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Barthelmes Conservatory Inc. logo

Barthelmes Conservatory Inc.

Tulsa, OK 74120
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Barthelmes Conservatory Inc. is a center for music education and training located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was founded with a mission to ensure their students are exposed to fine arts in order to provide them with a complete, well-rounded education. Their lessons and programs were created to also instill underlying moral themes of knowledge, social bonds, captivation, and motivation. They provide a variety of musical programs to their community including private lessons, community outreach programs, and events such as a Spring concert. Students at Barthelmes Conservatory Inc. can choose from several musical disciplines to be trained in such as guitar, bass, flute, vocals, cello, violin, piano, and viola, and lessons are always geared to their current skill level while also encouraging further growth and development. The instructors and faculty members are all pedagogues and professional musicians who have a genuine commitment to passing on the love of music to each of their students.

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Brook Fine Arts logo

Brook Fine Arts

Tulsa, OK 74137
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Brook Fine Arts Academy is a premier musical arts training facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was first established in 1994. Since their founding, they have helped hundreds of students begin their musical education, and have gone above and beyond their students' expectations. Students can choose from many music lesson programs for guitar, bass, piano, vocals, violin, cello, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and ukulele. Brook Fine Arts Academy also provides their students with optional recital opportunities to highlight the progress they have made with their instrument. After passing certain milestones and achievements, students are rewarded with trophies and awards to encourage and celebrate their progress and education. Recitals take place in one of two large performance studios, and are performed at least twice per year.

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Butler Music School logo

Butler Music School

Tulsa, OK 74146
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Butler Music School, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a music learning facility that is dedicated to promoting the growth of their students' musical talent in an atmosphere that is both fun and relaxed. Their classrooms are essentially mini-studios with everything students need to excel, including recording equipment, amplifiers, and professional, quality instruments. They offer a variety of lessons for different instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, viola and violin, as well as vocal lessons. Their classes were created to meet their students' goals, and to inspire an excitement about learning an instrument that compels them to go home and practice. Butler Music School has many useful resources on their website such as online lesson payments, music lesson breakdowns, instructor biographies, and their general school policy.

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Charis Music Studio logo

Charis Music Studio

Owasso, OK 74055
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Charis Music Studio, located in Owasso, Oklahoma, was founded by Jamie Highfill more than 14 years ago with a true commitment to exceeding the needs of each of her students. She initially started her business out of her home, but needed to expand to her current location as popularity within the community has grown over the years. Her studio specializes in providing music lessons for guitar, piano, and vocals. Charis Music Studio also hosts many events throughout the year including public music performances that are free to attend.

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Dick Gordon Jr. Music Studio logo

Dick Gordon Jr. Music Studio

Tulsa, OK 74105
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Dick Gordon Jr. Music Studio is a premier music lesson and education provider located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was established by Dick Gordon Jr. in 1974. Since their founding, they have been teaching students of all ages and skill levels professional techniques and music theory that help to begin the journey towards becoming professional musicians. Some of their past student have gone on to perform nationally, become instructors themselves, signed onto record labels as studio musicians, and have toured and performed with artists such as Larry Carlton and John Lennon. Dick Gordon Jr. Music Studio teaches their students many guitar techniques such as open and closed basic and extension chords, soloing, arpeggios, unique picking techniques, and advanced rhythm variations, as well as music discipline strategies.

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Firey Bros. Music & Pro Audio logo

Firey Bros. Music & Pro Audio

Tulsa, OK 74112
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Firey Bros. Music & Pro Audio is the oldest surviving music store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was first established in 1978. Since their founding, they have provided the community with superior customer service, quality music lessons. and instrument and equipment sales. The company offers music lessons for guitar, drums, piano, flute, fiddle, violin, as well as vocal training sessions that last either a half hour or an hour. Firey Bros. Music & Pro Audio's music instructors are educated, experienced musicians who are dedicated to enriching the lives of students through music. The store also offers guitar repair and maintenance, as well as electronic instrument repairs. They feature only the highest quality musical instruments and equipment from renowned brands like Fender, Alvarez, C.F. Martin, Peavey, Martin, and Washburn.

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Firey Music & Lessons logo

Firey Music & Lessons

Sand Springs, OK 74063
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Firey Music & Lessons is the oldest music store in the Tulsa area that is still owned and operated by its founder Ray Firey. The Sand Springs-based store specializes in music lessons and music instrument and accessory sales and has always strived to provide their students and customers with superior service and excellence while also ensuring that they feel valued and important. They pride themselves on being able to teach students of all ages their favorite instrument, and on their ability to accommodate any style of music students wish to learn. Firey Music & Lessons has many years of experience in teaching students many different instruments including electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano, banjo, drums, mandolin, ukulele, and they also offer vocal lessons. Their lessons are scheduled one day a week for about thirty minutes per lesson, and are billed by the month.

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Oklahoma Music Academy logo

Oklahoma Music Academy

Tulsa, OK 74133
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Oklahoma Music Academy is a premier learning center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They provide daily lessons for guitar, piano, bass, drums, music composition, songwriting, and vocals. Their lessons are all private, and were designed to encourage students of all ages and skill levels to excel at their chosen disciplines. OMA Summer Jam is a yearly event hosted by Oklahoma Music Academy that includes a six-week rock band experience, which allows students to exercise what they have learned in a low-pressure setting that focuses on having fun just as much as performing well. The guitar instructor, Mac Ross, has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years, and has experience in teaching, songwriting, and performance. In 2010, he was appointed to the Tulsa Arts Commission by Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start giving guitar lessons?

A: To start giving guitar lessons, you must first possess the skills and knowledge needed to provide instruction. Once your teaching skills are developed, you can advertise your services through online want ads or by building your own website that highlights your teaching techniques, experience, and pricing.

Q: Is playing too much guitar bad for you?

A: Playing too much guitar is only considered bad for someone if they injure themselves. For example, overplaying the guitar when you first begin can lead to sore, blistered fingers; however, blisters and calluses are common among guitar players. Holding a heavy guitar for extended periods may also lead to aching shoulders and back pain.

Q: Does playing guitar make you more attractive?

A: Playing the guitar well can help build one's confidence, which in turn may make someone more attractive to others. Some surveys have shown that men and women find people who play the guitar approximately 90% more attractive. However, whether someone finds another attractive is a personal feeling, so there's no scientific proof that playing a guitar boosts one's attractiveness.

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