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159 Maxwell Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

Why choose this provider?

Hutton Law Firm is a full-service boutique that caters to individuals and families in and around Fayetteville. It offers legal services to landlords dealing with real estate matters. The firm helps clients prepare and file documents, draft motions to dismiss letters, and detailed plans of action for court. It also prepares leases to protect landlords from possible property issues. In addition, the law office handles disputes involving legal compliance, non-payment of rent, and destruction of property.

7711 S Raeford Rd STE 102, PMB 209, Fayetteville, NC 28304

Why choose this provider?

Fortify Generations Law Firm handles the legal issues of residents in and around Fayetteville. The office helps clients navigate the complicated legal process of selling or buying real estate. In addition, its staff works on landlord and tenant disputes, helping both parties come to a favorable agreement. Its other practice areas include trust administration, estate and business planning, and family law. CEO Michael D. Provencher has been in the legal industry for more than seven years.

1926 Fort Bragg Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

Why choose this provider?

Founded in 2006, Jennifer R. Cooney Attorney at Law caters to people and businesses in and around Fayetteville. It provides legal counsel to clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions. The firm assists buyers and sellers with title research to confirm ownership and review recorded documents. It also manages estates, assisting testators in distributing remaining assets and paying debts. Jennifer Cooney, the firm's founding and lead partner, has been practicing law for over 18 years.


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223 Person Street, Suite B, Fayetteville, NC 28301
  • Acquisition & Sale of Property

Why choose this provider?

The Law Office of Teta L. Jackson assists clients in Fayetteville in navigating the various aspects of a real estate transaction. Jackson represents individuals in closings, performs title searches, and counsels on property-related concerns. Additionally, the founder guides those interested in selling their homes without hiring a real estate agent through for-sale-by-owner procedures. Jackson has been in the legal industry for more than two decades. She worked as a licensed Realtor before becoming an attorney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the non-emergency contact number for the local police station in Fayetteville, North Carolina?

    910-433-1529 is the non-emergency number of the Fayetteville Police Department.

  • Can you still sell the property if your Fayetteville co-owners disagree?

    Yes. If you want to sell a co-owned property in Fayetteville but the other co-owners refuse, you can file a partition action to force the sale. When larger land parcels are involved, a partition lawsuit may request the physical division of the property among the owners. In that case, the court will be asked to determine a reasonable physical division of the land so that each part is of equal worth based on testimony about the physical attributes of the property.

  • How can Fayetteville real estate lawyers help landowners?

    When granting rights to and imposing restrictions on real property, Fayetteville real estate attorneys represent landowners and other stakeholders. They provide legal services such as covenant creation and recording, as well as terms and conditions for undeveloped land, retail establishments, business and residence subdivisions, and office buildings. They also prepare and negotiate licenses and easements for nearby landowners and other interested parties.

  • What part does a real estate attorney play in Fayetteville foreclosure proceedings?

    A Fayetteville real estate attorney can help creditors foreclose on security interests, such as real estate, automobiles, company assets, and other secured assets, in order to recover money or property owed to them. The attorney can also assist with the enforcement of security agreements established by the creditor and debtor.

  • What problems do tenants and landlords in Fayetteville typically encounter?

    Security deposits, maintenance and repairs, evictions, property damage, and lease renewals or renegotiations are all common landlord and tenant issues in Fayetteville. Subleases, lease infractions, contract disputes, property conflicts, and arrears and collections are other common issues. If you are having landlords and renters issues in Fayetteville, seeking the advice of an experienced real estate lawyer can be beneficial because failing to follow the proper procedure can result in serious problems down the road.

  • What factors affect the cost of a Fayetteville real estate closing?

    Some of the standard and customary legal fees paid in connection with a real estate closing in Fayetteville include title search, title insurance, closing fee, document preparation costs, recording charges, and prorated taxes. Other costs associated with a Fayetteville real estate closing will vary depending on a number of factors, the most important of which is whether you will use mortgage financing to finance your purchase.