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Barbara Ann Bartlett is an award-winning family law attorney who serves the residents of Tulsa's metro area from her Catoosa location. Ms. Bartlett focuses exclusively on identifying avenues of divorce that bring long-term wellbeing to both parties. The attorney offers three options; the collaborative method, where the couple are coached through the divorce process; the mediation method with the attorney acting as the third party; and the hybrid method that blends the first two opportunities.

The Law Office of Brian C. Been PLLC has provided compassionate and dedicated family law representation for over 25 years. Serving Pima County from its Tulsa location, the firm offers flexible and affordable services, including emergency consultations. It also accepts walk-ins. The firm practices a gamut of family law cases, mediating and litigating in divorces, supporting clients through the difficulties of child custody disputes, as well as helping other families grow through adoption and step-parent adoption.

Bryan Stratton is a Tulsa family lawyer who delivers dedicated and comprehensive services to individuals and families throughout the metro area. The attorney has years of experience helping his clients find resolutions to their family crises, whether it be divorcing their spouse, dealing with the legal and emotional anxieties surrounding child custody arrangements, or dividing the marital estate and debts. The firm also supports couples seeking to enhance their family through adoption.

The Cornell Law Firm offers comprehensive services in matters of family law for the residents of its Tulsa location and the surrounding areas. The firm was founded by Attorney Melissa F. Cornell, a 2004 graduate of the University of Tulsa College of Law and Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Its attorneys offer compassionate and diligent advocacy and mediation services in all areas of family law, including divorce, adoption, child custody, paternity disputes, and appeals.

Giles Law PC has over two decades of experience supporting clients through the challenges of family law. Located in Jenks, it accepts cases throughout the Tulsa metro area. Attorney Robert Giles is licensed to practice in the federal courts of all four districts. Mr. Giles has significant experience advocating in all types of divorce, from couples who collaborate in ending their union to more complex cases that include disputes over custody and visitation rights, as well as protective order situations.

The Tulsa-based Law Offices of John M. Dunn PLLC serve Pima County, with an additional location in Mannford, Oklahoma. The family law practice was founded by award-winning attorney, John Dunn. As well as offering mediation services, the practice is experienced in dealing with emotionally charged divorce cases, where it promotes areas of common ground to minimize anxiety for all concerned. The firm also handles adoption and guardianship cases, and the collection of child support payments.

Kirsten Bernhardt Attorney at Law is a well-established Tulsa law practice that dedicates a large part of its resources to family law matters. Founded by Attorney Kirsten Bernhardt to serve families and individuals throughout the metro area, the firm offers comprehensive and dedicated counsel and support in a range of areas, from complex cases of divorce and child custody disagreements to child support disputes and the rights of grandparents and other interested parties.

Serving the surrounding counties from its location in Tulsa, the Law Office of Aaron D. Bundy has singular experience handling matters of family law. The firm advocates in all forms of divorce, with particular emphasis on high-asset and high-conflict cases. Attorney Aaron Bundy, a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, has delivered successful representation since 2006, building a track record of achievements in divorce, child custody, and cases of fabricated allegations.

Tulsa-based Luke Barteaux Attorney at Law focuses exclusively on family law matters, serving individuals and families in the surrounding areas. Attorney Luke Barteaux has served as a district court judge, placing him in the unique position of having experience in both judicial roles that concern the family law matters he now advocates for. These include cases of adoption, guardianship, child support, custody, and relocation, as well as Indian child welfare cases and grandparent rights.

Matthew P. Gomez Attorney at Law is a Tulsa family lawyer and mediator who has represented clients in the surrounding area since 1994. Throughout his career, Mr. Gomez has advocated in all aspects of family law. This includes disputes surrounding paternity, grandparents taking on the role of parents, and modifications to previous court rulings due to changes in circumstances. In divorce matters, the attorney values mediation, keeping litigation to an absolute minimum.

Murphy Francy, PLLC focuses on families, whether it's helping them thrive through adoption or providing support during the pain of divorce. The boutique Tulsa legal practice has years of experience serving people throughout Tulsa County. All its attorneys are skilled in mediation, preferring to find workable solutions to even the gravest of family crises, such as custody battles and paternity proceedings. The firm particularly advocates for families with children struggling due to physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. The firm also focuses on family formation including adoption, fertility and surrogacy law.

Fully committed to family law, N. Scott Johnson & Associates is a Tulsa-based legal firm that focuses on the northeast region, with attorneys licensed to practice statewide. Founded in 2007, the firm has experience in all aspects of divorce, from collaborative breakups with few assets to complex cases involving high net worth couples. In the sensitive matters relating to child custody, access rights, and child support, the firm attempts mediation until the aggressive representation of its clients becomes unavoidable.

Founded in 2007, Tulsa-based Stange Law Firm is a legal practice dedicated to family law in Pima County, with additional offices in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. As a dedicated practice, its attorneys are particularly skilled in representing individuals and families experiencing the pain and stress of divorce. The firm handles a wide range of cases for civilians and military personnel, including child custody, high net-worth divorces, property division, and issues concerning family violence.

Tamera A. Childers PLLC is a Tulsa lawyer recognized by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys as one of the Top 10 family law attorneys in the city. Ms. Childers' practice focuses on supporting clients through the emotional rollercoaster of divorce and its associated issues, such as child custody and visitation concerns, the division of property and the valuation of businesses, as well as paternity matters.

The Alexander Law Firm PLLC is a Tulsa-based family law practice that offers legal counsel and support to clients in Sapulpa, Wagoner, and throughout the northeastern area of the state. Attorney Todd Alexander is an award-winning board-certified mediator with over 30 years of experience supporting individuals and families through the complexities, anxieties, and occasional joys of family law. His most common areas of practice include helping families with adoptions, finding workable resolutions through divorce, and arranging premarital agreements.

The Price Law Firm PLLC devotes much of its practice to family law, supporting clients through the stressful issues often associated with it. Serving all 77 counties from its Tulsa offices, the firm was founded by Attorney Alex Price to help people through divorce and deal with child custody anxieties, as well as other matters related to family breakdown. A former mental health counselor, Mr. Price uses his mediation and legal skills to find acceptable and workable long-term solutions.

Tiffany Graves Law is a general practice firm that devotes a large part of its resources to representing individuals and families in matters of family law. Serving people throughout the metro area of her Tulsa offices, Attorney Tiffany Graves believes in aggressive and honest legal counsel, diligently pursuing the best for her clients. The attorney accepts opposite and same-sex divorce cases, matters concerning child support, couples looking to adopt, and father's rights.

Woodward Law Firm PLLC is a Tulsa-based practice dedicated to family law that aims to offer cost-effective solutions to individuals and families throughout the surrounding counties. Providing 24/7 availability and tailored service, Attorney Nicholas K. Woodward has delivered over 15 years of aggressive advocacy for people experiencing divorce, child custody disagreements, parental support issues, and disputes surrounding the division of their shared estate. Additionally, the practice accepts cases of debt division and alimony payment conflicts.

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