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1984 South Main Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Elemental Acupuncture Center is an acupuncture clinic in Wake Forest that offers treatments such as acupuncture, dry needling, and cupping. This wellness clinic's services can help patients manage medical issues such as fatigue, weight loss, allergies, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure. Elemental Acupuncture Center's treatments are also helpful to people dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, opioid addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Its head, Alise Beccaria, DAc, LAc, seeks to improve patients' quality of life by reducing their pain and boosting their energy.

1984 South Main Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587
Wake Forest, NC 27587

InstagramWebsite(919) 435-8550

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do acupuncturists need to be licensed to practice acupuncture?
A: Washington D.C. and 47 states require some type of licensing to perform acupuncture. South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Alabama don’t regulate acupuncturists. Elsewhere, credentialing requirements and standards vary. Most states with acupuncture legal oversight require National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exams or certification in compliance with the Acupuncture Practice Act. California has its own licensing exam.
Q: What needles are used in acupuncture?
A: Metal filiform needles are the type commonly used for acupuncture today. These sterile, stainless-steel thread-like needles are available in varying diameters and lengths. The typical gauges range from 0.12 mm to 0.35 mm. Japanese acupuncture calls for thinner needles than Chinese methods. Acupuncture needles are designed for one use before disposal. Some acupuncturists use gold or silver needles.
Q: How many acupuncture appointments will you need to complete a treatment?
A: It’s best to discuss how many sessions you’ll need with your acupuncturist during your initial consultation. Most patients who seek acupuncture to help with a medical condition and related pain need several sessions. They may start treatment with one to three sessions per week for a few weeks. Once they see improvement, treatments may taper off to in-frequent maintenance sessions.

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