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Norman Music Institute logo

Norman Music Institute

Norman, OK 73072

Business Description

Norman Music Institute is a piano learning center in Norman. The school features an on-site concert hall as well as an in-house music store and seeks to make lessons as fun as possible with numerous performance opportunities for students to become engaged and excited about learning more. The first lesson is free, scheduling is flexible, and instructors customize sessions per each individual's needs and goals. NMI offers lessons in other instruments as well including guitar, saxophone, strings, clarinet, banjo, trumpet, and trombone, hosts regular high-profile guest clinicians, and provides students opportunities to join Student Showcases, Rock Band Clinics, Live Playing Workshops, Group Jams, and a Summer Band. NMI is also a member of the National Association of Music Merchants and the Percussive Arts Society.


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Sonder Music Piano Studio logo

Sonder Music Piano Studio

Norman, OK 73069

Business Description

Sonder Music Piano Studio offers piano instruction in the Norman area. Private weekly lessons are available in the teacher's home as well as periodic group classes and bi-annual studio recitals. The group also offers master classes for students at the intermediate level and above. The instructor, Lauren Sonder, focuses on a well-rounded curriculum to learn a variety of musical skills and writes about piano learning via her blog. Ms. Sonder holds a Masters of Music in composition from the University of Oklahoma, has sat on the boards for the Oklahoma Composers Association, is a member of various teacher associations, and was named Fowler Arts Educator of the Year by Fowler Volkswagen and the Norman Arts Council in 2014.

Vivace Piano Studio logo

Vivace Piano Studio

Edmond, OK 73013

Business Description

Vivace Piano Studio teaches piano in Edmond. Students can sign up for private lessons of 30 or 60 minutes in length, and multiple-student as well as military discounts are available. The school tailors lessons to each student and sees piano learning as a form of self-expression as well as a tool for building self-discipline, confidence, focus, patience, organization, and motivation. The teacher holds a Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma, completed an internship in Piano Pedagogy, and is the Fellows Chair on the Board of the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association. The teacher is also an active performer, and individuals can contact Vivace to inquire about live performances for weddings and private events as well as to rent the studio's space for recording, rehearsals, or lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction

    Piano lessons help beginner and seasoned piano players sharpen their piano skills through finger exercises, repetitive playing, and memorizing and playing music. Students can achieve advanced piano player status by successfully completing eight levels of piano study, which typically requires weekly lessons and continual practice.

    People of all ages can take piano lessons, and piano teachers work as private instructors, in public and private schools, and at community colleges and music conservatories. While many players have a natural gift or an ability to play piano by ear, piano lessons can help with fundamentals, such as sight-reading music and understanding the musical process.
  • What does a piano teacher do?

    Piano teachers instruct students on the basic fundamentals of piano playing, including learning scales; sharp, flat, and natural keys; and note ranges. They help students learn specific pieces of music for performances or personal enjoyment, and they host student recitals and assist with preparation for auditions and competitions.

  • Why take piano lessons?

    People take piano lessons to learn how to play the piano both professionally and for simple enjoyment, how to read music, and how to develop good hand-eye coordination through reading and playing music at the same time. Taking piano lessons is also beneficial for those with natural talent, as lessons help them sharpen their skills and gain deeper musical knowledge.

  • Is it worth getting a piano teacher?

    If you want to sharpen your piano playing skills or learn to play piano at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, it's worth signing up for lessons with a professional teacher. Experienced piano teachers have the knowledge and skills to help students learn everything from basic techniques to highly difficult piano pieces.

  • What should I look for in a piano teacher?

    Important things to look for in a piano teacher are experience and/or formal music education to ensure you get the most out of each lesson. A good rapport and connection between student and teacher is also essential, as this helps both parties remain comfortable and relaxed during sessions.

  • Do you need a piano to take piano lessons?

    Many piano teachers prefer to teach lessons on a standard piano. Although, there are keyboards available with piano settings that can be used for lessons and practice. However, keyboards are designed slightly differently than pianos. Many keyboards have 61 keys compared to 88-key pianos, so lessons may have to be altered, and sheet music may require transposing when taking lessons on a keyboard.

  • Are piano and keyboard lessons the same?

    Keyboards and pianos are similar instruments, which means lessons are also similar. Piano lessons can be taken on keyboards; however, most keyboards have less keys than pianos, and not all keyboards come with foot pedals as pianos do. Additionally, keyboard lessons may incorporate more chording and electronic sound effects as opposed to straight melodies.