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Acupuncture Of Greer logo

Acupuncture Of Greer

106 Memorial Dr, Greer, SC 29650
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Acupuncture of Greer provides alternative Oriental treatments for pain, serving patients in Greenville and the neighboring communities. Ruth Kyle has been a licensed acupuncture physician for over 17 years, with 25 years of practicing Western medicine also on her resume. Ms. Kyle can apply acupuncture therapies to treat a wide variety of physical and neurological conditions, such as back pain, induction of labor, painful varicose veins, and recurrent/chronic urinary tract infections.

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Affordable Acupuncture by Joan logo

Affordable Acupuncture by Joan

Simpsonville, SC 29680
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Affordable Acupuncture by Joan provides Greenville-area patients with high-quality holistic healthcare at reasonable prices. The dedicated licensed acupuncturist has expertise and experience identifying the root cause of diseases. She specializes in employing healing methods to improve the body at a cellular level. Affordable Acupuncture by Joan strives to make therapy more accessible by offering community style and private acupuncture services. The practice provides a range of natural healing methods including Chinese herbs, cold wave laser, food therapy, aromatherapy, cupping, detox protocol, and more. Affordable Acupuncture by Joan employs a powerful combination of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to address pain management, weight loss, and many other conditions.

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Carolina Holistic Health logo

Carolina Holistic Health

Travelers Rest, SC 29690
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Carolina Holistic Health provides Greenville-area patients with a range of services that promote health and healing in a natural way. The practice offers a nurturing environment in which clients can work towards achieving optimal health. Carolina Holistic Health delivers results by enhancing traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology. The powerful combination of treatments melts away pain, stress, digestive issues, allergies, hormone imbalances, toxicity, and many other adverse conditions. A licensed acupuncturist delivers the highest level of patient care by addressing the underlying causes of health issues. She also empowers patients during healing journeys through education and compassion. Carolina Holistic Health provides therapies that are safe, effective, and a chemical-free way to promote self-healing abilities of the body. Patients can rely on the practice to achieve a more balanced life by incorporating the mind, body, and spirit with a natural approach.

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Cassandra Nelson Acupuncture & Fertility logo

Cassandra Nelson Acupuncture & Fertility

Greenville, SC 29615
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Cassandra Nelson Acupuncture & Fertility is a go-to resource for a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. The Greenville-area practitioner specializes in providing acupuncture to promote health and combat disease in the body. She focuses on resolving the root causes of illnesses to improve function and health in patients. The compassionate professional treats a variety of concerns but specializes in women’s issues including fertility, gynecology, stress, emotional concerns, hormone imbalance, and pregnancy. Her treatments have roots in the philosophies and strategies of Chinese medicine combined with modern healthcare technology and healing practices. The holistic, Eastern medicine practitioner also offers customized Chinese herbal prescriptions that provide safe, natural, and virtually side effect-free relief from certain conditions. A current client of the practice says not only did Cassandra Nelson Acupuncture & Fertility help with her pregnancy journey but also assisted in developing a happier and healthier overall state of well-being.

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Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage logo

Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage

732 Wade Hampton Blvd. Suite D, Greenville, SC 29609
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Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage helps patients in the Greenville area to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness with a natural approach. The licensed acupuncturist and flower essence practitioner customizes unique holistic treatments that put patients on the right track to getting and staying healthy. She has many years of experience and expertise in pain management, women’s health, and psycho-emotional issues. Dragonfly Acupuncture & Massage Spa specializes in providing natural remedies that relieve a range of conditions including back and neck pain, stress, depression, headaches, anxiety, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, allergies, and many other complex issues. The passionate wellness professional employs a powerful combination of acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, flower essences, and lifestyle counseling to achieve results. Patients can rely on the gifted board-certified practitioner to offer a wealth of knowledge and advice on how to optimize diet, incorporate movement, live with more peace, and eliminate pain without drugs or surgery.

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Greenville Natural Health logo

Greenville Natural Health

Greenville, SC 29605
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Greenville Natural Health helps patients discover a whole new way to feel better naturally. The Greenville-area practice has been providing healing treatments that work in harmony with nature for a decade. The dedicated practitioner maintains a comfortable, soothing environment that melts away anxiety and stress. She commits to providing the highest level of service and expertise by employing a knowledgeable staff of skilled professionals and educators. The team of passionate staff enjoys teaching patients how natural therapies benefit the body and mind. Greenville Natural Health specializes in helping patients to improve health and overall well-being with acupuncture, nutritional and herbal therapy, and massage. The practice employs a powerful combination of natural health methods that include Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, bio-energetic testing, bio-puncture, and healthy living. Patients can rely on Greenville Natural Health professionals to provide natural healing solutions in a number of areas including pain management, women’s health and fertility, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, environmental diseases, mental and emotional disorders.

