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Laser Hair Removal Services FAQs

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469 Morris Ave #2, Elizabeth, NJ 07208
Elizabeth, NJ 07208
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Metropolitan Dermatology serves patients from Elizabeth and the surrounding areas. It offers non-surgical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, such as laser hair removal. This technology utilizes intense light that helps destroy hair follicles and reduces their ability to produce new hair. Applicable to men and women, the treatment can remove hairs from arms, legs, underarms, and torso areas. Three to five sessions are required to achieve the desired results. Metropolitan Dermatology operates 14 offices that have been using an electronic medical record system since 2004.

469 Morris Ave #2, Elizabeth, NJ 07208
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does laser hair removal work on dark skin?
Laser hair removal is most effective on people with light skin and dark hair. The lack of contrast between dark hair against dark skin makes older, short-wavelength lasers an unreliable and unsafe option for people of color. But newer, long-wave — Nd:YAG — laser hair removal tools are designed to overcome this problem.

The Motus AX is another good option. By heating gradually and applying low-energy heat pulses, this Alexandrite laser can be safely used on very dark skin. So, with the right equipment and a dermatologist trained in their use, people with medium to dark skin can reap the benefits of this newer technology.
Q: Is there a laser hair removal for blonde hair?
A: Older laser technology was inefficient in targeting blond hair for laser removal. But technological advancements have improved these efforts. Some of these advanced lasers can artificially dye light hairs to help the laser find and travel down individual hairs to the follicles. Long pulse lasers have also been somewhat successful with the removal of blond hair.
Q: Does laser hair removal cause cancer?
A: No evidence or research suggests laser hair removal causes cancer. Using light energy may concern some people since UV ray exposure can lead to skin cancer. However, the light emitted from the lasers used in these treatments has no UV range at all.

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