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1701 N. Green Valley Parkway Suite #1, Henderson, NV 89074
Henderson, NV 89074

Okuda Orthodontics is an orthodontic clinic that has been serving Henderson for more than three decades. Upon the patient's visit, the coordinator will conduct a dental scan with the i-CAT™ imaging system, a piece of equipment that shows the patient's teeth and skull in 3D. Orthodontists will then evaluate the results and give suitable treatment options. They may provide Damon™ Smile System metal braces or apply Invisalign®, a device that has no brackets. Specialists at Okuda Orthodontics also accommodate teenagers.

1701 N. Green Valley Parkway Suite #1, Henderson, NV 89074
Henderson, NV 89074

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can a dental hygienist become an orthodontist?
A: A dental hygienist completes a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene to receive their accreditation. After this, they can choose to continue their education to become an orthodontist. They'll first need to complete a four-year doctoral program to get a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. After which, they'll continue on to an orthodontist specialty.
Q: How much does an orthodontist assistant make?
A: According to, the median annual salary for an orthodontist assistant in 2020 was $34,477. However, this salary can vary greatly depending on the state the orthodontist assisting is working in, the total hours worked, level of experience, and other factors.
Q: How do I become an orthodontist assistant?
A: An orthodontist assistant will need to complete a certificate or associate’s degree in dental assisting and get certified to practice. Each state might have slightly different requirements, such as state exams, to become an orthodontist assistant. You’ll need to:
  • Review your state’s requirements
  • Choose a certification or associate's degree program in your area, enroll, and graduate
  • Pass the certification exam

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