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11 Best Providence Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Ballin & Associates LLC is a law firm active within the Providence metro area that assists clients injured in motorcycle and car accidents as they file suit against responsible parties. It works to justify its client's claims using evidence and convince negligent parties to settle for acceptable amounts. Usually cases center of compensation for expenses related to treatment and financial losses caused by the client's inability to maintain life independently as they had before.

Blais Cunningham & Crowe Chester LLP is a law firm in Providence representing clients in motorcycle accident claims. It works to help those affected by serious injuries and financial burdens to achieve justice via lawsuits aimed at financial recompense. In most cases the firm works to help clients pay for the costs of medical treatment, replace wages lost while injured in order to pay outstanding bills, and acquire recompense for personal and psychological suffering.

David D. Bagus Attorney at Law helps clients throughout the Providence metro area with motorcycle injury claims. It pursues those considered responsible for the accident or incident in order to hold them accountable for the resulting damages such as medical expenses and pain and suffering foisted upon its clients. Often, the firm represents clients in negotiations with insurance adjusters, lawyers, and other parties in order to attempt amicable settlement. This firm also handles boating and pedestrian accidents.

John L. Quigley Jr. PC is a legal practice in Providence representing victims of motorcycle accidents as they pursue recompense through litigation. The firm consults clients on their options and explores all avenues of potential litigation in order to help clients sue for as much money as possible. It typically tries to reach a settlement with responsible parties and will fight for compensation in court when it is unsuccessful. Help with car and truck accidents is also available.

Karns & Kerrison is a law firm in Providence representing clients in lawsuits concerning motorcycle and general automobile accidents. The firm works on behalf of these clients, who are often catastrophically injured, to recover payment from responsible parties and negligent entities for hospital bills, lost wages, and other hardships related to the accident. Its attorneys are especially familiar with the circumstances of traumatic head and brain injuries which often result from these types of accidents.

The Law Office of Kenneth C. Vale is a firm serving the Providence metro area which represents clients affected by motorcycle accidents as they file lawsuits for compensation from negligent parties. It protects their rights and helps them to build their case by collecting evidence and consulting with expert witnesses. The firm also advocates for them in discussions with opposing parties, working to secure compensation via settlement offers that satisfy expenses caused by the accident.

The Law Offices of Roche and Roche PC is a firm serving the providence metro area that offers assistance with motorcycle accident claims. It consults clients on their legal options as it regards to litigation against those responsible and helps them to collect evidence and file paperwork within guidelines. The firm arbitrates with opposing council and debates insurance adjusters to pursue the largest financial reward it can acquire for clients, and will fight in court when other options are exhausted.

Natoli & Associates is a law firm serving the Providence metro area. It assists those hurt in motorcycle and other traffic accidents with the litigation process, suing negligent individuals and third parties on their behalf in order to gain compensation for their injuries and other hardships. The firm ensures their rights are protected while negotiating for the most satisfying settlement possible and arguing cases through the court system when offers to not fulfil their client's needs.

Ratcliffe, Harten, & Galamaga LLP is a law firm serving the Providence metro area. It works for clients injured in motorcycle accidents, helping them to file suit against those responsible and take advantage of their legal options in order to cover acquired expenses and pay significant losses associated with the inability to work. This firm is particularly experienced with complex cases and is familiar with exploring options against third parties such as manufacturers and even regulatory bodies.

The Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry PC is located in Providence and serves clients throughout the metro area by providing legal representation to those impacted by motorcycle and car accidents. Its attorneys offer guidance to seriously hurt individuals, helping them to pursue restitution from those who have caused their injuries due to negligent or reckless actions. In most cases the firm files suit requesting that medical bills and lost wages be covered, among other damages such as emotional trauma.

Vincent D. Morgera Ltd. is a law firm helping individuals throughout the Providence metro area to file suit after they sustain serious injuries in motorcycle and car accidents. In most cases the firm works to help clients prevent having their case compromised by acting as their representative to outside parties and gathering evidence via medical professionals administering treatment, who may also act as expert witnesses. The firm is primarily experienced with cases seeking compensation for common damages such as medical bills or lost wages.

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