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With Julie A. Rice's extensive experience, reputation for success, and dedication to her clients, Rice's newsletter promises invaluable insights into the legal landscape. As a licensed Attorney in Georgia for over two decades and a member of the Georgia State Bar, Rice excels in representing clients navigating complex cases of Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractice, and addressing a range of legal issues from Insurance Law to Nursing Home Abuse.

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Julie A. Rice, Attorney & CEO

In 1993, Julie received her Juris Doctorate degree from William Mitchell College of Law, a private accredited law school in St. Paul, Minnesota, and thereafter received her license to practice law in the State of Georgia in 1994.

Attorney Rice has extensive experience litigating many different legal matters in courts all throughout the State of Georgia. She has helped injured parties recover compensation in auto accidents, work injuries, physician negligence and more.

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Award-Winning Legal Representation for Car Accident Cases

Julie A. Rice, Attorney at Law & Affiliates works with clients throughout Georgia. Its attorneys have over 75 years of collective experience addressing auto accident injury cases. They handle accident claims arising from various factors, such as drunk driving and hit-and-run incidents. They carry out investigations to determine defendants' liability and communicate with health insurance and medical providers on behalf of the victims. They prepare the case for trial as needed to pursue full restitution for the aggrieved parties. Julie Rice, the firm's CEO, has been in the legal profession for over 20 years.

Client Testimonials

I have known Julie for nearly 20 years and have found her to be dedicated and thorough in my dealings with her in the past. Unlike many attorneys, I was never pressured to settle when the stakes were high and that would have been the easiest though unacceptable course.

- Anonymous

Julie is accomplished at many topics; I've used her services over the past 20 years for employment benefits, vehicle and property damage, landlord-tenant issues, wills & legacy planning, even divorce. She is attentive, responsive, energetic, forward-looking and innovative in her remedies.

- Anonymous