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Abilheira Law is a legal practice in Warren that handles family law matters, including divorce and child support. The firm provides comprehensive representation, and it guarantees each client “personal attention, honest advice, and zealous advocacy.” Abilheira Law shares valuable information through its website, and it offers a free consultation.

Burns & Levinson LLP is a law firm active throughout the Providence metro area. The firm works with clients to resolve divorce proceedings as quickly and amicably as possible. Its attorneys are particularly experienced in the areas of complex property division and alimony reform, as well as difficult circumstances involving child custody agreements and accusations of domestic violence. The firm also drafts pre- and postnuptial agreements for clients and also works to enforce them when necessary.

Claude F. Lefebvre & Christopher M. Lefebvre PC is a law firm active within the Providence metro area that handles divorce cases. Partner Christopher Lefebvre is a second-generation attorney with over 26 years of experience who offers both litigious and mediation-focused options, depending on the desires and financial capabilities of the client. The firm also settles conflicts involving property division and child custody. Claude F. Lefebvre & Christopher M. Lefebvre, P.C. provides estate planning and bankruptcy-related legal services as well.

Elisha L. Morris Esquire is a law firm in Providence that handles divorce cases for clients in and around the metro area. The firm helps clients to resolve conflicts pertaining to finances and assets as well as the custody of children upon divorce. It mediates sessions between separating spouses to attempt less-costly settlements before resorting to court proceedings. Elisha L. Morris is also a domestic violence attorney that helps clients to obtain restraining orders and other protective judgements.

Fitch Law Partners LLP is a Providence-based firm offering legal assistance to clients who want to divorce or legally separate from partners. Especially versed in complex, high-asset divorces, it has previously won significant alimony judgements and settlements involving properties worth millions of dollars. The firm's attorneys are experienced with separations involving trusts, limited partnerships, and privately-held corporations. Fitch Law Partners also works to enforce prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and advocates for clients in sensitive child custody and domestic violence cases.

Kilroy Law Firm serves the Providence metro area, helping clients to resolve divorce cases. The firm helps clients to handle common disputes revolving around the separation of assets such as businesses, valuables, and properties, continued financial obligations such as alimony, and delicate matters such as child custody and visitation conflicts. Typically it guides clients through the initiation of divorce proceedings, conducts mediation services, and advocates for clients in court when disputes cannot be easily resolved.

Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum Attorneys at Law Inc. is a Cranston-based law firm helping clients throughout the Providence metro area with divorce cases. This practice is largely experienced with high-asset cases and it fights to protect the interests of its clients in contested and uncontested dissolutions, working to helping them divide businesses, properties, and retirement plans and pensions. The firm also assists with delicate child custody proceedings and helps clients resolve disagreements and arrange for child support and visitation.

Kostas & Melcher Law LLC assists clients in the Providence metro area with divorce proceedings. It is experienced with several types of divorce, contested and uncontested, and provides the option of mediation to help clients avoid court. However the firm does offer trial representation and will fight on behalf of clients for favorable judgements regarding alimony, property division, and child custody arrangements. Kostas & Melcher Law LLC also aids with family law modifications and helps clients to pursue restraining orders when necessary.

LawyersCollaborative is a Providence-based law firm offering representation to clients seeking divorce. This firm is made up of a collection of screened, experienced trial lawyers who help clients to resolve dissolution using both collaborative mediation as well as litigious courses of action. The firm is prepared to handle most divorce scenarios, including those involving sophisticated custody disputes, significant or sensitive assets, and conflicts regarding pre-nuptial agreements. LawyersCollaborative also provides general family law and estate planning services.

Lynch & Pine is a criminal defense team in Providence that offers round-the-clock services. The attorneys represent clients facing state and federal charges, and two of the members are former Rhode Island attorneys general. Lynch & Pine also helps individuals resolve their family law issues, including divorce, and it gives a free case evaluation.

Melissa Larsen Esquire serves the Providence metro area and provides divorce settlement services. Namesake partner Melissa Larsen is an experienced trial attorney who has practiced family law for over a decade. The firm represents clients who are embroiled in peripheral divorce issues including complex custody disputes, conflicts concerning the division of wealth, and ongoing alimony issues. Larsen Law's family law practice is bolstered by its founder's intersecting experience with criminal defense and estate planning matters.

Rioles Family Law is a firm in Providence helping clients to initiate and settle divorce proceedings. Namesake partner Brenda F. Rioles holds over thirty years of experience practicing divorce and family law exclusively. Her firm provides litigation services to help clients enforce pre-nuptial agreements when mediation is ineffective. In most cases the firm helps clients to resolve disputes concerning the separation of assets, the division of responsibilities concerning children, and spousal support and alimony arrangements.

Schreiber & Schreiber Attorneys at Law serves the Providence metro area and offers services for every common area of divorce law. It assists with both contested and uncontested divorces and helps clients to enforce pre- and postnuptial agreements along with previous judgements. The firm also provides both mediation and in-court representation. Schreiber & Schreiber Attorneys at Law performs family law services and can represent clients in DUI, criminal law, and personal injury cases as well.

Tanya M. Gravel Attorney at Law is a firm serving the Providence metro area. The firm assists clients with divorce cases involving the separation of assets, child custody arrangements, and peripheral financial considerations including spousal support and shared investments. It handles family law matters connected to particularly contentious divorces such as accusations of domestic violence and the pursuit of restraining orders. Tanya M. Gravel Attorney at Law also provides criminal defense services.

The Law Office of Alexander M. Nesson is a law firm in Taunton serving clients all around the Providence metro area. The firm represents clients in divorce cases and places a heavy emphasis on the potential of mediation. Namesake attorney Alexander M. Nesson is a trained mediator who offers both exclusive representation and neutral facilitation. His mediation services help to resolve conflicts concerning the division of property, alimony, and child custody and support. Other practices areas include estate planning and criminal defense.

The Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet LLC serves the Providence metro area and provides standard divorce services. The firm helps clients to settle concerns involving divisions of property and emotionally charged child custody battles. It also provides consultation regarding the financial implications of filing divorce and assists in the navigation of expenses as well as the costs associated with litigation as opposed to settlement via mediation. The Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet LLC offers representation in domestic violence and real estate leasing cases as well.

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner LLP is a law firm serving the Providence metro area which handles divorce cases. This firm describes itself as particularly skilled in divorce discovery as well as civil procedure and evidence matters. It offers a comprehensive set of skills and can assist clients with every type of separation including dissolution, legal separation, and annulment. The firm handles both simple uncontested divorces and complex cases involving high-value assets and properties. Wilkinson & Finkbeiner also assists with child custody and support issues.

William J. Balkun is a law firm serving the Providence metro area which handles divorce cases. This practice is especially skilled in complex divorce proceedings that involve family business. It also handles scenarios involving particularly contentious and volatile divorces that may involve child custody conflicts. The firm claims considerable experience in locating and working with expert witnesses including doctors, accountants, and mental health professionals. William J. Balkun is also versed in special cases including military and same-sex divorces.

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