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Pixel Wraps

1018 Ocean View Avenue, New York, NY 11235
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Business Description

Pixel Wraps is a full-service wrap company near Brooklyn that helps improve a business's brand awareness through memorable decals and graphics. Its team of in-house designers creates mobile advertising billboards by installing 3M vinyl wraps on all food trucks, vans, buses, and trailers. The company designs window wraps, decals, and lettering for storefronts, offices, and houses to promote its products and services. As an alternative to vinyl wraps, Pixel Wraps makes removable magnetic signs for automobiles in different sizes.


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Pixel Wraps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a wrapped car through a car wash?

A car wrapped with signage can safely go through an automated car wash, but the wash must be brushless and only use water spray to prevent scratches or lifting of the film. The safest option is hand washing but most water sprayers are gentle enough for wrapped cars.

Can you wrap a car with paint chips?

A vinyl wrap is crafted to cling to a car's surface and create an appearance that the wrap is actually part of the car. When wraps are applied to automobiles with paint chips, the material naturally clings to the slightly indented areas, leading to a pitted look, so it's always a good idea to repair chips prior to application.

What happens if you scratch a wrapped car?

Scratches on car wraps can usually be repaired by applying a vinyl patch to the affected area. It's important to clean the scratched portion thoroughly and make sure all areas are dry before re-applying. Once the vinyl patch is placed, all air bubbles should be smoothed out, and this can be done with the careful use of a heat gun.

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