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Key Acupuncture logo

Key Acupuncture

Greenville, SC 29601
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Key Acupuncture provides Greenville-area patients with natural approaches to women’s health and pain management challenges. The licensed acupuncturist has been helping clients achieve a greater sense of overall well-being for more than 16 years. She employs a powerful holistic approach to give patients relief from back pain, stress, insomnia, menstrual irregularity, arthritis, headaches, and many other adverse conditions. Key Acupuncture combines a relaxing environment with the expertise of a knowledgeable practitioner to help patients achieve optimal health. The practice integrates acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition counseling to help clients experience increased energy, weight control, a strengthened immune system, and much more. Key Acupuncture also works with patients looking to improve fertility and IVF success rates with a custom acupuncture treatment plan that includes massage.

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Oriental Medicine Associates logo

Oriental Medicine Associates

Greenville, SC 29609
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Oriental Medicine Associates help clients to achieve optimal health and restore internal balance through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and healthy lifestyle practices. The Greenville-area practice focuses on integrating cutting-edge conventional approaches with ancient Chinese philosophy and modern Chinese treatments. A licensed, board-certified professional oversees the practice and has more than 20 years of experience treating an array of internal conditions. Oriental Medicine Associates offers a range of services including traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, as well as instruction in Qui Gong therapy. Patients can rely on the caring and compassionate practice to achieve and maintain equilibrium through a natural healing process. Oriental Medicine Associates commits to treating existing illnesses, preventing new or recurring illness, and improving the overall health and well-being of patients.

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Pine Street Acupuncture logo

Pine Street Acupuncture

Spartanburg, SC 29302
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Pine Street Acupuncture provides preventive and affordable holistic healthcare to help clients improve well-being. The Greenville-area practice empowers patients to employ the use of acupuncture, herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health. Pine Street Acupuncture offers a variety of services including herbal medicine, auricular therapy, and cupping. The practice employs a combination of natural therapies to treat a range of medical conditions including acute and chronic pain, immune system disorders, respiratory infections, gynecological disorders, anxiety, and many other adverse conditions. Pine Street Acupuncture has many years of experience providing a warm and calming environment in which patients can bring the mind and body into harmony with a natural approach.

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The Center of Bliss logo

The Center of Bliss

Greenville, SC 29607
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The Center of Bliss provides ancient medicine for modern families in the Greenville area. The wellness facility specializes in offering clients high quality, alternative medical, acupuncture, and yoga services. A team of dedicated professionals commits to delivering natural therapies to patients and clients in a respectful, empathetic, and personalized environment. The Center of Bliss guides clients to achieve superior levels of health through natural healing methods while adhering to the highest standards of excellence. The caring and nurturing center focuses on providing acupuncture therapy as a safe, effective, natural approach to healing the body. Highly trained specialists welcome both male and female patients needing treatment for infertility and reproductive problems. Licensed massage therapists and estheticians stand ready to help clients relax and unwind while cleansing and beautifying the skin. Patients can rely on the professionals at The Center of Bliss to meet or exceed expectations by delivering natural support and health services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do acupuncturists need to be licensed to practice acupuncture?

A: Washington D.C. and 47 states require some type of licensing to perform acupuncture. South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Alabama don’t regulate acupuncturists. Elsewhere, credentialing requirements and standards vary. Most states with acupuncture legal oversight require National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exams or certification in compliance with the Acupuncture Practice Act. California has its own licensing exam.

Q: What needles are used in acupuncture?

A: Metal filiform needles are the type commonly used for acupuncture today. These sterile, stainless-steel thread-like needles are available in varying diameters and lengths. The typical gauges range from 0.12 mm to 0.35 mm. Japanese acupuncture calls for thinner needles than Chinese methods. Acupuncture needles are designed for one use before disposal. Some acupuncturists use gold or silver needles.

Q: How many acupuncture appointments will you need to complete a treatment?

A: It’s best to discuss how many sessions you’ll need with your acupuncturist during your initial consultation. Most patients who seek acupuncture to help with a medical condition and related pain need several sessions. They may start treatment with one to three sessions per week for a few weeks. Once they see improvement, treatments may taper off to in-frequent maintenance sessions.

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