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AD:60 is a mobile-first digital agency in Brooklyn doing UX and UI design work for the mobile applications it builds. This agency follows a solution-focused methodology to create user interface and experience features that solve business problems and increase productivity and customer engagement. It leverages design experience to bolster its UX services, pairing this with web development expertise to develop on-brand user experiences with visual components. AD:60 also performs in-depth quality control measures consisting of rapid prototyping, performance testing, and iterative assessments. is a design studio in New York serving the needs of start-ups as well as large legacy businesses by designing the user interfaces and user experiences of their websites and mobile applications. As many of its clients are e-commerce businesses, it has extensive experience building site and application architecture to facilitate purchases and encourage customer retention by creating positive user experiences. also provides front- and back-end development services for applications that are overseen by dedicated project managers.

Agente is a software company providing an appealing user experience in New York that's focused on UX and UI design. This company has a wide based of experience designing user interfaces for websites and mobile applications, especially for e-commerce companies. It is able to revamp platforms that facilitate purchases in ways that encourage increased conversions through improved layouts, functionality, and visually stimulating interactions. Agente also conducts product research to help clients explore opportunities to improve their products and does both in-house and remote usability testing for quality assurance.

App Partner is an application developer serving businesses throughout the New York metro area and beyond. It designs user interfaces both for service-oriented and e-commerce-focused applications, and builds frameworks that facilitate user experiences. Some of its clients are legacy brands with existing websites who need to update their infrastructure to improve performance or navigability or who seek to expand their reach via the development of mobile applications. App Partner also embraces emerging technologies including NFC, VR, and AR to augment user experiences where possible.

Archbolt has UX/UI designers in New York who create for digital products. It develops applications for platforms, such as iOS, and designs interfaces that help clients to make decisions intuitively. Much of its work centers on the consumer experience, and it implements UX design choices that not only serve to satisfy customers and other end users but help to achieve e-commerce goals for its clients. Archbolt is experienced with emerging technologies too and has previously integrated augmented reality elements into the UX of applications.

ATTCK is a full-service design agency providing convenient user experience in New York for websites and applications. It also structures user experiences, creating sitemaps and wireframes inspired by user research to facilitate user flows that encourage favorable perceptions among end users. ATTCK gives clients the opportunity to preview their pages by providing clickable prototypes too. In-house web development and content production services are provided as well, meaning clients can hire ATTCK to create complete web pages.

Behavior Design is a UX and product strategy company serving the New York metro area. It designs user experiences for clients while providing strategic consulting services to help them define and pursue their goals. This company has a broad base of expertise designing UX features for digital products such as customer service kiosks. It also develops responsive websites that facilitate branded UX journeys and builds user interfaces for desktop and mobile applications. Behavior Design does graphic design work and produces branded content as well.

Offering UX design in New York, Coalesce is a digital product agency that's been merging unconventional designs with user-focused solutions since 2006. It builds web and mobile products for various sectors, including online learning, real estate, e-commerce, and entertainment. The user's experience and interface with the product are at the core of its sometimes unconventional designs. The agency focuses its products exclusively on the client's target user, ensuring the products are equal parts practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Based in Brooklyn, HappyFunCorp designs and develops software that addresses its client's requirements while ensuring the experience and interface resolve the user's unmet needs while being aesthetically pleasing. It helps start-ups and established larger businesses to find solutions that engage with users and customers, as well as resolving issues. The agency's UX/UI services include research, planning, design, development, and testing. Its clients include Disney, Twitter, and Gatorade.

Heady is a Brooklyn headquartered mobile product consultancy that delivers sustainable innovation through design and technology. They integrate with internal digital teams to solve pressing problems, create polished digital products, and scale results over the short and long term. Their approach is to design locally and build globally, using teams in clients’ regions who work side-by-side with international engineering talent. Heady has offices in Brooklyn, London and Mumbai.

