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9 Best Durham Truck Accident Lawyers

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Bentley Law Offices PA is a firm in Durham representing clients who have been involved in truck, car, and motorcycle accidents as they sue responsible parties for compensation. It works to prove the negligence of those at fault and defend clients throughout the process in order to prevent claims from being compromised. The firm gathers evidence and recruits expert witnesses in order to build the strongest possible case for negotiations, and will participate in trial procedures when negligent parties are unwilling to settle for a mutually agreeable amount. Bentley Law Offices PA also handles medical malpractice injury claims.

Brian D. Westrom Attorney at Law is a firm serving clients in the Durham metro area that handles personal injury cases concerning truck and car accidents. It helps clients who have been seriously or even catastrophically injured to pursue settlement with insurance companies and negligent individuals or entities, collecting evidence and expert witnesses to argue for the highest possible compensation. The firm often attempts mediation and amicable settlement through simple negotiation before resorting to the court system. In some cases it may also help clients to appeal court decisions they find unsatisfactory. Representation for miscellaneous personal injury scenarios is also available.

Clayton Myrick is a law firm in Durham representing clients in lawsuits that concern truck, car, and motorcycle accidents. Its attorneys work to gather evidence and file claims on behalf of clients. Usually claims seek monetary restitution for damages including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and psychological traumas. With truck accident particularly, the firm often pursues opportunities to file claims against related third parties such as trucking companies and manufacturers whose negligence may have contributed to the accident. It conducts a negotiation phase and participates in arbitration in an attempt to secure settlement, typically using court as a last resort.

Diener Law is a firm active within the Durham metro area that represents clients in cases involving truck accidents. The firm's work involves investigation of the accident, negotiation with insurance adjusters and opposing council, and representation in mediation or trial. This practice is particularly focused on immigrants, whether or not they are documented, and provides services meant to address the unique challenges involved in their cases. Diener Law believes that its extensive experience in immigration law allows it to deliver higher quality and more comprehensive service to these clients. This firm also handles general personal injury claims.

Lee Law Offices PA serves the Durham metro area, offering representation to clients filing suit due to being hurt in commercial truck accidents. The firm provides guidance to clients, helping them to assess and understand their legal options and pursue litigation when applicable. This practice is focused on lawsuits that seek monetary compensation to pay for the costs of recovery, property repair, and lost income. It is experienced in negotiating with and litigating against trucking companies and their insurers, typically aiming to settle disputes outside of court whenever possible. Lee Law Offices PA also handles, car, motorcycle, and boating accident cases.

Peace & Squires Attorneys at Law is a firm active within the Durham metro area that handles truck and miscellaneous traffic accident cases. The firm works to help clients explore their options for litigation and investigate evidence in order to determine the full scope of their claim and its merits. It files suit against all parties deemed negligent and attempts to reach settlement by supporting claims with testimony from expert witnesses. The firm also buffers communication with clients to prevent cases from being jeopardized. Peace & Squires Attorneys at Law manages construction and animal attack injury cases as well.

Poe Law Firm PLLC is located in Durham that manages personal injury cases involving trucks and automobiles for clients in and around the metro area. The firm works on behalf of clients to build the strongest case possible by overseeing the discovery process and working to mitigate threats to the integrity of the case in its early stages. It then negotiates with insurance adjusters and responsible parties to attempt to acquire a satisfactory settlement offer. If all else fails, the firm will present the case in court. Poe Law Firm PLLC also accepts a variety of general personal injury cases.

The Law Office of Drew Haywood is a firm in Durham providing representation to clients seeking financial restitution after being hurt in truck and car accidents. The firm manages a discovery process and maintains the integrity of the case by acting as a liaison between clients and other involved parties. In typical cases it works to achieve a settlement via negotiation, but is prepared to present cases at trial if amicable agreements cannot be reached. The Law Office of Drew Haywood also handles product and premises liability cases as well as insurance disputes.

The Law Office of Michael Patrick is a Durham-based firm providing assistance with litigation to clients throughout the metro area. The firm acts as an advocate for clients who have been injured and otherwise impacted by truck and car accidents and it guides them through the process of filing suit while acting as a representative and confidante. It buffers communication between the client and other parties and conducts negotiations to achieve the highest possible settlement. If it cannot reach settlement through negotiations, it will participate in trial. The Law Office of Michael Patrick also handles product liability cases.

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