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120 W 10th St., Erie, PA 16501 Rating

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4.5 (15)
3.3 (7)
1.0 (1)

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Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C., provides practical tax solutions to businesses and nonprofit organizations in Erie. The firm handles franchise tax and capital stock matters, individual income and sales tax issues, and tax-exempt financings. Its clients also come from various industries and include companies like Baldwin Brothers, Inc., Kraus USA, and Trumco, Inc. Knox Law was founded in 1958 and is currently a team of over 40 attorneys and 25 paralegals headed by its president, Tom Tupitza.

429 Fourth Avenue, Erie, PA 15219 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (2)
5.0 (1)

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Frost Law is a legal firm that advocates for clients in Erie in domestic and foreign tax issues. It offers legal representation in IRS audits, appeals, back taxes, liens, levies, and litigation disputes. Additionally, the team assists clients who are facing tax fraud and evasion charges, as well as estate and business tax issues. Frost Law comprises attorneys and CPAs who have previously worked for the IRS and state authorities, providing them with the expertise needed to develop effective strategies for resolving complex tax and compliance issues.

456 West 6th Street, Erie, PA 16507 Rating

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Elderkin Law Firm represents individuals, families, and businesses in Erie. The office provides legal advice on a variety of business planning issues, such as dissolving a closed business to end tax and filing obligations with the state, selecting proper operating entities, and addressing shareholder disputes. Its team of attorneys leverages more than 30 years of collective industry experience to fight for clients' rights in settlement negotiations and litigation in federal and state courts. They have worked with partnerships, corporations, and organizations.

  • Tax Defense
  • Cash Intensive Businesses

Lovell Place, 137 E 13th St., Erie, PA 16503 Rating

Review Sources

4.7 (87)
5.0 (4)

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Since 2011, Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox has been serving clientele throughout Erie. The firm takes on criminal and civil cases. Its attorneys defend clients charged with various criminal offenses, from white-collar crimes like tax evasion and tax fraud to firearm-related offenses. They also handle appeals and post-conviction cases. The firm's civil law practice covers real estate matters, family law-related claims, and estate planning. Before starting his private practice, Stephen Sebald served as the assistant public defender in Crawford County.

  • Tax Defense
  • Criminal Tax Audit

1001 State St., Suite 1400, Erie, PA 16501 Rating

Review Sources

5.0 (25)

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The Law Offices of Steidl & Steinberg PC has been advocating for clients in Erie for over 35 years. It helps claimants resolve income returns, property lien, and wage garnishments arising from tax debts. The team provides solutions such as filing for offer in compromise, bankruptcy, or uncollectible status and challenging the audit made by the IRS or Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. One of the firm's practitioners, Brian Dodson, has been exclusively practicing tax law for more than four decades.

  • Tax Defense

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Knox Law
120 W 10th St., Erie, PA 16501
Frost Law
429 Fourth Avenue, Erie, PA 15219
Elderkin Law Firm
456 West 6th Street, Erie, PA 16507
Sebald, Hackwelder & Knox
Lovell Place, 137 E 13th St., Erie, PA 16503
The Law Offices of Steidl & Steinberg PC
1001 State St., Suite 1400, Erie, PA 16501

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  • Where does the Tax Court hold trial sessions closest to Erie, Pennsylvania?

    The trial court in Pittsburgh is the closest to Erie. It is in Room 1108, Moorhead Federal Building, 1000 Liberty Avenue (15222).

  • Where is the low-income taxpayer clinic that is closest to Erie, Pennsylvania?

    Southwestern PA Legal Services serves low-income taxpayers in Erie and is found at 10 West Cherry Avenue, Washington, PA 15301. The phone and fax numbers are 1-800-846-0871 and 724-250-1078, respectively.

  • What is better for reducing income taxes in Erie: itemized deductions or the standard deduction?

    For reducing income taxes in Erie, it is preferable to use itemized deductions if the overall value of one's deductibles outweighs the standard deduction. Expenses that qualify for itemized deductions include charitable donations, real estate mortgage interest, dental and medical expenses, and state and local taxes. However, the deductions are subject to legal limitations. For example, there is a $10,000 cap on itemized deduction for state and local taxes.

  • In Erie, is the income from dividends subject to ordinary income tax?

    In Erie, whether dividends are liable to an income tax depends on the type of dividends. Income from qualifying dividends is subject to income tax but not the ordinary income tax. The revenue sums are paid using the same rate as that for income from capital gains. For ordinary dividends, the rate applied is that for the regular income tax.

  • If religious organizations are exempt from paying income taxes, can you just establish your own church to minimize tax dues in Erie?

    The law applicable in Erie may protect religious organizations from taxation, but it does not allow for the establishment of false religions that have no real creed or place of worship. This law considers this a fraudulent course of action that counts as tax evasion. Criminal prosecution is a possibility.

  • What is the difference between tax evasion and avoidance in Erie?

    In Erie, tax avoidance is the legal act of minimizing taxes using the provisions and loopholes in the law, like when a taxpayer uses exclusions from income and exemptions to reduce the amount owed to the government. Tax evasion is illegal and involves the willful and fraudulent intent to pay less than the law intends, such as when a person fails to file a return or submits one with false entries.

  • Why is it advantageous tax-wise in Erie to give away gifts while alive instead of distributing everything by will?

    It is advantageous in Erie tax-wise to use gifts instead of inheritances because the former has more generous provisions. There are generally more exemptions for gifts and donations in the form of annual and lifetime limits than inheritances. The law encourages testators to exercise generosity while alive instead of waiting for death.