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R & T Yoder Electric, Inc

101 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield, OH 45502
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  • New Construction
  • Generators
  • Electric Car Port Installation
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Lighting Installation
  • Commercial

Business Description

The Springfield Sales Office of R & T Yoder Electric, Inc., caters to the electrical needs of residential and commercial property owners in the local metro. Since it was founded more than 17 years ago, the family-run business has been designing, installing, and updating electrical systems, including lighting, electric service panels, and backup generators. The company's electricians also diagnose and troubleshoot problems like GFCI receptacles that won't reset, outlets that aren't working, and damaged underground cables. Additionally, they install solar panels and electric car chargers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an electrician install solar panels?

Yes, a professional electrician is actually important to the solar panel installation process because solar panels must be integrated into a home's power, which can be complex. Hiring a professional electrician who's bonded and insured offers some peace of mind. If something happens with the installation, you may have some recourse for covering damages.

Who installs a garbage disposal—a plumber or electrician?

Typically, a plumber installs a garbage disposal because the work involves pipes and water flow under the sink. The power usually comes from simply plugging the disposal into a wall outlet. If a new outlet needs to be installed to support the disposal, an electrician can be hired to do that work before the plumber installs the disposal.

What is a master electrician?

A master electrician is a certified, experienced electrician who typically has more experience and credentials than a journeyman electrician. Master electricians can own their own businesses and supervise other electricians. The qualifications for this certification vary by state but can include a degree or certain education requirements and years of experience. Usually, master electricians have previously received journeyman status, which also requires a certain number of hours or years worked in the field or completion of an apprenticeship program. Jobs that may best be tasked to a master electrician include:

  • Installing a circuit breaker
  • Rewiring a home
  • Installing an appliance circuit
  • Installing an electric baseboard heater
  • Repairing aluminum wiring 
  • Designing and planning an electrical system for a residence or commercial property

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