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26 Best Philadelphia Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies

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1Digital Agency is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency that focuses on assisting clients seeking eCommerce growth. Since 2012, the company has improved online businesses by creating targeted PPC campaigns that maximize ROI and promote the brand. 1Digital Agency specializes in serving enterprise-level clients looking to utilize PPC platforms like Google Adwords and Amazon PPC to grow their online businesses. Their digital marketing services include search engine and keyword research, banner and image ads, conversion tracking, remarketing, and ad copy A/B testing.

In business since 2009, Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency providing PPC services to the Philadelphia metro area. Seeking to serve businesses of all sizes, this agency conducts its PPC campaigns using Google AdWords as well as Bing! ads and other outlets. For businesses seeking to increase their community brand presence, it offers locally-focused PPC services and helps clients with listing on Google Maps. Digital Agency also assists with PPC for e-commerce websites and product listings.

2B Unique Web Solutions is an ROI-focused digital marketing agency located in the Philadelphia area. It specializes in managing PPC campaigns and helps clients maximize their marketing investments by developing customized ad strategies that reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform. The agency works with businesses of all sizes. It also provides SEO and social media marketing as well as website design. 2B Unique Web Solutions works with clients like Red Steel and Timepiece Perfection.

4 Walls Inc. is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency assisting clients throughout the metro area. This agency focuses on serving real estate businesses and assisting owners that lease multifamily properties. It has experience obtained from marketing for thousands of apartment communities that it leverages into PPC ad campaigns that help clients attract and retain qualified leads. 4 Walls Inc. also provides extensive SEO services, does reputation management, and offers support for social media back office concerns.

814 Interactive is a digital marketing agency managing PPC campaigns for clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area. This agency's PPC and general marketing services are targeted towards small businesses and entrepreneurs. It creates PPC campaigns that aim to increase lead generation and conversions to expand the brand presence of these types of clients. 814 Interactive handles the majority of the process, creating the actual PPC ads, conducting tests to analyze the performance of landing pages and ads, and managing bids.

Active since 1985, Bailey Brand Consulting is a digital marketing agency assisting clients in and around the Philadelphia metro area. It manages PPC ad campaigns and is particularly experienced with campaigns that aim to bolster its clients' brand presence or reputation. This agency usually structures PPC ads to maximize lead generation and subsequent revenue. Bailey Brand Consulting implements HubSpot-based marketing plans that combine PPC efforts with simultaneous SEO, content, and media marketing campaigns.

DiPietro Marketing Group LLC is a Marlton-based digital marketing agency serving clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area. It has experiences working for a variety of businesses including a range of direct-to-consumer brands and law firms. This agency is also experienced with using PPC campaigns to advertise products across Amazon platforms and it offers extensive support and PPC marketing services to ecommerce brands. DiPietro Marketing Group LLC provides legal content writing services too.

Elite Online Media is a digital marketing agency that manages PPC campaigns and operates within the Philadelphia metro area. This agency has international reach and it works with businesses of all sizes to pursue lead generation and conversion goals. It helps clients to optimize PPC strategies and it prioritizes the use of Google AdWords platforms. Elite Online Media provides consistent metrics that allow clients to monitor their progress and make informed decisions concerning future marketing efforts.

FourFront LLC is a digital marketing agency serving clients in the Philadelphia metro area. It provides management services for PPC campaigns. Composed of a team with diverse skills including strategic communications and data analysis, FourFront LLC creates PPC ads for Google Ads platforms along with a range of other social media sites and search engines. It optimizes landing pages for lead conversion while providing iterative reports on the performance of campaigns. Other services include SEO and web development consultation.

Gen3 Marketing is a comprehensive marketing agency that helps businesses in the Philadelphia metro area with PPC campaigns. The company is a Google Premier Partner that benefits from a dedicated Google support and beta opportunities that can give clients an edge in new technology and strategies. The team offers solutions for managing Google AdWords and Bing Ads, developing a paid search strategy, tracking conversions, and analyzing ad performance. Previous clients have praised Gen3 Marketing for innovating and improving their ongoing campaigns.

Gillespie Group Marketing & Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency has assisted clients in the Philadelphia metro area since 1992. As a Google Partner, the company has access to research and platforms and tools that are used to manage a client's advertising campaign. Along with a well-built website, a business's marketing efforts can get an additional boost from the marketing team's PPC strategies that integrate SEM and SEO keywords.

Greenlane is an Eagleville-based digital marketing agency conducting PPC campaigns for clients in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. With its primary experience being in SEO, this agency is particularly adept at using keywords to optimize paid search methods within PPC campaigns. This agency devises the strategy of each campaign and provides full management services to oversee the progress of efforts. Greenlane also does paid social ads and display ads as well as general SEO tasks.

Launch DM is a creative digital marketing studio that offers pay-per-click (PPC) support as part of the company's overall marketing services. This Reading-based agency uses statistics and scientific analysis to create effective campaigns that include PPC advertising. The company strives to combine multiple strategies to elevate brands, attract visitors to the client's website, and create repeat customers. Launch DM is proud to offer a free 15-minute consultation for prospective clients.

