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941 Blake avenue, brooklyn, NY 11207
brooklyn, NY 11207

Stuart OnDemand is a New York-based logistics company offering courier services to Brooklyn residents and businesses. The company addresses the delivery, distribution, and local storage needs of clients with its staff and drivers. Its list of delivery services includes same-day, priority, overnight, and next-day, door-to-door arrangements. Items for delivery can be anything, from an envelope to larger shipments up to 25 pounds in weight, including medical supplies. Airport pickups are monitored, from the time shipments are tendered, to being on-board, until their delivery.

941 Blake avenue, brooklyn, NY 11207
brooklyn, NY 11207

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why choose a courier delivery service?

A courier service can provide businesses with customized delivery options that shipping and delivery companies can’t. Some benefits of working with a courier instead of a shipping or delivery company include:

  • Time-sensitive delivery, including same-day, local service

  • Custom prices for high-volume or repeat business

  • Attention to detail and optimal care for packages

  • Ability to handle confidential items

  • Around-the-clock availability for clients

  • Variety of items, including specialty shipments, accepted

  • Frequent tracking of sensitive shipments

  • Assistance with international shipping requirements

Q: What is the USPS?
A: The United States Postal Service is a government-backed postal service it's subject to federal guidelines and control. While it offers overnight service in some cases, this might not come with a guarantee of delivery. Another reason the USPS isn’t considered a courier is that its standard shipping isn’t very rapid. Further, its services are limited compared to what a courier can provide.
Q: Are FedEx/UPS/Amazon courier services?
A: FedEx, UPS, and Amazon are shipping services, not couriers. While they offer many of the same services, they don’t provide the personalized attention and care for packages that couriers do. Additionally, they can't match the speedy service that separates couriers from other delivery options. These three large companies also don’t have the flexibility that a courier offers, and they aren’t available around the clock for customers.

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