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So it’s busted, what’s next?

Nothing lasts forever, and that’s especially true for household appliances. 

That refrigeration unit that has served one well over the past half-decade might suddenly transform into a wonderful heating unit. A trusty radio unit might start sending out sparks like the fourth of July, while that television set may one day become the biggest radio in the house in a valiant attempt to supplant the impromptu firework display.

All good things come to an end, and the same is true of one’s beloved household appliances and knick-knacks. This article’s purpose is to steer the readers in the right direction when the inevitable repair date arrives.

There are several routes you can take when it comes to repairing home appliances: you could look up online directories through search engines like Google, or your appliance may still be covered by its warranty policy. 

At the end of the day, however, you may still want to seek professional help. While word-of-mouth referrals can help steer you towards possible handyman providers, below is a quick outline of what else to look out for when hiring a home appliance repair expert.

When should you hire a home appliance repair expert instead of going the DIY route?

Why get an expert appliance repair technician? Elbow grease and personal know-how should suffice, right? Not necessarily. An appliance repairman is vitally important for sensitive and dangerous home repair projects where there is a lot of potential to cause serious harm or destruction to property.

Take as an example electrical work. It is relatively easy to get injured because of busted wiring and grounding, which will turn any fun afternoon project into a trip to buy bandages at best or a hospital visit at worst. 

It may sound like a great idea to fix the old cathode ray tube monitor to play vintage video games using period-correct personal computers, but if the capacitor hasn’t been discharged correctly one can receive a very unpleasant shock, which, while not always lethal, may still leave a mark (and require medical assistance to boot). 

What about plumbing work? There are lots of appliances that connect to your home’s plumbing, which is why issues with your pipes are best left to experts. For example, toilets can be temperamental and decide to leak water at inopportune moments. Washing machines and dishwashers could burst a line and flood an entire floor. 

Lastly, there is always the chance that a bad repair job will result in a fire or the loss of property. Fixing a heating unit is a gamble for the untrained, as one is playing with literal oil and fire on top of electricity when fixing these machines. 

An appliance may appear fixed now but spring some other leak elsewhere that a trained home appliance repairman would have easily caught. Or a seemingly routine electrical project could escalate into a call to 911 if a person has no idea how to correct errors in wiring.

When the risk of worsening the problem is greater than the potential benefit of saving money, it may be better to hire a home appliance repair expert.

How does one find/hire a professional home appliance repair expert?

Now that you have decided to hire an appliance repair technician, the more pressing question remains: how does one hire a home appliance repairman? 

It is tempting to just fire up a search engine and then ask it who the best appliance repair technician is nearby. Most readers who are on the internet reading this have probably done that at some point in time. 

While this is certainly a valid and highly likely first step, it is not where the journey should end because there is a lot of content to trawl through. It is easy to drown in a deluge of information, and this part of the article is here to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Check their website

One thing that a customer could look for when judging if a repairman or firm is worth it is to check their website’s about page. This helps discover if the business is safe to deal with and has the requisite expertise for the job. The About page should show the qualifications and history of the business. 

Look for a company or specialist that has a lot of experience or learning in the field. Ventures that have been around for decades are a good place to start, especially if you have irreplaceable vintage appliances that need fixing.

Check certifications

You should also examine the certifications of a given repair shop or technician to see if they work on the brands of equipment that need repairs. These should serve as reliable assurance that the repairmen of the firm are trained to work with the manufacturer’s products and won’t worsen the problem. 

Don't be afraid to scrutinize the specializations of the repair company’s crew. There are firms that may be better with refrigerators and air conditioners, while others specialize in gas ranges and plumbing. Don’t lump every venture together into a collective whole, as there is a world of difference between returning a toilet to working condition as opposed to a radio.

Check guarantees

A repair company or specialist who offers guarantees or warranties on repairs is ideal. It is preferable to get the services of someone who believes in their work enough to offer a guarantee since it saves money on possible return trips and reduces the moral hazard that the business might be milking the customer for money. 

