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Minnich Family Funeral Homes, Inc.

1238 West Market Street, Williamstown, PA 17098
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Business Description

Founded in 1896, Minnich Family Funeral Homes Inc. is a family-owned and operated funeral facilitator that serves the Harrisburg area. The licensed funeral directors offer a supportive environment where family members who've lost their loved ones can find closure. They provide personalized burial services and resources, including a funeral home chapel, gravesite, and memorial services. Obituary writing and pet services are available as well. The funeral home has an on-site crematory.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do funeral homes rent caskets?

Many funeral homes offer casket rentals. Renting a casket can be beneficial due to the fact that the cost is significantly lower than purchasing, with an average rate of $500. Renting a casket is also an environmentally friendly option, as the casket is used multiple times, which helps conserve materials and resources.

How much do urns cost at funeral homes?

Urns purchased at funeral homes range in price from $50 to $1,000 or more, depending on the size and material of the urn. Materials include biodegradable cardboard, marble, brass, and cedar. Wood and stone urns are generally higher in price than cardboard and biodegradable material options.

How can one invest in funeral homes?

One can invest in funeral homes by purchasing funeral home stocks or by investing directly in local funeral homes. It's important for potential investors to consult with the National Funeral Directors Association to learn about current market trends and the financial situations of local funeral facilities.

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