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According to our research, victims of recent Florida car accidents received settlement and verdict amounts ranging from $21,698 to $5,000,000. The type and severity of injuries, such as SCI, contributed to the relatively high payouts, which covered diagnosis and treatment costs. Furthermore, the insurance companies’ denial tactics, the plaintiffs’ persistence in pursuing a favorable settlement, and Florida’s tort laws all played a role in the final amounts.

Examples of Settlement Amounts for 2024 Car Accident Cases in Florida

Settlement/Award Amount 

Type of Injury


Serious and permanent injuries


Head, back, and neck injuries


Shoulder injury that required therapy and surgery


Herniated disc in mid-back, requiring injection therapy, including radiofrequency ablation, which blocks pain signals by subjecting the spinal nerves to heat


Herniated discs in both the neck and the lower back; the plaintiff received nerve block treatment and epidural steroid injections


Shoulder, back, neck, and knee injuries


Supraspinatus tendon tear, disc herniations, resulting in medical expenses totaling more than $75,000 and possible surgery in the future.


Serious disc herniation



  • 2024: Lisa Enfield’s estate reached a $5,000,000 settlement for a case they filed against Christopher Eitel, an employee of Eitel Enterprises. A car that the defendant was negligently driving struck Enfield while she was riding her bike in 2022. Enfield died as a result of the crash. Evanston Insurance, Eitel Enterprises’ insurance provider, initially denied coverage, arguing that the policy contained an “aircraft, auto, or watercraft” exclusion. However, the court ruled that the insurer must honor the settlement that Enfeld, Eitel, and Eitel Enterprises reached in 2023. 

  • 2024: A woman received a damages award of $1,900,878 for the injuries she suffered in a rear-end collision. The plaintiff’s injuries included a torn supraspinatus tendon and herniated discs. Her insurance provider refused to pay up despite her medical bills reaching more than $75,000. It offered a pre-trial settlement of $100,000, but the victim proceeded to litigate which ended after five years of battling in court for compensation. 

  • 2024: A passenger injured in a motor vehicle collision received a judgment of $21,698 as compensation for his damages. The plaintiff sued both the driver of the vehicle he was riding in and the driver of the other vehicle. He claimed that he suffered serious and permanent injuries due to the accident.

  • 2023: A lawsuit against the federal government ended in a $105,000 verdict in favor of a car driver who was hit by a postal truck. The federal government-owned truck struck the plaintiff as he was driving near an intersection. The collision resulted in injuries to the victim's back, neck, and head. 

  • 2023: A car crash in 2022 settled for $150,000 after negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company. The collision left the victim with inflammation, bursitis, and a suspected tendon tear. Police cited the defendant for improper lane change/pulling out in front of a vehicle. The insurance company denied coverage, insisting that the crash could not have resulted in the plaintiff’s shoulder injury. However, after arguing that the victim's shoulder injury occurred only after the accident, the plaintiff's lawyers secured an amount that satisfied their client.

  • 2023: Lawyers for a 73-year-old Realtor who was injured in a major rear-end crash obtained a $160,000 settlement from the defendant’s insurance provider. The victim ended up in the hospital with several injuries, including a lung contusion, following the accident, which, according to the police, was due to the other driver’s careless operation of his vehicle. The injured driver experienced pain in his back for months. An MRI scan revealed herniated discs in his mid-back, and an orthopedic surgeon recommended injection therapy to remove the pain.

  • 2023: A 31-year-old car collision victim agreed to settle a claim against the defendant for $165,000. The plaintiff suffered disc herniations as a result of the crash and had to see several specialists for diagnosis and treatment. His lawyers filed a complaint on his behalf before Florida’s new tort law, which has provisions unfavorable to victims, came into effect. The move ensured that the old law would apply to this case. Nonetheless, the lawyers held off serving the complaint on the defendant until they convinced them to pay more than twice their initial offer of $75,000.

  • 2023: A tow truck driver received a $662,631 award for damages for injuries he sustained while removing debris from a car accident site. The plaintiff said the police failed to secure the crash scene, and as a result, a non-party vehicle struck him while he was working. The collision caused shoulder, back, neck, and knee injuries in the plaintiff. The compensation included $220,000 for pain and suffering.

  • 2023: A jury awarded $4,500,000 in damages to a 17-year-old girl who was injured when a box truck sideswiped her family car. The plaintiff suffered various injuries, including a seriously herniated disc, which severely affected her day-to-day activities. The insurance company offered a $100,000 settlement, but the victim rejected it to fight for a higher amount in court.

Recover the Compensation that You Deserve

Pursuing compensation for your injuries if you are a car accident victim has multiple challenges. For one, you have insurance companies rejecting reimbursement claims on grounds that require evidence to disprove. The state’s comparative negligence laws can also impact the amount of compensation you will receive. A competent car accident attorney can help you navigate these obstacles. Their legal knowledge, negotiation skills, and courtroom experience will increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.

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