Lyquix is a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia that provides PPC services along with advertising strategies and website development. The company walks clients through all stages of strategy conception from start to finish. The firm's team consists of designers, developers, and consultants who will create advertising campaigns that will capture attention, provide a personalized experience, and urge the audience to action. Lyquix has worked with clients in the architecture, arts, finance, retail, education, healthcare, nonprofit, and technology industries.

In business for over sixteen years, Market3 is a Mt. Laurel-based digital marketing firm assisting clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area with PPC ad campaigns. It uses web design experience to create ads that embody its clients' brands aesthetically while delivering optimal technical performance. It combines SEO services with PPC efforts to maximize potential lead generation and is also experienced with the needs of ecommerce websites. Market3 offers a wide assortment of direct marketing services as well including direct mail and email marketing methods.

Created in 2003 by a team of highly experienced marketers and web designers, Mproven is a digital marketing agency managing PPC ad campaigns for clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area. Its PPC services are primarily focused on search engine-based advertising channels and are typically performed for businesses seeking to expand growth by generating qualified leads. Mproven also develops landing pages and offers re-marketing programs to re-engage leads. Other service areas include professional network advertising and website analytics.

Philadelphia SEO for Growth is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency providing PPC ad services. Primarily focused on lead generation efforts that help businesses to expand, this agency's PPC services are conducted primarily through Google AdWords and combined with SEO campaigns to maximize the results of efforts. Philadelphia SEO for Growth is also particularly experienced with reputation management and inbound marketing strategies. Full web design services are available along with social media and content marketing services.

Philly Marketing Labs is a King of Prussia-based digital marketing agency assisting clients in the Philadelphia metro area with PPC ad campaigns. Taking an analytical approach to internet marketing, this agency works to improve the lead generation efforts of its clients by creating PPC ads that benefit from market trends and keyword usage. It employs PPC specialists with over thirty-seven years of combined experience who have been recruited from major search engine companies and who possess intimate familiarity with SEO and PPC methods.

RedKnight is a digital marketing agency assisting clients in and around the Philadelphia metro area. By combining the efforts of a highly experienced team, it spearheads PPC advertising campaigns while providing flexible services to supplement digital marketing efforts. In most cases it works to help clients increase the amount of leads generated and bolster their brand presence among those target audiences. RedKnight is also experienced with automated marketing systems. Other services include SEO, email marketing, and general advertising campaigns.

Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC is a B2B marketing firm that works with clients in the healthcare, technology, industrial, and business services industries in Philadelphia. The agency will bid on keywords to place a client's advertisements in search engine results. The experienced team will narrow down target audiences based on location, age, and interests to ensure the audience is relevant to the brand. Sagefrog offers additional services, including creating a landing page that will improve the client's PPC campaign performance.

Seer Interactive is a digital advertising agency located in Philadelphia that specializes in SEO, PPC, and marketing analytics. The firm aims to take PPC marketing and turn it into conversions for audiences seeking a product or service. Services include defining audience behavior, identifying the ideal customer experience, creating paid search strategies, executing PPC campaigns, and regularly analyzing plans. All of Seer Interactive's PPC team members are Bing Ads Accredited professionals and Google Ads certified.

Seom Interactive specializes in comprehensive PPC advertising services from its office in the greater Philadelphia area. It helps clients maximize their ROI by focusing on the quality of each lead versus the quantity of clicks. Seom Interactive uses a combination of keyword analytics, market research, and customer insights to develop targeted search ads on Google and Bing as well as email and Amazon ads. It works with a variety of clients, including Tiffany's Bakery, CertaPro Painters, and Decorating Den Interiors. is a digital marketing agency helping clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area with PPC ads. This agency works primarily with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. It manages PPC ad campaigns, including the content creation, technical optimization, and ongoing bidding aspects. Related experience in local SEO marketing helps this agency assist clients with in-depth PPC campaigns that generate nearby leads. operates its PPC campaigns primarily using the Google AdWords platform.

Total Web Company is a custom design and front end development agency that provides PPC marketing and advertising services to clients in the Philadelphia metro area. The marketing team ensures that the client's budget is well-managed and addressed to the correct audience. They will help increase sales using Google's AdWords program, building the brand, increasing the client base, and enhance the visibility of the client's products and services. Total Web Company offers monthly packages for businesses in need of multiple services.

Vici Media Inc. is a multifaceted digital marketing agency operating out of the Philadelphia metro area that provides PPC ad services. This agency takes a multi-platform approach to internet marketing by utilizing a range of popular search engines and social media sites and it often works with smaller agencies to supplement their available services. It creates PPC ads designed to interact with search engines in ways that increase brand visibility among target audiences and it manages the ongoing ad bidding process and for each campaign.

Zora Medical is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing firm assisting clients throughout the Philadelphia metro area with PPC campaigns. It focuses primarily on clients in the medical and cosmetic industries and often serves dentists and aestheticians. It helps these clients to bolster their SEO efforts by helping them to secure PPC ads across major search engines and social networks. Zora Medical also does targeted-demographic lead generation and offers a comprehensive set of standard marketing services specifically for medical professionals and organizations.

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