients accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses. This practice does not have a heavy focus area and tends to defend clients accused of a wide range of crimes. Its work typically consists of attempts to discredit or disprove accusations levied by prosecutors, and often it attempts to help clients work out deals that reduce their sentencing.

Harrison White PC is a law firm in Spartanburg that serves clients throughout the Greenville metro area. The firm provides criminal defense services to clients charged with domestic violence, drugs, and DUIs, as well as general traffic violations. Some of its attorneys are particularly focused on white-collar crimes involving businesspeople and corporations as well as general federal offenses involving federal statues or crimes across state lines. In most cases the firm fights to help clients attempt acquittal or reduce their legal consequences.

Kendrick & Leonard PC is a law firm in Greenville. It represents clients with criminal defense needs who have been charged with crimes involving drug possession. While drug crimes are a heavy focus area, the firm also assists with cases concerning theft, public indecency or intoxication, as well as prostitution and violent crimes. Its attorneys work to help clients understand and protect their rights and they negotiate with prosecution for reduced punishment if trial is deemed non-advantageous.

Parker, Poe, Adams, & Bernstein LLP is a Spartanburg-based firm serving clients throughout the Greenville metro area. It works with clients accused of white-collar crimes and deals both with small, isolated offenses as well as large scale corporate crimes. The firm offers professionals versed in antitrust regulations along with most manners of corporate regulation and they act as consultants to protect clients from jeopardizing their legal standing by committing illegal actions via businesses practices.

Ryan Beasley Law is a firm in Greenville providing criminal defense representation. It assists with DUI defense, drug charges, and federal and white-collar crime charges. Typically the firm assists clients in understanding the charges against them and exploring the full range of their legal rights. It also advises them on whether or not to pursue resolution by trial or work with prosecutors to reach a plea deal in order to save time and resources.

Steve W. Sumner Attorney at Law is a firm in Greensville offering criminal defense to client prosecuted for DUI and related offenses. The firm uses expert witnesses, evidence such as medical records, and legal circumstances to defend and attempt to acquit clients or lower the penalties imposed upon them by prosecutors. Outside of court, the practice acts as a consult to help prevent clients from incriminating themselves and explore the full range of their legal options.

The Bateman Law Firm in Greenville serves clients within the metro area by providing criminal defense services. It offers assistance with DUI cases first and foremost and its lawyers are highly familiar with the procedures and technicalities surrounding DUIs, which they use to help fight on behalf of clients towards acquittal. Often they work with prosecutors to reach leniency agreements or find alternative resolutions outside of jail time. The Bateman Law Firm also assists with suspended license issues.

The Law Offices of John M. Mussetto LLC is a Greenville-based firm providing criminal defense services to clients all around the metro area. DUI is a heavy focus of the firm but it assists clients with all criminal defense needs and is experienced with violent crime, drug charges, and property crimes. In standard scenarios it helps clients to understand the charges against them, protect their rights throughout the trial process, and defend themselves by fighting for acquittal or negotiating with prosecutors.

The Law Offices of Jonathan P. Whitehead is a Mauldin-based firm serving clients all over the Greenville metro area. It offers criminal defense services to help clients avoid or prevent prosecution upon being charged. This firm is most experienced with traffic crimes and offenses and most regularly assists clients with DUI cases whether or not there is a crash involved. It assists with smaller misdemeanors as well and can help with every category of traffic tickets.

The Woods Law Firm based in Greenville, South Carolina has 5 offices throughout the state of South Carolina and helps clients in the legal areas or criminal defense and personal injury. The firm has vast experience in all crimes and all injuries in SC and has a track record of wins and verdicts in both categories. The Woods Law Firm also handles federal and state based cases and has won NOT GUILTY verdicts in big drug cases as well as LARGE VERDICTS AND SETTLEMENTS in accident and injury cases. The firm has over 26 years direct experience in court trials and a full team of dedicated staff ready to serve you. The Woods Law Firm, Justice on Your Side. Get top notch legal help when you need it. Call 864-810-0384 for help now.

With over 20 years of experience, The Woods Law Firm in Greenville assists clients in the metro area with criminal defense, educating them on their rights and legal options while advocating to advance their interests against prosecutors. While this firm is experienced with a variety of crime categories, it most prominently defense clients charged with DUI offenses, sometimes working with prosecutors for lessened charges or alternative resolutions to jail time such as community service.

Travis Newton Law PA is a firm in Anderson assisting clients throughout the Greenville metro area with criminal defense needs, it works most often with cases involving DUI defense, but has a wide range of experience and provides generalized services for common categories of crime. In most cases the firm will consult clients on their legal options and advise on whether or not they should seek acquittal or attempt to negotiate with prosecutors for leniency.

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