Check service areas

Of course, don’t forget to check out the service areas of the business. There is nothing more frustrating than setting one’s heart on a given repair shop only to discover that one resides outside their coverage area. 

Make sure that the company's or partnership’s mobile units are able to reach you. It is highly inconvenient to have to lug around a heavy gas range because the fix-it guy can't travel far.

Check payment options

Also, review the payment scheme used by the home repair technician. See if the payments are at a flat rate or if the specialist works on an hourly basis. Make the appropriate judgment based on one’s budget and time considerations.

It is often joked that those who work on an hourly basis will stretch out their hours to make more, but this can be a legitimate concern for those looking to save money where they can.

Be sure to check out directories and not only use the material posted on the shop’s website. These shops are in this to make money, and they will understandably highlight the positive while downplaying the negative on their own personal web pages. To get an honest picture, it is advisable to check online listings and review aggregators.

How do you book an appointment with a home appliance repair expert?

Once you’re ready to hire a home repair expert, it is time to get in touch with them and request service. Prepare before the scheduling call by gathering one’s personal schedule and the relevant appliance warranties to facilitate discussions with the technician or business.

When it comes to scheduling, you should also look into details, like if the repairman works on weekends or offers same-day services.

During your initial consultation call, make sure to go into detail regarding your issue. Outline things like when the problem occurred, what triggered it, and whether the appliance has been on the fritz for a while or has suddenly started acting up. This could give the appliance repairman a head start on which parts to buy and what issues to diagnose. 

Note details about the broken appliances too, like model, brand, and serial number. This would point the specialist in the right direction when sourcing components. 

Lastly, schedule the repairs on a day when you or someone else in your household will be able to supervise. 

From this point on, just wait until the time agreed upon with the repairman comes and be there to see the results.

What should you know about hiring a home appliance repair expert?

Ultimately, if you’re facing an appliance issue, it is encouraged to hire an appliance repair technician instead of cheapening out and worsening the issue. 

It can be tempting to save money by doing the job on your own, but a botched job is an expensive risk that could cost you more time and expense. There is no need to risk life and limb over a refrigerator that’s turned into a space heater or a radio that has transformed into a smoke machine. Botched jobs can lead to injuries and lost homes, and those are far more expensive.

The good news is that the process of hiring a technician also need not be overly complicated. Look for a technician or business that has been in the field for a while and that has the requisite qualifications and certifications. Make sure that the repairman goes to one’s area and that there are no scheduling conflicts. It pays to be prepared to answer questions about the nature of the problem and to provide each and every pertinent detail, from the specific symptoms to the apparent cause of the breakdown.

Home appliance repairs do not have to be the cause of major headaches. They don’t necessarily have to be fun, of course, and indeed, there is nothing amazing about losing a beloved piece of equipment. But the problem does not have to be worse than the cure, and professional help is more accessible than you may think!

People Also Ask

Is it better to repair or replace an appliance? When should a person consider replacement instead of repair?

When determining whether or not to replace or repair an appliance, the owner has to consider a number of factors, like repair costs, the appliance’s age, energy efficiency, and home layout.

As a general rule, you might want to replace a product when repair costs reach half the price of buying new and the product is halfway through its useful life. There are online resources that show the average lifespan of household products. 

A product at the end of its life should probably be replaced, even if repair costs are low, since the odds are it will break more rapidly. There could also be more energy-efficient models on the market that would lower home power costs.

Another factor to consider is whether the device is under warranty. If it is, there’s no reason to go for repairs instead of a replacement. 

What is the average cost of appliance repair? Why is appliance repair so expensive?

On average, it costs $171 to repair appliances. The range can vary wildly depending on what is being repaired, and numbers have gone from $100 to $350. Numerous factors affect the cost of repairing appliances, and these range from the availability of the parts to whether or not the appliance is electrical. 

When it specifically comes to heaters, electric models are cheaper to fix, and accessible equipment is less expensive to remedy than out-of-reach ones.

Costs may be reduced if a person has multiple appliances fixed at one go. This way, service fees are only charged once across multiple products. Be sure to ask questions like if the company accepts credit cards, charges on an hourly basis, and the like.

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