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Drywall Contractors FAQs

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BC Drywall, Inc. logo

BC Drywall, Inc.

Elkhorn, NE 68022
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BC Drywall, Inc. has been the area's premier source for quality drywall work since 2004, with a team of experienced, dedication experts ready to handle jobs of any size. The company's technicians perform interior and exterior drywall installations, repairs, and texturizing services, as well complete installations of insulation, doors, hardware, and acoustical wall systems. Customers can browse the company's website to see the range of services, and call or email the company to get price quotes and schedule a consultation.

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Clark Drywall Patch Services logo

Clark Drywall Patch Services

Papillion, NE 68046
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Clark Drywall Patch Services is the one-stop source for professional drywall repair services, offering quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and convenient price quotes over the phone. The company's technicians repair cracks, water damage, and holes in drywall, including expert texture matching for a seamless finish. Additional services include acoustical ceiling installation, custom spray and hand texturing, and arch and column surfacing. Customers can call or use the quick contact form on the company's website to get price estimates and schedule service.

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Doctor Odd Job logo

Doctor Odd Job

Omaha, NE 68164
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Doctor Odd Job has been Omaha's premier handyman company for over 20 years. The company offers an extensive menu of maintenance, cleaning, and repair service to homeowners, and has a team of skilled and experienced technicians ready to handle jobs of any size. Services include interior drywall repairs, painting, and door repairs, and exterior maintenance like gutter cleaning, deck care, and concrete caulking. Customers can call or contact the company to request service, and a team of friendly professionals will arrive to do the job right.

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Heritage Painting & Restorations logo

Heritage Painting & Restorations

Omaha, NE 68106
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Heritage Painting & Restorations has earned a reputation for "professional, fair, hard-working" staff and "extremely reasonable" prices. The company provides an extensive selection of services, including drywall repair and restoration, plaster repair, faux finishing, wood repair and restorations, and wallpaper removals. The company's technicians also refinish wood furniture and flooring, paint interior and exterior surfaces, and perform professional restorations after damage from water or fires. Customers can browse the company's website to see the full list of top-quality services.

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Integrated Builders, Inc. logo

Integrated Builders, Inc.

Omaha, NE 68142
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Integrated Builders, Inc. has been Omaha's premier residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and handyman company for over 20 years. The company provides a range of professional services for home and business owners, from complete renovations and new construction to home drywall repairs and painting. The company's highly trained technicians are prepared for any job, including siding repairs, deck building, and repair and cleaning service for apartment complexes, and the company id fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau for customer assurance.

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Omaha Drywall Inc. logo

Omaha Drywall Inc.

Omaha, NE 68136
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Omaha Drywall Inc. has been providing top-quality service since 1979, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction. The company offers complete drywall services to residential customers, including installations, repairs, and custom texturizing. The company's experienced technicians build new additions and remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and basements to give customers a fresh, new space the whole family can enjoy. The company also provides drywall and finishing services for new constructions and room additions, and customers can call or email the company to get started with a consultation.

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R.D. Schuller logo

R.D. Schuller

Omaha, NE 68130
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R.D. Schuller is an Omaha contracting and remodeling company with more than 40 years of experience in providing professional services to commercial and residential customers. The company's teams of highly-trained and certified technicians create new, customized rooms, additions, decks, and spaces, from updated kitchens and bathrooms to basement finishing and lighting design, all at competitive process. Customers can rest assure that every detail will be handled professionally, on time, and on budget at R.D. Schuller.

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RC Remodeling logo

RC Remodeling

Omaha, NE 68144
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RC Remodeling is the area's one-stop home remodeling company, with an extensive selection of services and a licensed, experienced team of technicians dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. The company's team handles every step of the remodeling process, creating new, beautiful bathrooms, kitchens, decks, and patios using the highest quality of products. Services include drywall installation and finishing, custom wall textures, granite countertops, tub and shower installations, and basement finishing, and customers can call the company to get started with a custom price estimate.

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Sean Ross Painting Inc. logo

Sean Ross Painting Inc.

Gretna, NE 68028
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Sean Ross Painting Inc. is a team of home care experts that offers a range of services for homeowners. The company's technicians perform drywall repair and replacements, custom wall texturing, and interior and exterior painting, and painting services include a free color consultation. The company also offers deck cleaning, staining, and sealing, as well as exterior pressure washing to keep driveways, walkways, and siding free of moss and grime. Customers can call or contact the company on the website to receive a free price estimate.

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Walls2Floors Inc logo

Walls2Floors Inc

Elkhorn, NE 68022
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Walls2Floors Inc is an award-winning Elkhorn contracting and renovation company with a reputation for providing superior service to customers. The company's designers, contractors, and technicians complete every job to exceed customer's expectations, creating bright, new, customized spaces that make homes and businesses more comfortable, usable, and beautiful. Services include ceiling and wall repairs, drywall work, mirrors and glass installations, flooring installations, and even heated floor system installations. Customers can call or contact the company on the website to get information and custom price quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What steps are there to a drywall installation? 

A: Six main steps are required to complete a drywall installation project. These steps include:

  1. Prepare the room: Get the room ready for drywall installation by clearing unnecessary things out of the way. If it’s a new building project, this might mean basics like sweeping debris out of the way or vacuuming dust out of outlet boxes. If it’s a renovation project, this can include decor elements. Remove things like trim and outlet covers as well as curtains.
  2. Hang the drywall: Measure the drywall using the drywall T-square and cut it to the desired size. Use the drywall screws and drill to attach the sheets of drywall to the framework. Be sure there’s a 1/2-inch gap along the floor line and 1/8-inch gap between each sheet of drywall. Additionally, stagger seams as much as possible.
  3. Tape the drywall seams: Apply mesh drywall tape over each seamline. Smooth the tape using a wide, flat drywall knife edge. Work with a small section of drywall tape at a time to avoid wrinkles in the tape. The tape needs to be as smooth as possible so it blends in and becomes invisible when you finish the wall.
  4. Apply joint compound coats: Use a drywall knife to spread one to three layers of joint compound over the drywall tape. With each layer, work to smooth the edges until it blends and there are no obvious lines where the tape attaches to the drywall. Finish inner corners by putting joint compound in creases and smoothing with the drywall knife. 
  5. Apply the skim coat: If there are any bumps or nail holes in the drywall, fill them with joint compound. After it has cured at least 24 hours, the level five finish known as skim coating can be completed. To do this, use painting gear to apply a diluted layer of joint compound then feather it out using a trowel or drywall knife. Skim coating can be performed on new drywall if there are damaged spots or to restore the appearance of older drywall.
  6. Prime and paint the wall: While priming and painting aren't standard parts of drywalling, they are required to finish the wall unless it’s being wallpapered or paneled. Check for rough spots and sand off anything that shouldn’t be there. Apply a coat of primer. Let it dry completely before painting the new drywall.

Q: What tools are needed to complete a drywall installation?

A: To complete a drywall installation project, you need tools for measuring, cutting, attaching, and finishing drywall. These include a drywall T-square, a jab saw, a utility knife, a drywall knife, a drill and drywall screws, drywall sanding sponges, and a sanding pole with sanding sheets.

Q: How do you plan a drywall project?

A: Take careful measurements. Sketch the area you plan to drywall, or use a computer program to calculate dimensions. Decide how to piece sections of drywall around doors and windows. Use these measurements to calculate how much sheetrock you need as well as how much seaming tape and spackle you need for the project.

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