Founded in New Dehli in 2009, KiwiTech is a technology services company that builds digital solutions structured around the user experience and user interface. Its NYC and Washington D.C. locations manage eight satellite offices across the U.S. KiwiTech specializes in accelerating growth for start-ups and developing enterprise solutions for established businesses in multiple industries. Its 500+ developers have produced 1500+ solutions that were built following its UX/UI process of extensive research, planning, design, development, and testing.

Milkshake Studio is active throughout the New York metro area and uses its UX and UI design skills to help clients improve the quality and performance of their products and services. Some of its clients have e-commerce development needs and this studio is experienced with developing user experience features for these platforms, most often making changes that aim to improve conversion rates and brand loyalty among customers. Milkshake Studio's UX services are supplemented by extensive branding and product design expertise.


OrangeYouGlad is a professional digital design studio founded in 2002 in Brooklyn. The agency specializes in customer-centric UX/UI design and development solutions that are based on user needs, pain points, and behaviors. It also combines market research and client data to create custom designs that highlight the company's brand message. Additionally, OrangeYouGlad handles event promotions and website development services. It has helped clients such as The Aspen Institute and Daily Burn develop UX/UI designs that optimize the user experience.

ORIL is a Brooklyn-based digital agency specializing in web, mobile and IoT applications design and development. The agency helps businesses of all sizes with interactive prototyping, explicit UI/UX design, graphic design and branding with clear messages for their digital products. Its team conducts domain trends analysis, researches the competitors and potential users of its clients' products. The designers use the gathered information to optimize the product's interface and improve the users' experiences. ORIL’s past projects include health & fitness applications, real estate platforms, marketplaces and IoT solutions.

Peritus Digital is a New York-based developer offering UX and UI design services a part of its development services, which it provides to clients seeking to develop web-based, mobile, and multiplatform applications. It creates user interfaces for marketing websites as well as comprehensive e-commerce platforms. Because Peritus Digital is particularly experienced with visual design it is able to offer clients robust branding and content creation services which can supplement its user interface design efforts and assist in the creation of user journeys.

Postlight have talented UX/UI designers in New York for web development. They have experience with complex challenges involving content management platforms. The company helps clients integrate a multitude of disparate platforms into unified platforms with centralized user interfaces. Postlight also manages the user experience by working to ensure that these platforms function optimally on a range of devices and convey a consistent UX across all of the channels that they utilize.

Providing UX design in New York, Raxo is a creative, motion graphics, and branding agency. Its culture is one of innovation, experimentation, and practical solutions to complex problems. Its clients come mostly from the arts and entertainment, but it also operates beyond those sectors. UX/UI are the foundation of the digital products it develops, built upon in-depth research, and repeated testing. The agency has worked with the BBC, Lufthansa, Hilton, and Oracle, and is the recipient of many awards, including nine Emmys.

Small Planet is a New York agency that has been working with major clients in the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries since 2009. It focuses on designing, developing, and managing mobile digital experiences on Android and iOS applications. The agency's design team specializes in enhancing products by improving user experience. It has worked with nonprofits to create voter registration apps with features such as custom illustrations, language preference recognition, and push notifications.

Suits & Sandals is a Brooklyn-based branding communication agency serving businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the New York metro area, partly through its web development-based UX design services. As many of its projects involve clients with outdated or poorly-operating web pages, this agency often makes changes to site architecture and user interface layouts in order to improve the overall performance and clarity of navigation. It offers user experience audits to discover shortcomings and informs design changes using market and user research data. Suits & Sandals emphasizes communications consulting and brand strategy as a core part of every UX design project, which gives the company the ability to create stronger UX solutions for its clients.

Weil & Jones is a development and consulting agency doing user interface design as part of its visual design services. It plans data-driven design decisions for clients and does the research to acquire said data by studying its clients' users and their market environments. User interface design is conducted in coordination with integrated branding efforts, and clients are able to preview the final result via wireframes and prototypes developed by Weil & Jones. This developer also does usability testing for quality assurance purposes.

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