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Reputation: A+

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Christopher Lee and his firm, Lee Law Firm, have helping Texans eliminate their debt for over 19 years. This is our passion, this is our mission.

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Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee understands that financial hardships can affect honest, hard-working people. Growing up in a very blue collar family and rural area of Indiana , money didn’t always come easy for his parents. The struggles his family faced in his childhood made a significant impression on his business philosophy today.

Mr. Lee considers it a privilege to serve clients from all walks of life in his law practice. In doing so, he aims to provide every client with the same service he would provide a member of his own family. His mission is to get to know each client individually and provide the most sound legal advice to help resolve their financial troubles. His compassion for the struggles that his clients face provides him with a solid foundation to guide them through this difficult time.

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